Which Factors Lead To More Motorcycle Crashes Than The Others

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Which Factors Lead To More Motorcycle Crashes Than The Others – While motorcycle accidents resulting in injuries are common, various studies provide data showing where most motorcycle accidents occur. In general, most motorcycle accidents occur outside of cities, off-interstates, and intersections. Additionally, more motorcycle accidents tend to occur in states with warmer climates and longer riding seasons.

In 2017, 60 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents occurred in urban areas, while 40 percent of motorcycle accidents occurred in rural areas, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Various factors may contribute to the increase in the number of accidents in urban areas compared to rural areas. For example, urban areas typically have more traffic than rural areas, which can increase the incidence of motorcycle accidents. Urban areas may also have more pedestrians and cyclists, which may force motorcyclists to brake sharply or swerve to avoid them. Road conditions such as potholes, construction work and garbage may also be more common on city streets, leading to more accidents. Emergency vehicles are also more common, which can lead to more accidents. Most fatal motorcycle accidents, whether in urban or rural areas, occur on major non-interstate highways.

Which Factors Lead To More Motorcycle Crashes Than The Others

Which Factors Lead To More Motorcycle Crashes Than The Others

NHTSA also reports that only 35 percent of crashes happen at intersections. Most motorcycle accidents occur on parts of the road other than intersections. One factor contributing to this statistic may be speed. Motorcycles are likely to slow down, stop or drive away at intersections. In contrast, road segments without intersections result in higher average speeds and no reason to slow down or stop.

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Another 2018 NHTSA study of motorcycle accidents found that the majority of fatal and injured crashes, or more than 41,000 crashes, were frontal collisions. These accidents mainly involve frontal collisions with other vehicles or with stationary objects, and these accidents are more likely to occur on road sections other than intersections. Another 25,000 or so motorcycle accidents did not involve collisions at all, so it was concluded that they likely did not occur at intersections.

The same NHTSA data shows that 91 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents occur on non-interstate roads. Because many motorcyclists do it, at least in part, for the scenery rather than to get to their destination quickly, they are more likely to tour non-interstate highways. Interstates have traditionally been designed for commuters and travelers to get from point A to point B as quickly and efficiently as possible. Motorcyclists often ride for pleasure rather than business, which can lead them to choose roads other than the interstate.

A recent QuoteWizard study compared 2017 NHTSA motorcycle fatality data with Federal Highway Administration motorcycle registration data to determine which states have the highest rates of motorcycle accidents. Not surprisingly, more fatal motorcycle accidents tend to occur in states with warmer climates and longer riding seasons. Because of the milder climate, these states tend to have more motorcyclists, whether they are tourists or residents of the state.

At least eight of the ten states with the highest motorcycle fatalities are traditionally located in the South or southern states. Mississippi, Texas, South Carolina, Florida and Arizona top the list. Mississippi had the highest death rate at 14.22 per 10,000 registered motorcycles. Arizona, however, had a much lower fatality rate of 9.94 per 10,000 registered motorcycles.

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Rounding out the top ten are North Carolina, New Mexico, Kentucky, Missouri and Louisiana. Not surprisingly, other southern states like Tennessee, Nevada, Alabama and Georgia also made the top 20 on this list. This list shows that most motorcycle accidents do occur in places where the climate is warm for most of the year. Still, deaths undoubtedly occur more frequently in the warmer months and less in the winter months, even in warmer southern states.

NHTSA publishes annual national accident statistics, including motorcycle accidents. In 2018, the most recent year for which statistics are available, fewer than 5,000 people died in motorcycle accidents. Another 82,000 people were injured in motorcycle-related accidents that same year. Although these figures have decreased in the five years to 2018, they are still significant.

Many motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries. When an accident was caused by the negligence of another party, the victim may be able to obtain legal relief in the form of a personal injury claim. In a fatal motorcycle accident, the survivor’s family of the victim may file a wrongful-death lawsuit against the at-fault party.

Which Factors Lead To More Motorcycle Crashes Than The Others

While motorcycle accidents are more common in some places than others, other factors regularly affect motorcycle accident fatality and injury rates. For example, in years with particularly severe winters in some states, the number of accidents tends to decrease. In these states, the riding season is shorter these years, so there are fewer accidents. Likewise, states with strict helmet laws are likely to experience fewer fatal accidents and more injuries. The reason is simple, because many studies have shown that mandatory helmet laws reduce the risk of fatal motorcycle accidents.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can turn your world upside down with catastrophic injuries and fatalities. If you are struggling with physical pain, emotional harm and loss, you may need advice on your possible legal options. Answers to your questions can help you make a claim decision that’s right for you and your family.

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After a motorcycle accident, victims are often left with painful wounds, huge medical bills, and even lost wages. All it takes for a motorcyclist to suffer a life-threatening injury is for a driver to make a rash decision like changing lanes without looking. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, let Dolman Law Group ease your legal burden in motorcycle accident litigation while allowing you to focus on your recovery. Learn more about common motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them.

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What Kind Of Motorcycle Should I Get? A Guide To The Best Motorcycle Types

As we all know, riding a motorcycle is a very dangerous mode of transportation. There are some basic tips every motorcyclist should know in order to ride a motorcycle safely.

First, helmets do save lives and prevent serious injuries in motorcycle accidents. According to the IIHS, helmets are about 37 percent effective at preventing motorcyclist deaths

Beyond simply wearing a helmet, there are many other valuable areas south of the neck that could benefit from protective gear. Wear protective gloves, jackets, pants, suits, boots, etc. The risk of serious injury on motorcycles, for example on the road, can be significantly reduced. You may fall off your bike at times, so it is in your best interest to be prepared.

Which Factors Lead To More Motorcycle Crashes Than The Others

Taking a motorcycle safety class is a valuable way to spend your time and money. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers courses across the country, from the basic beginners courses needed to obtain a driver’s license to more advanced courses that teach riders how to avoid moving and how to recognize potential collisions. Constantly training your body and mind while educating yourself is a great way to stay safe.

Where Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

High-speed motorcycle crashes, sport bike crashes, low-speed street bike crashes, and motorcycle head-on collisions are all examples of serious motorcycle accidents that you want to avoid. Unfortunately, preventing the worst motorcycle accidents is not always within your power. Most motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers failing to recognize motorcyclists on the road.

However, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident.

The most common motorcycle accidents happen when the car in front of you makes a left turn. This is the most dangerous situation for motorcyclists, accounting for 42% of all motorcycle-car accidents. usually a car u-turns

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