What Is The Best Motorcycle For A Female Beginner

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What Is The Best Motorcycle For A Female Beginner – Few things change faster than the old stereotypes associated with women and motorcycles. The old-school image of the so-called “motorcycle mama” still exists, but the woman who wraps her arms around her man has been replaced by a new generation of strong, independent women who just need it -answer to the main question: What is the best Harley-Davidson bike for women?

They are capable! And the market has changed to accommodate them. The percentage of female riders has almost doubled in the last few years, and companies like Harley-Davidson are taking care and making the right bikes to get and do to keep them on the roads.

What Is The Best Motorcycle For A Female Beginner

What Is The Best Motorcycle For A Female Beginner

Before we get to the Harley bikes, though, let’s ask the eternal question: What do women want? (On motorcycles, that is.) Many women have specific needs for their dream ride that go beyond style and color, so let’s address some specifics.

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Everyone knows the difference between men and women, but many people don’t know how this difference affects women looking for a good bike. When it comes to motorcycles, the old adage is true: size really is.

Let’s start with the basics: In general, the motorcycle should be easier for female riders, especially if they are beginners. That means something in the 500 lb range, and luckily, there are plenty of good Harleys available in weight classes that meet the standards that most female riders are looking for. find in Harley motorcycles- Davidson.

The center of gravity is better for maneuverability, and that’s where the high chair comes in. Many women have a shorter coat than men, which can make it a little more difficult to maintain the control and efficiency that are essential for a good ride. Most of the seat height in the bikes mentioned here is in the 25-26 inch range, but it is important to check the exact height. Width is very important. If the seat is too wide, it makes it difficult for the rider to keep his feet on the ground before starting and after stopping, which reduces control and confidence.

Seat height is so important that the aftermarket is designed to meet specific needs. Reach Seats help women ride closer to the ground, but in general, it’s best to have a Harley technician make any necessary adjustments at the time of purchase.

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Given the importance of seat height, it’s fair to ask how tall women should ride. Usually, the cut is 4 feet, so there is plenty of room for petite women to find the right ride. Harley bikes have some of the lowest ride heights on the market, so again, there are plenty of options.

There are other comfort considerations as well. Shorter the bike will lower the profile of the bike and make it easier to manage, and you can exchange the handlebars for any number of handlebars, which are generally Easy to hold for better control.

Now let’s talk about power. It is important, of course, but there is a special consideration for new riders because the extra power that will not be used will reduce control. Unless you specifically want more power and the ability to handle it, look for an engine that is under 600 cc.

What Is The Best Motorcycle For A Female Beginner

It is important to know why you are taking the bike. Do you want to travel? Do they travel across the country? A combination of both? Road bikes generally have better handling, while long-distance bikes need to be specifically designed to address the comfort issues that come with long miles.

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Finally, if you already have a motorcycle license when you buy your new bike, test ride it. It’s especially important if you don’t have your system nailed down, and your Harley dealer will be happy to give you help and advice.

Now let’s get to the good stuff. What are the best Harley-Davidson motorcycles for women, and what are some of the trade-offs associated with these particular decisions? There are many options, so let’s start from the beginning, words and examples:

The universal consensus is that the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is one of the best starter bikes in general but for women in particular.

Why? It starts with a low seat height of 25.5 inches and a bucket seat design that allows women to easily straddle the bike and maintain stability. The handlebars tilt back to provide more control, and the suspension and shock, along with the footpegs, are designed to provide maximum comfort. And with a big 830 cc’s engine delivering 52 HP, more power is available for those who want or need it.

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At the other end of the spectrum, Custom is considered a good choice for experienced or advanced riders. The seat height is slightly higher than 26 inches, and at 562 pounds with a 1200 cc engine, the weight to power ratio is considered very good.

It’s a great choice for female cyclists who want some power but don’t want to deal with the extra weight of a touring bike.

The Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe has become especially popular among female riders, and there are many reasons why. A low 24.5-inch seat is good for comfort, and Harley-Davidson offers an aftermarket kit to lower the height further for those who need adjustments to their center of gravity. The seats are designed with ergonomics in mind, as are the floorboards and handlebars.

What Is The Best Motorcycle For A Female Beginner

At just over 700 pounds, Harley-Davidson’s Softail Deluxe is a bit heavier than most of the other bikes listed here, but it’s a great choice for women who can handle the weight and need the power. extra of a 1746 cc engine that provides more than 100. pound of torque.

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The Harley-Davidson Low Rider bike has the classic Harley-Davidson look, plenty of power, good ergonomics, and light weight and easy to carry. What’s not to like?

It has also improved the performance at low speed which makes it especially good for newcomers, but there are also many female riders who have fallen in love with this bike.

The Harley-Davidson Street Glide Classic used to be a bit of a beast to handle over 800 pounds, but some innovations have helped women play with this unique bike. . The combination of a 26.1-inch seat height and low center of gravity improves handling, and the custom saddle and excellent mileage make it ideal for cruising and touring. .

Notable in the bells and bellies category is Boom! The 4.3-inch infotainment system box that connects via Bluetooth, and the 6.5-inch Boom Box are available with touch screen navigation and balanced audio. If that won’t keep the car running, what will?

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Harley-Davidson Street 500 and Harley-Davidson Street 750 check in at a good price, and are part of Harley’s Dark Custom line, which is intended for short riders, especially women in cities who are looking for a ride that is easy but still. aggressive and sporty.

It weighs just 400 pounds, and the Revolution X’s engine is liquid-cooled, which is a plus in city traffic where heat can be a problem.

This list of bikes presents a complete range that can be offered to any woman, beginner, or end user. We have a showroom full of the best new and pre-owned Harley-Davidson bikes for women and men, plus all the gear you need to ride right away. Come to Harley-Davidson of The Woodlands to schedule a test drive today and begin the adventure of a lifetime!

What Is The Best Motorcycle For A Female Beginner

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While women can ride almost any motorcycle, some bikes come with features that make them suitable for women. The increase of female riders has also led some manufacturers to create some models specifically for women.

Our top pick is the Ninja 250 because it offers exceptional performance and is ideal for both new and experienced female riders. The bike is easy to handle and comes with many advantages.

The Ninja 250 is one of the fastest selling women’s bikes out there. It is the favorite of many female riders because of this

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