Who Cares If Im A Loser Manga

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Who Cares If Im A Loser Manga – If you’re looking for manga similar to Who Cares If I’m a Loser!, you might like these titles.

Things seem to be going well between Yoomin and his old crush, Seula, the prettiest girl in school. But he plays nice and really has a twisted agenda in mind. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, a blast from Yoomin’s past tries to get in his pants in every way possible (including jumping out of a motel window to continue on the street). Don’t let their good looks fool you: these ladies are sweet but crazy.

Who Cares If Im A Loser Manga

Who Cares If Im A Loser Manga

University Club, K.T.C. Only real people are here to explore the mystique of the Karma Sutra. Since the club only has three members, they recruit real campus people!

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Yuri is a perfect student, so no one suspects that he leads a double life at night. Until Professor Baek discovers his secret side job…

Ami has a special ability: she can see the dirty fantasies of virgin men. The net worth is more of a curse than a blessing, and it has never benefited from being able to peer into other men’s lustful thoughts. But things change when he finds himself having x-type fantasies…

They both dreamed of having fun alone, but there was a man who manages the pension.

“I don’t think he can handle yours…” Woo-jin goes viral after someone uploaded a picture of himself between his legs on social media, making him a celebrity overnight. Hot girls on campus are eager to meet him.

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Cynthia, a senior in college, would have given anything to become famous. But is his wish really worth it?

Jin-tae is a new student whose campus life is ruined by a mean girl Da-hye. He has always wanted revenge on her. Now he finally discovered his serious weakness!

Hwan returns to college after his military service, and his first love, his ex and his college freshman are also thrown into the mix. His life will soon turn into complete chaos among the girls who are looking for him!

Who Cares If Im A Loser Manga

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