Where Are Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Made

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Where Are Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Made – The Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ retains all the corner-crushing qualities of the Q3, and introduces “Intuitive Response Profile” technology for easy mid-corner corrections. read more

The ground-breaking Dunlop Q3+ boasts exciting refinements and improvements over the highly acclaimed Q3, which has earned a reputation as one of the best high-performance track/street tires available – and possibly the best in terms of performance per dollar.

Where Are Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Made

Where Are Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Made

In the “Plus” iteration of the Q3 – the only hypersport tire made in the USA – Dunlop claims an 80% redesign, with only the best features and confidence-inspiring character remaining from the previous Q3.

Dunlop Moto 3 Tires

Major updates come via new technology and a new center compound in the rear MT Multitread tire – resulting in both higher mileage and improved cornering performance. The Q3+ retains the corner-crushing CFT “Carbon Fiber Technology” sidewall reinforcement pioneered in the Q3 and features a very similar, steep, aggressive tread pattern.

The main trick up Dunlop’s sleeve for the Q3+ is particularly exciting for riders looking to level up on the track – the Q3 Plus is the debut of Intuitive Response Profile™ (IRP) technology in the Q3+ rear tire, giving greater latitude in choosing a new line center corner, and also provides remarkably linear, predictable steering. That means a large margin of error so you can push yourself and the bike to new limits on the track. Dunlop Tires is a tire brand managed by various companies around the world. It was founded by pneumatic tire pioneer John Boyd Dunlop in Dublin, Ireland, in 1890.

On October 1, 2015, Sumitomo Rubber Industries acquired the motorcycle tire brand Dunlop in North America from Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company after dissolving their 16-year global joint venture.

In India, the brand is operated by Dunlop India Ltd. (Began business there in 1926, owned by the Ruia Group).

Dunlop 3.25 16 Ribbed Front Motorcycle Tire

In several other Asian countries (Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Russia), Africa and Latin America (except Mexico), Dunlop Tires is operated by Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

In Malaysia, the Dunlop tire brand has been operated by Continental AG since 2012, which manufactures Dunlop-branded tires for sale in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

In 1985, the Dunlop Rubber Company was acquired by the now-defunct BTR plc, and Sumitomo bought the rights to manufacture and market Dunlop-branded road tyres. Sumitomo did not buy any Dunlop company. In 1997, Sumitomo agreed to use the Dunlop name in its company name, changing the name of its UK subsidiary to “Dunlop Tires Ltd.”

Where Are Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Made

In 1999, Sumitomo and Goodyear started a joint venture where Sumitomo continued to produce all Japanese-made tires under the Dunlop name, while the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company acquired 75% of Sumitomo’s European and North American tire operations.

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The company has extensive manufacturing operations worldwide. With the closure of the Washington factory in 2006, Goodyear Dunlop ceased mainstream production of car and truck tires in the UK.

In 2016, it was announced that Sumitomo would begin the second phase of its US$131 million investment to upgrade and expand the Dunlop tire factory in Ladysmith, South Africa.

Until May 2014, Goodyear Dunlop occupied a compact Telford Dunlop site in Birmingham as its UK office. In the UK, the company operates as a sales organization importing tires from factories around the world, including Germany, Slovakia and Poland.

The Goodyear Dunlop joint venture is managed from locations in Luxembourg and Brussels, which report to Goodyear in Akron, Ohio, USA.

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Fort Dunlop was a motorsport manufacturing business located on a corner of the original Dunlop factory in Erdington, Birmingham, established in 1891 until May 2014. The factory produced specialist vintage, motorcycle and touring car tyres, producing around 300,000 specialist racing tires per day. Year. On 30 May 2014, the Birmingham plant ceased tire production, ending Dunlop tire production in the UK. Dunlop and Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC are supporting the Roadracing World Action Fund with a special deal on a special track day.

Dunlop is donating 100% of the sale of 20 sets of brand new Sportmax K5 Track Day tires for use during the Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC Track Day on August 29, 2022 at Pocono Raceway.

In addition to track time, track day will feature appearances by Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC rider Josh Herrin and Dunlop tire engineer Anthony “Tony” Romo, who will be on hand to assist Dunlop customers.

Where Are Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Made

Riders registered for the Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC track day can purchase one set of the new Q5 tires (either 120/70-17 and 180/60-17 or 120/70-17 and 200/60-17) for $300 per set, and a full $300 will be donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund.

Dunlop D404 Tires

The Roadracing World Action Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes motorcycle racing safety education and helps prevent racetrack injuries by encouraging, facilitating and funding the deployment of life-saving soft barriers at motorcycle road races. and tracks. days across the country.

The Dunlop Q5 tires can be purchased (and must be mounted on wheels) at Warhorse HSBK Racing 1000 Dunham Dr., Dunmore, PA 18512 (570-346-2453) beginning Friday, May 26. August, or they can be purchased at the track (without) mandatory ) assembly) at Pocono Raceway on August 29.

In addition to helping support the work of the Roadracing World Action Fund and being one of the first riders in North America to test Dunlop’s new K5, track day attendees will also receive a $100 Dunlop voucher towards a future purchase of tires at any participating Dunlop dealer.

To learn more about Dunlop motorcycle tires or to find a local authorized Dunlop motorcycle tire dealer, go to: https://www.dunlopmotorcycletires.com/

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To register for or for more information on the Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC Track – August 29th at Pocono Raceway, go to: https://wwww.duck1thyq1hcolp0yqweaw7ewcbdoiv.v.view/qudukts//47

To make a tax-deductible donation or to learn more about the Roadracing World Action Fund, go to: https:///actionfund/

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Where Are Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Made

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Motorcycle tires are more than just simple black rubber studs that keep your wheels from grinding against the trail or road. This is the most modern traction technology that continues to improve every year, although the basic concept remains the same as it always has. Tires work so well by providing a cushion of air between the car and the ground, which gives the tire its shape, allowing it to conform to surfaces and absorb shock.

Back in 1887, John Dunlop developed what is considered to be the first practical pneumatic tire for a tricycle, and he received a patent for it on December 7, 1888. Commercial tire production began shortly after in 1890 in Belfast, Ireland. Mr. Dunlop partnered with William Ducros, founding what later became the Dunlop Rubber Company. This basic design has been in use worldwide for more than a century. Originally, tires were made from natural rubber, and today almost all tires are made from synthetic rubber, which is a mixture of petroleum, along with chemicals such as sulphur, carbon black and silicone. Tires are built in stages, starting with the assembly of the cord and belt structure, after which rubber is applied and molded, then vulcanized with extreme heat to fuse it all together and prepare them for use on our favorite motorcycle.

Tires not only provide traction for acceleration, braking and cornering, but also act as part of the suspension. As I mentioned before, the tires absorb the first part of the shock from the shock, before the fork and shock even begin to work. They are also called for performing well in a variety of conditions, including extreme heat, cold and wet.

You really are betting your life on your tires, so aren’t they worth taking some time and attention for their care and condition? Pay close attention to what the tires are telling you while riding. If the steering feels weird or mushy, or if the cornering and braking response feels awkward, there’s a good chance your tires are underinflated. Vibrations or wobbling can also signal that a leak or tire damage has occurred and that failure is imminent.

Dunlop D404 Vs D402

The two main types of tires are radial and bias. In the bias category are regular bias and bias belted tires. The pre-tensioning belt has a more robust construction. The terms radial and bias refer to how the internal cords and belts are arranged underneath

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