Will Low Oil Cause A Motorcycle Not To Start

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Will Low Oil Cause A Motorcycle Not To Start – A low oil level during an oil change is an indicator of oil leaking outside the vehicle or burning oil inside the engine. While it’s a simple matter to find an oil leak under a car, an oil-burning engine has other symptoms, including worn pistons and rings. There was also suspicious white sacrificial smoke when starting the car, which alerted people that something had happened.

However, many modern cars suffer from internal oil loss from day one, due in part to tight tolerances within the engine under load. Depending on the make and model, “normal” oil loss between changes is about a quart of oil every 700 miles.

Will Low Oil Cause A Motorcycle Not To Start

Will Low Oil Cause A Motorcycle Not To Start

Filling car trunks with extra liters of oil to fill the crankcase every time you fill the tank is not the solution. It is a bandage.

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As you work with your customers to solve mysterious oil spills, you have a number of bases:

Oil has many functions in engines. Yes, lubrication is important, but oil should do more. Engine oil surrounds and protects the metal parts of the engine and seals the oil and gas separation rings.

Engine oil is enhanced with detergents and corrosion inhibitors that protect the vehicle from dirt and rust. This oil is then pumped and filtered, removing contaminants and, most importantly, heat. The filtered oil is then run again. Each batch of filtered oil is small in volume; In some machines it is very low.

Modern car manufacturers have to jump through a lot of hoops to bring a car to market. Engines must produce more power in fewer cylinders to achieve the desired fuel economy. These engine configurations are generally constructed from lighter metals and alloys, each with specific thermal tolerances.

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Oil in modern engines is under more pressure than ever before and if it slips past the piston rings, the oil will go to the wrong side of the engine and burn, fouling the plugs and causing deposits and causing the engine to misfire.

Modern efficiency in engine design includes low pressure piston rings designed to improve fuel efficiency. However, in some engines, these piston rings cannot withstand the high temperatures and pressures inside the engine.

When these rings are compressed, gas passes through the piston rings (by impact), limiting protection capabilities. Oil passes through the piston rings and into the combustion chamber, clogging the fuel injectors.

Will Low Oil Cause A Motorcycle Not To Start

If you find dirty fuel injectors and low oil levels, it’s time to talk to your customers about engine oil fortification to effectively protect their engines.

Oil Level Is Down, But It’s Not On The Garage Floor?

If new cars are selling for less than a quarter or more, it’s time to suggest a synthetic oil change. Selling a synthetic oil change can be met with resistance, so you may need to discuss volatility and viscosity. Cheap oils are simply volatile.

At higher temperatures, they break down and evaporate faster, leaving more varnish on all parts of the engine. Even worse, the next time the engine overheats, there will be less engine oil in the pan to do the work needed to keep the engine running.

If the engine is burning oil, switching to a thicker oil is not a good option. Oil is designed at the right weight, run, and replaced when it breaks.

Oil that is too thick will not protect the engine when starting and may cause additional damage. This creates more oil pressure in the engine, increases friction and produces more heat because thicker oil is unable to move to tighter tolerances.

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Your customers can help reduce heat and load stress on the engine by changing their driving style. Consumers driving vehicles with standard transmissions would be well served to watch their revs and shift gears for optimal fuel economy and maximum temperature.

Those who drive automatic transmissions can give their engines a break by following the rules of gasoline efficiency: keep the gas pedal off if possible and drive slowly while the car warms up.

Managed. By discussing driving habits and conditions and checking the manufacturer’s service bulletins, you can help your customer monitor oil loss rates between changes.

Will Low Oil Cause A Motorcycle Not To Start

You can encourage them to be careful with their oil changes and keep all service records. Unfortunately, a new car that burns fat becomes an older car that burns more fat. After an engine rebuild, there are a few things you and your customer can do to stop oil burning.

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If the oil burn is only important in the exhaust pipe, the problem is easy to solve. Unfortunately, detonation can lead to plug fouling, poor engine performance, and drive your customers away due to a dead engine.

If a customer brings in a vehicle that is running on low cylinders due to oil residue left over from burnt oil and additives, you may need to bring them in for an oil change inspection. This gives you an opportunity to check the oil level and determine where the engine is losing oil.

The only constant in automotive technology is that the standards are constantly changing. Designers are under increasing pressure to create more fuel-efficient vehicles, and lubricant regulations continue to narrow the window for developing lubricants that protect car engines and the environment. Quality synthetic oil offers your customers better and consistent long-term protection for their vehicles.

Technicians can greatly assist their customers with products specifically designed to remove deposits from pistons and clean carbon deposits that can form inside new engines.

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Even if the engine is losing oil and not visible on the garage floor, a thorough cleaning with the new BG Platinum Fuel System Service can revitalize a new engine covered in sticky carbon deposits.

Don’t give your client a band-aid. Teach them what’s going on in their engine. And provide BG solution with lifetime BG protection for their engine and fuel system.

Updated November 2018. Originally published in the May 2018 issue of National Oil & Lube News and on NOLN.net. Your motorcycle engine needs regular oil changes and we’ve put together 5 signs that you need an oil change!

Will Low Oil Cause A Motorcycle Not To Start

While it’s important to check your engine oil level regularly, it’s also important to keep your motorcycle engine happy by using the right engine oil and checking that the oil inside the engine is still in good condition.

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Engine oil is important because it lubricates and cools the inside of the engine, preventing the engine from seizing due to overheating.

But engine oil does not last forever, and over time it becomes dirty and loses its chemical properties, which significantly reduces its efficiency. Every motorcycle manufacturer tells you when to change the oil and depending on the motorcycle, it can be every 5,000 km to 15,000 km, there are other things you want to know.

Every time you change the oil, you should also change the oil filter, so that it doesn’t contaminate the new oil you put in the engine.

Some motorcycles still have a window to check the oil level. In any case, you should check the oil color through a dipstick or window. At first, fresh oil is transparent and has a light brown color, but over time it turns black and thick.

Qt. Syn3 Full Synthetic Motorcycle Lubricant Oil Change Kit

To test its thickness, put some oil on your finger and rub it with another finger. It should be smooth. If it is not smooth and you have turbulence or particles, this means the oil is dirty and needs to be changed.

There is no time for the oil to start getting darker, but if you check it every month, you will be able to monitor its condition. If it is thick and really dark, you should contact your dealer and schedule an oil change.

It’s one of those things that you know better than anyone, because it’s your bike, so you know better than anyone else. Especially when it comes to sounds!

Will Low Oil Cause A Motorcycle Not To Start

New oil provides a layer of protection between the engine’s metal parts – don’t you love the sound of the engine on a new bike? -, but over time this oil loses this ability and soon you will start to hear metal rubbing against metal.

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This creates loud engine noises and if you hear them, it’s a good time to change the oil.

Modern engines have sensors that let you know when your motorcycle doesn’t have enough oil through lights displayed on the instrument panel.

When this happens, you should always check the engine oil level and, if necessary, add some oil to get it up

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