What Sound Does Bigfoot Make

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What Sound Does Bigfoot Make – Washington state is home to more reported Bigfoot sightings than any other state in the nation. (Kate Dee/Getty)

Bigfoot, Sasquatch or any other favorite nickname of yours. this giant ape-like cryptid has stuck in the minds of many Americans — and nowhere is that more true than in the Pacific Northwest, where reports of strange things in the woods are relatively common.

What Sound Does Bigfoot Make

What Sound Does Bigfoot Make

The beloved legend has spawned a plethora of enthusiasts, but it has also helped create a different kind of Bigfoot fan: one that takes a more scientific approach.

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For this episode of Escapes, we suspend disbelief to join The OIympic Project, a local group of scientists and explorers who collect, investigate and analyze the mysterious natural evidence they find, from stray hairs to large footprints to unexplained noises.

With a particular focus on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, the team aims to collect the data that may ultimately prove or disprove Bigfoot’s existence once and for all.

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[00:00:06] Ted Alvarez: Shane Corson is a guy who loves the desert. He’s been camping and fishing in the Pacific Northwest since he came here in the ’90s. And he’s long been fascinated by legends of mythical beasts.

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[00:00:19] Shane Corson: I was born and raised in Scotland. Oh, I moved to the United States in 93, and growing up I was very invested in or interested in cryptids in general. You know, in Scotland you have Nessie.

[00:00:30] Anonymous: New clues are emerging this morning about what’s going on in Scotland’s famous Loch Ness.

[00:00:46] Ted Alvarez: But about ten years ago, Shane had an encounter in the woods that he’ll never forget.

What Sound Does Bigfoot Make

[00:00:52] Shane Corson: August 2011. Me and two other friends were out for a walk. Um, we had, um, we had found this area where we wanted to camp and explore, a lot of different lakes in this high mountain area, Mount Hood. Uh, we’re getting ready, you know, getting ready, preparing a meal, making a big fire. Um, around 11, 11:30, we call it quits and go to bed. About 1:30, 2 in the morning. I woke up to what sounds like rocks hitting me together. It’s getting closer, you know, maybe 75 yards away, but it’s getting closer. And my buddy Mitch wakes up and goes away, do you hear that? And I said yes, I hear that. What do you think it is? And none of us could understand it.

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I think, it could be like a deer’s antlers or, you know, a deer, you know, but it sounds harsh. To catch up. And then it ends, quite close to our campsite. And I hear something move and it sounds bipedal at that moment.

[00:01:53] Shane Corson: But that took, you know, a few minutes. And then this thing backs off and makes that sound again and takes off. And that was it. That was it that night.

[00:02:01] Ted Alvarez: Shane and his friends thought, okay, this is kind of weird, but things happen in the woods all the time. You forget things you don’t understand. So they went back to bed.

[00:02:10] Shane Corson: We were just talking about it. It’s like it was weird. That was strange. We go back to sleep and wake up the next morning. We talk about it a little bit, let’s go find these lakes, which we did. We hike all day, hit three more lakes, catch our fish, return to our camp, cook the fish. And so we go to bed at 11:30 PM that night.

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And again, 1:30, 2am, I hear the same thumping, screeching sound, and it’s getting closer. So I wait. And then we started to hear the brush moving on something above us. And it circles around us. At that point I couldn’t tell if he was just stepping on branches or breaking things off the tree.

And my friend Mitch hears something to his left. I hear something to my right. And so I think, is there two or whatever, is that it? My wheels turn. You know, because I’ve never seen anything like this in the woods. California, Oregon, Washington, you name it. Why, he stomps around and then stops on top, right on top of that hill.

It’s so quiet. You could hear a pin drop. And we hear, I get five hits in a row in a row, but it was so hard. They reverberated in this canyon. You felt them in your tents, the vibration of how hard that tree hit. The blood just rushed to my ears. I can remember the hammering because I was like oh man this is what’s happening. And there is silence.

What Sound Does Bigfoot Make

And then from the tree, above us in the distance, I hear something coming through the trees and just banging on branches. And then, boom, right next to my friend Mitch’s tent. And it was closer to the lake and there was a little muddy area. And immediately I knew what it was, something had thrown a stone at us. Mitch said it was a rock.

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I said I know. So now I’m like, oh shit, where, this is escalating. And I’m, you know, I’m, you know, I felt paralyzed at one point. Only out of fear. I came out, but I was paralyzed from my back. Be honest with yourself. I didn’t want to leave the tent, but I gather the courage to sit down and unzip my tent and look out and hope I don’t see anything.

And then all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I see movement behind a tree and the tree, you know, maybe 30, 40 feet away. And what I see is I see an arm, an arm shoulder, and then every now and then a head, because it swung back and forth behind this tree. He had his arm on the front of this tree, a big, uh, Douglas fir, and he was swinging back and forth and this thing just looks huge. It looks huge.

Well, I sat there for a while and looked at it, and I don’t know if he heard me, but he took his hand off the tree, turned around and went up this path, this little play path. And that was it. He was gone.

[00:04:56] Ted Alvarez: The next morning all three guys, without even saying anything, started to pack up camp. The plan was to stay at least another night or two.

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[00:05:04] Shane Corson: But none of us felt good about it. We didn’t want to have a third night of this.

[00:05:08] Ted Alvarez: A little while later, Shane did some research in this section of the woods near the Oregon, Washington border.

And he discovered that he and his friends weren’t the only ones with these kinds of terrifying experiences.

What Sound Does Bigfoot Make

[00:05:19] Shane Corson: I started researching an AR, like gun forums, uh, hunting forums, hiking forums, and oh my god. There were many reports in this area. People go to the local ranger station and say some crazy bear is throwing boulders at us down a hill.

The Place Where All The Bigfoot Believers Unite

Oh, there was a father and daughter who went to this area to fish and were supposedly chased away by a screaming Sasquatch. I mean, just a lot of references. I also had no idea that I accidentally ended up in this area. No research, fishing, like most encounters. They are average people doing average things. And right there it confirmed my existence.

[00:06:05] Ted Alvarez: Hello. This is Escapes. I’m your host, Ted Alvarez. And as it turns out, Shane is one of many people who say they’ve seen evidence of a giant creature in the woods that’s so unusual they just don’t know what else to call it. Standing between 6 and 10 feet tall, they are usually described as huge, hairy apes that haunt the edge of the wilderness while evading the understanding of science.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch. These words have truly become household names, jokes, legends and lore in North America, but nowhere more so than in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, significantly more Bigfoot sightings have been reported in Washington state than any other state in the country, according to the organization Bigfoot Field Researchers, a group that maintains an up-to-date database of such things. More than 2000 per year.

[00:06:56] Ted Alvarez: Most people here are just trying to make fun of it by selling Bigfoot tchotchkes, calling the Bigfoot Java coffee shop down the street, or calling their brewpub Sasquatch Brewing.

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