What Is In A Blue Motorcycle

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What Is In A Blue Motorcycle – The history of this cocktail is a mystery to me, but the internet says it started in New York in the 1970s.

Regardless, if you like Long Island Iced Tea, you’ll love Blue Motorcycle. It’s basically the same thing, but instead of Coke and triple sec, you top this drink with Blue Curacao and 7Up (or whatever lemon-lime soda you have).

What Is In A Blue Motorcycle

What Is In A Blue Motorcycle

Like Long Island Iced Tea, the combination of wine and flavor creates a wonderfully strong, yet delicious drink that you’ll definitely feel the effects of.

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Shake the cocktail Fill a large cocktail shaker with ice and measure your ingredients Cover until chilled

Top with soda Strain the cocktail into a highball glass filled with ice and top with a squeeze of soda.

Garnish and serve Add lemon wedge, maraschino cherry and mint sprig before serving. Cherries and mint are optional, but lemon is a must for this drink

This beautiful colored liqueur has a sweet but subtle orange flavor similar to triple sec, but with a sweeter and zestier flavor.

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The Blue Motorcycle Cocktail is a colorful twist on the traditional Long Island Iced Tea, made with Blue Curacao and lemon-lime soda. This blue long island iced tea is also known by its more sinister name,

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