What Is The Weight Of A Motorcycle

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What Is The Weight Of A Motorcycle – For years, I’ve used the bathroom scale trick. Balance the bicycle under one wheel, and add the two figures on the other wheel.

You can find old threads on Advrider that are a mix of whining, humor, muddled thoughts, and straight logic. If you read to the end, you will be able to prove that the single bathroom scale technology has only a 1% difference compared to other methods such as scale recycling or hanging scales. Also, the overthinking of having to flatten a wheel to match the height of the other wheels on the scale had no effect. However, the ground must be level and the two operating feet under the scale must be in contact with the ground (or attached to a scale board).

What Is The Weight Of A Motorcycle

What Is The Weight Of A Motorcycle

I went to a parking lot with plenty of space and a great level. It may take several attempts to become consistent. I finally got the following for my GS500R.

Solved Answers: The Motorcycle Shown In Figure Has A Weight

That’s what I expected. After adding a DR650 fork, crash bars, tube rack, SV shocks, screens, bigger bars and a few other bits, a few extra pounds were added to the stock weight of 186kg. I don’t see how the 19 inch SM Pro wheels with Tubliss compare to the cast GS500. I would like to reduce the weight, but cast wheels have a tendency to be lighter.

I’ve since got the Salter Razor (right), now only £14 on Amazon. No one knows about the actual accuracy, but this is much more consistent than the rounds above and much easier to use. However, if you spend enough time looking at motorcycle specifications, some manufacturers offer “wet weight” while others offer “dry weight”. And that frustrates me to no end. Because finding the weight of a motorcycle should be very, very easy. But it is not.

Dry weight is the weight of the bike without fluids. No gas, no oil, no coolant, no final drive fluid, sometimes no brake fluid and no battery! Wet weight is measured with some or all of the bike’s fluid. For example, a wet weight can contain all fluids in a full gas tank ready to burn. Or it may be full of oil, coolant, etc., but only have half a tank of gas. If you still don’t see a problem, there is no standardization of what these measurements mean.

And it’s kind of crazy. I can’t believe there should be an opinion on weighing in, but here are my thoughts:

Answers: The Motorcycle Shown In Figure Has A Weight

Today, each manufacturer decides how to prepare the bike before measurements. As a result, one manufacturer’s idea of ​​wet weight may not be the same as another manufacturer’s idea.

Let’s look at the gas tank again. Some manufacturers weigh them at full capacity, others only half full. A liter of gas weighs about 6 kilos. So a half full 4.5 liter tank weighs 13.5 kilos less than a full tank. On a 400-pound bike, that’s almost a 3.5% drop! It may not seem like much, but as motorcycles get better every year, every part counts.

I’m not saying that one way of weighing a gas tank is objectively better than another. we just have

What Is The Weight Of A Motorcycle

. (My instinct is to weigh the tank full. In defense of the half-full method, half-tank should theoretically be the average weight of gas over a ride, as long as you keep the tank down). The current situation is a bunch of bananas, complicating something that should be as simple as weighing. Instead: “Oh, sorry, I really weigh it without peeling.”

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Dry weight has its own problems. In the most common example, some manufacturers leave the battery on the bike when they weigh it dry. Others don’t. Stacks can be quite heavy. With all the testing, this makes a significant difference. So we need to know: battery or no battery? A little standardization will go a long way. Riders rely on those numbers to compare motorcycles to each other, and those comparisons battle it out in the current Wild Wild West of Weights.

Casual riders will probably want to know the bike’s wet weight. “How much does it weigh? Is it gassed up and ready to go?” or “How much should I lift when I fall off the track?” or “How close will I get to the limits of the trailer when taking the bike to the track?”

You don’t ride a motorcycle with all fluids drained. So what good is dry weight other than making a bike lighter on paper?

Lemmy says dry weight helps when comparing the two motorcycle classes. Let’s say you’re trying to decide between two bikes: a middleweight naked bike and a sport tourer. Dry weight takes the sport tourer’s high fuel efficiency out of the equation. Perhaps the bikes are more similar than their wet weight would suggest. And no one is forcing you to fill the tank. Personally, I don’t make that comparison. I’d rather know your wet weight, but you know what?

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There is no need to choose between weight types if the manufacturer has published both figures. How hard can it be? Weighing is not an esoteric science, and with a little standardization, consumers will have useful information when deciding which bike to work with. Yes, riders can weigh their bikes themselves and post the results. But you don’t have to. Nonsense Perhaps we are all taking this weight issue too seriously.

Of course, some bikes are more noticeable than others, but our spec sheet comparisons only went so far. A test ride is the best way to find out how good a motorcycle is. Drew Ruiz’s photo.

We can talk about files all day. (And sometime in the Regular Wheel…) They help us understand the basics of our motorcycle obsession. But even though manufacturers offer standardized wet and dry weights for all new bikes, you can’t tell at a glance which one is best. Measurements can tell a lot. The important thing is the comfort of walking. Weight is certainly an important part of the “feel” of a bike, but it’s only one of many factors involved. Together, the properties of all bikes make us enjoy motorcycling… or go looking for another one. The numbers narrow our search, but the ride quality seals the deal.

What Is The Weight Of A Motorcycle

Join us at the following booths. I wonder why the dealers think I won’t buy the motorcycle.

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What is compression ratio? Lemmy Why are things the way they are: dirt bike and electric start Lemmy How much does a Harley-Davidson weigh? Also, what does that weight mean for the driving experience? This isn’t a question that novice and novice riders ask, but it’s important to know the basic answers. Harley vets know that weight can make a big difference in getting a quality ride, and it’s important to have a bike weight that works well for your needs.

Before answering this question, you should understand the weight of the motorcycle and how it relates to the size of the rider. Smaller riders need lighter bikes designed for easier handling, especially for beginners. Some models have also been modified to make them more attractive to small riders and especially to women.

Experience usually carries a lot of weight when moving up the weight ladder as well. There’s no reason a smaller rider can’t handle a bigger bike, but it usually takes skill and a lot of miles to safely graduate to a bigger machine.

It is important to know how to read the manufacturers weight figures for a particular motorcycle. They usually list what they call “dry weight,” meaning the figure doesn’t include gas or equipment.

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This is especially important if your main interests are travel, cruises and long trips. In this case, you need to consider the equipment you are adding and weigh it against your specific requirements.

The “average” weight of a Harley or any other motorcycle is around 700 pounds, but in practice that number doesn’t mean much.

It is the ability to match the weight of the bike with its design. Sports bikes and street bikes define the lower end of the scale at around 400 pounds, and the lower weight gives the bike the maneuverability it needs to do.

What Is The Weight Of A Motorcycle

At over 450 to 800 pounds, Harleys are among the heaviest bikes on the market, and for three main reasons.

Top 5 Heaviest Motorcycles Most Heavy Weight Bike In India Harley Davidson Indian Motorcycle Honda

As a result, Harley tends to land at the top of the weight class rankings. And Harley-Davidson has earned a reputation for designing veritable beasts that weigh 1,000 pounds or more.

The Harley-Davidson is a high-powered machine, and that extra power means extra weight. However, since most Harleys travel or ride their bikes, this extra weight won’t detract from the riding experience.

If you’re looking for a bike with this extra power and weight, this is the heaviest bike you’ll find.

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