Where Can I Sell My Car Speakers

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Where Can I Sell My Car Speakers

Where Can I Sell My Car Speakers

I’ve driven everywhere – up, down and coast to coast – and some of my best memories have a soundtrack. Music is something I never leave home without, and having endured a lot of decrepit systems, I know that quality equipment makes a long drive a pleasure. On those better days when the windows just need to be rolled down, I need the power and speakers to handle it.

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Even though I have driven many miles on the highway, I have also spent many hours listening to the best car speakers in the industry. And I’ve installed these speakers in a variety of vehicles, from sports coupes to minivans. Each listening environment is unique, each series of speakers has its own sound stamp, and speakers perform differently depending on how they are used. And while the specs are easy to confuse, my best advice is to ask yourself. What is the biggest smile on your face when you turn it on?

Installing new speakers is one of the most cost-effective upgrades to your car’s audio system. Aftermarket speakers are not only relatively inexpensive, but usually not too difficult to install.

You can install most of the speakers we sell using the tools you probably already have on hand. You’ll save time and effort with the free brackets, wiring harness, and detailed illustrated Mastersheets that we include with your purchased speakers (if available for your specific vehicle).

Each vehicle has its own unique installation challenges, depending on the location of the factory speakers, installation depth and height, and the vehicle’s factory wiring. Most setups are fairly simple, but some can be more complex, especially if you’re installing component speakers. The instructions for the master tables will point out the exact tools you need and will guide you step by step through the entire process.

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After reading this article, watch a video of one of our senior consultants installing car speakers. He will guide you through the entire process from start to finish and share some expert tips along the way.

Every car is different, so you may run into issues that weren’t covered in this article. not to worry. Your master spreadsheet has all the details about your car and our experts are always available if you have any questions. Here are some general tips to keep in mind when planning your speaker installation.

Once you have identified your vehicle and selected the installation location in our vehicle selector, you will see all the speakers that are suitable for your vehicle. Some speakers fit right into the factory speaker holes and use factory grilles and brackets.

Where Can I Sell My Car Speakers

Other sizes fit with a mounting bracket (free with speaker purchase) or with minor modifications such as drilling new screw holes, cutting out a small piece of metal or pressed cardboard, or using a speaker kit to make room. for speaker. Cardboard or plastic file larger than the factory opening. Thanks to our huge vehicle database, we can tell you about any potential issues that may arise.

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Component speakers include separate woofers, tweeters and crossovers. Component woofers will be installed in the factory speaker locations, but tweeters almost always require special installation, even if your car has factory tweeters. Depending on where you choose to mount the tweeter, this may require drilling holes in the door panels or dashboard. In some vehicles, they can be found on the sill panel. Learn more about component speakers.

Most speakers are easy to replace by removing the grilles, which are held in place with screws or friction fittings. You may need to use a 90 degree (offset) screwdriver to remove the screw next to the windshield.

If the grille is held in place by a friction fitting, carefully lift it up. To avoid scratching or cracking the surrounding instrument panel, it is recommended that you use a panel tool to pry up the grille.

If light pressure is not enough to remove the grille, proceed with caution. In some cars, the grille is attached from the bottom with screws or plastic studs, which will break if too much force is applied. If this is the case, the entire dashboard may need to be removed.

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Remove the old speakers, observing the polarity of each connector. (The positive speaker lead is the larger of the two and is usually marked with a “+” or a colored dot.) Use a wire harness to connect a new speaker, or make connections as required by your installation. Solder or connect. You can also use the Posi-Products connector set, which is simpler and more reliable than these methods.

If you’re going to use electrical tape for, say, solder or crimp connections, be sure to use high quality tape. The danger of duct tape is that extreme temperature fluctuations in the automotive environment can cause the tape to corrode and weaken over time. Even if you’re using high quality tape, it’s still a good idea to use cable ties at each end of the tape to keep it from unraveling after several seasons of hot summers and cold winters.

The speakers in your car’s doors are a very important part of great sound. They are usually easy to replace, but getting them can be of varying degrees of difficulty.

Where Can I Sell My Car Speakers

While it’s becoming less and less common to find a car that can replace speakers by simply removing the grille and replacing them, we still run into this situation from time to time. Some grilles are attached with screws or friction fittings and require the screws to be removed or the grille to be lifted to remove the speaker. There are three basic steps to replace door speakers in this type of vehicle.

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Step 1 Remove the grille and factory speaker. Be careful with the speaker as it is probably connected to the wiring harness and you can reinstall the factory speakers if you sell the car later. Some manufacturers use sealant or foam when first mounting the speaker, so you may need to cut this material off with a utility knife.

Step 2. Disconnect the factory wiring harness and connect it to the terminals on the new speaker, observing the polarity. With the wiring harness connected to the new speakers, simply connect the other end of the wiring harness to the factory wiring harness. If the wiring harness is not available, use Posi-Products to make connections. Test the speaker before installation.

Step 3. Check the connections one last time, make sure the speaker works, then reconnect the factory grille.

If the process described above seems relatively simple, that’s because it really is. Alas, most of us have to do a bit more work to replace our speakers. This is usually not a difficult task, but it is more work. Generally speaking, if you have a new car, you will need to remove the door panels to replace the factory speakers. As always, your master sheet will guide you through the process step by step.

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If your vehicle has older style manual windows with a handle, the first step in removing the door panel is to remove that handle. Some of them are secured with a screw on a rod, which is sometimes hidden by a snap-on plate (for example, in the photos below).

However, most are held in place by a spring clip. We have an inexpensive clip release tool designed to remove this clip, but with a little more effort you can do it with a shop rag. Click on the door panel, look behind the handle and turn the handle until you see the spring clip. Then use the “shoe shine” reciprocating motion to remove the clip from the crank.

However, in most cases, you will only need to remove and disable the electronic control module that controls the power windows and (possibly) locks. These modules are usually built into the armrest, which is often part of the door panel, so you can simply remove the panel.

Where Can I Sell My Car Speakers

After removing the power window handle or turning off the power functions, the only thing holding the door panel in place are a few retaining clips and possibly a few more screws that will need to be removed.

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When it’s time to remove the panel, start at the bottom corner and pull the panel straight out. Use our panel finishing tool and work with care. It’s a simple job, but you risk damaging the door panel if you rush.

Once the corner is clear, work under the panel and up on both sides, again being careful not to apply too much force. Now that the bottom and sides have been loosened, the panel should be hung from some kind of trim firmly attached to the bottom of the window. Lift straight up and it should come free.

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