Will Ikea Help You Load Your Car

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Will Ikea Help You Load Your Car – And then, looking at the pile of records and cassettes on the floor, I realized I needed a bookshelf. And wine glasses. And maybe a console.

Like many cheap, artistically driven 20-somethings, I moved into my first “real” apartment with sparse tchotchkes and a bare bed. As my horoscope suggests, I’m a class act: all the bells and whistles, none of the essentials.

Will Ikea Help You Load Your Car

Will Ikea Help You Load Your Car

This is how I wandered into the Emeryville Ikea on Saturday morning – hungry, tired and reluctantly looking for a bed frame. But to my surprise it was unusually quiet for a weekend at 11 a.m.

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Atonal organ music played over the speaker system; Families pushed metal shopping carts across the showroom floor. A little ahead I saw a sign that said something about a product shortage, but being the smart one that I am, I ignored it. After all, it is common knowledge that we have “supply chain problems”. Even when I went to pick up a couple of missing shelves – and quickly discovered there were none left – I still didn’t think twice about it. I quickly paid for my $89 Grimsbu bed frame and assured myself that it would be easy to buy the rest online.

When I started looking for furniture on Ikea’s website, I quickly discovered that the lack of product supply was worse than I first thought – they were currently experiencing “significant delays” due to the stranglehold of COVID-19 on the global supply chain.

When I last checked in mid-February, with more than 500 types of shelves available at the Emeryville location, I had virtually nothing beyond a drab spice rack or picture shelf. No media consoles were in stock. Since then, I’ve scoured sites like Nextdoor and Craigslist for used Ikea items, aggressively emailed my Oakland neighbors left and right, and navigated a maze of odds and ends.

So far I’ve managed to buy a Meltorp dining table sold by a guy in a minivan and perused Ikea’s website every day looking for bookcases and wine glasses (some were sold below me while I was still shopping). After three days of obsessively clicking the update button, I found the latest one available in the East Bay. Grabbed two white Lack shelves – which finally made me wonder: in a post-Amazon world, why are people still loyal to Ikea?

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Rock Herzog, vintage furniture dealer and curator of the brilliant architectural history account Cocaine Decor (and the task I hired to help organize my shelves), theorizes that Ikea is so popular because it makes high-end furniture available to the public. “If you want to buy a real vintage sofa, it’s thousands of dollars, but you can get an Ikea dupe of the old vintage sofa for less than $600,” he told me over the roar of a drill bit. “People just want to be part of the trend.”

While Herzog makes most of his money building furniture for people like me, he also buys and sells vintage Ikea items. Recently, he flew to Detroit and bought a glass “mushroom” lamp – originally based on legendary designer Vetri’s Murano mushroom lamp – for $25. He resold it for $200. Even at such prohibitive prices, demand is out of control: On community sites like Facebook Marketplace, Strange Table Lamps can be purchased for $50 and resold for up to $459.99. And Chairish, a site that sells used art and furniture, has an entire section devoted to used Ikea items that are now “crazy expensive” and sometimes sell for thousands of dollars over their original price. For hustlers like Herzog, the fee makes the job very lucrative.

“I am willing to like King Gilroy and talk to someone who lives in the forest and buy it [the lamp] from him. People won’t do it. If they do, they can get it for $40, he said. “I love weird old men with weird old s–t collections.”

Will Ikea Help You Load Your Car

For now, he advises his “frustrated” customers to look for Ikea furniture on second-hand sites, which isn’t a bad idea considering the manufacturer is raising prices. “Higher costs have affected the global economy and, like many retailers, we have had to raise our prices to mitigate the impact on our business,” an Ikea spokesperson told me. “Our ambition is to continue to offer our customers quality and sustainable home furnishings at reasonable prices.”

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John Abrahamson Ring, CEO of Inter IKEA — a group of companies that help develop Ikea locations and connect them with suppliers — told Bloomberg News that he doesn’t think the company will be “out of the woods” by the end of the fiscal year. . In August. “This is a very big challenge for the whole supply infrastructure,” he said.

Experts predict that global shortages of consumer goods could continue for years. In December 2021, The Guardian reported that due to driver shortages, worker shortages, congested container ports and COVID restrictions, this was unlikely to be fully resolved until mid-2024.

Ultimately, a lack of Ikea furniture isn’t the worst thing happening in the world right now. But for many of us, shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars for furniture isn’t an option. And while it may seem absurd to complain about access to affordable bookshelves or lamps of decent quality – and elitist – it means a lot to many people in all walks of life.

In a world that feels out of control due to disease, climate change and senseless war, our homes are our refuge, our way of protecting ourselves from the constant cycle of dysfunction. Sometimes finding a little corner for our records, cassettes and books can make everything feel right – just for one, quiet moment. In a perfect world, an afternoon at IKEA would be a mix of Swedish meatballs, minimalist furniture and shopping pleasure. You eat at a restaurant, let the children play in the ball pit in Småland, wander into a shop, go out with a disassembled coffee table inside a cardboard box – which actually fits in the trunk – and all of them are his or her behaviour.

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In fact, every year more than 716 million visitors pass through the doors of the 318 stores, IKEA serves as a backdrop for groups that misbehave, if they talk on the mobile phone after cutting in line, “forgot” to remove a tray from a restaurant table , or getting a little too comfortable on the divan in the showroom and snoring in the afternoon [Source: IKEA].

But by following a few simple rules, you can be a model of good etiquette in the mini-society that is IKEA – without saying “no” to extra meatballs. Let’s take a look at what to keep in mind the next time you decide to brave the crowds for that chipboard bookcase.

The best way to avoid faux pas at IKEA is to know what to expect. A cornerstone of IKEA’s business model is flat-packed furniture, which shifts the assembly burden onto the customer – and can cause you to have a panic attack if you actually expect to sleep in bed tonight. (But don’t worry: For an additional fee, IKEA can assemble the furniture for you.)

Will Ikea Help You Load Your Car

If you go on a weekend, it will probably be crowded. Even in the middle of the week, a trip to IKEA takes at least an hour – and that’s if you stick to your shopping list and don’t wander off to look at the lights.

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Go ahead, come prepared. Before you leave home, scan the catalog and browse ikea.com. Take some photos of the room you plan to furnish and think about how the new furniture additions will fit into its character, context and color scheme. Next, break out the tape measure and calculate the size of the room – you’ll save yourself the deep frustration of assembling bookshelves only to find they’re too tall for the low ceiling of your study.

And instead of asking the IKEA staff for their opinion on whether the sofa will fit in the trunk of your Volkswagen Golf (it probably won’t), measure it yourself first.

Don’t be this person. Maintaining a clear and open line will help maintain the sanity of your fellow traders.

A typical IKEA is about 350,000 square feet (32,500 square meters); However, the company’s oldest and largest store in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, measures approximately 594,000 square meters (55,000 square feet), which is equivalent to more than 10 (American) football fields [source: Nakano]. Fortunately for the direction-challenged among us, there is a pill-lined path that winds through IKEA’s showroom and marketplace, bringing order and perspective to the vast space.

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As visitors follow the path, they explore and arrive at the entire store

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