Who Cares If I’m A Loser

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Who Cares If I’m A Loser – Kihyon’s dream is to leave his hometown and start a new life in college. Can he change his life?

Sehab084 April 26, 2022 9 This is good will be good in chapter 30. Trust me. If you like My Kingdom, you will like Manwa with MC Character Development.

Who Cares If I’m A Loser

Who Cares If I'm A Loser

Attacker33215 October 12, 2022 7.5 Zero As someone who loves superhero stories, I will say that this is a little satisfying with the sour feeling at the end. The story starts with you as the defeated character. For most of the story, the reader is blessed with very slow character development. But if you follow through, around chapter 28, the rewards will be felt. That being said, this story has a rather rushed ending. From what I can gather, it seems that there were plans for a season 2 but it was canceled. Although if the losers seem like a good story, I won’t stop you from reading it. I will warn you, though, that the ending is not a very satisfying ending, especially considering the ground and small plot threads that are left open. Overall, I’d say this is a must read if you want to kill a few hours.

Who Cares If I’m A Loser! Chapter 36 English

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