What Is High Mileage On A Motorcycle

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What Is High Mileage On A Motorcycle – Wherever you see several bikes together in one place, you will inevitably hear discussions about oil, tires, chains and mileage. And you’d be surprised to hear that they don’t talk about speed as much as they do about long distances.

If you are not familiar with this expression, “iron butt” refers to a rider’s ability in long distance races.

What Is High Mileage On A Motorcycle

What Is High Mileage On A Motorcycle

There is even an association related to this: the Ysterboudvereniging. The IBA is a US-based organization dedicated to endurance motorcycling that claims to have over 60,000 members worldwide. They describe themselves as “The toughest people in the world” and one of their most popular slogans is “The world is our playground”.

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Al Zahrt, 61, founder of Pro Motor Sports in Maine Town, bought a Honda Gold Wing in 1975 when he was just 19 years old. He chose this model because he wanted a reliable bike. “When you’re 19, you don’t even think about tomorrow, but I wanted something I could believe in. And at the time motorcycles were not known for their reliability.” In the four decades since then, he has adapted the bicycle to reflect its practical purpose and function. He wants a bike that works and he can rely on.

In the 41 years that Al owned the machine, he replaced the engine three times. That’s not surprising, as he averages about 25,000 miles a year from April to November when the Gold Wing is his primary mode of transportation. During his decades of ownership, he also changed eight helmets and visited all 48 downstate states.

On July 29, 2017, in Wausau, Wisconsin, Al’s Goldwing odometer increased from 999,999 miles to 000000 miles. Now he can sell it as a brand new car, not even a mile on it. Jokes aside, it really is an impressive feat.

In 2009, former Wisconsin Senator Dave Zien completed an 18-year journey by reaching the 1,000,000 mile mark in his trusty 1991 FXRT. On April 4, Michael Kneebone, president of the Ysterboudvereniging, presented a special certificate to Zien.

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He says the association has an award category for people who run a million miles, but they’ve never had anyone on a motorcycle. Two days later, on April 6, at Harley’s corporate headquarters in Milwaukee, Steve Phillips, VP of Quality and Dealer Relations, presented Zien with the keys to a brand new 2009 Road Glide. Zien’s 1991 HD FXRT motorcycle with millions of miles on it is on permanent display at the Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame & Museum in Sturgis, South Dakota.

When a customer completes 100,000 miles on a BMW motorcycle, a Morton BMW motorcycle dealer will award the rider a special prize and certificate. To be eligible for the award, you must visit the dealer with a record of your motorcycle, VIN number and mileage.

Once the dealer has the document, they will file a claim and hand over the price to you when it comes from BMW.

What Is High Mileage On A Motorcycle

David Swisher broke all distance records previously set. He drove his motorcycle, the BMW K 1100 LT, over 1.7 million miles. This is more than impressive and is a standard when it comes to long distances covered by motorcycles.

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Of course, these three examples are just a small fraction of what covers a huge gap on their motorcycles. Hats off to these gentlemen! Goes on!

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What Is High Mileage On A Motorcycle

It’s official. Valentino Rossi has signed a contract with Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team for 2021…How many miles does the motorcycle go? Ask Dave Zien. Zien has traveled over a million miles on his 1991 Harley-Davidson FXRT. Of course, Zien revved the engine nine times as he burned through 105 rear tires en route to this lofty goal. But it illustrates a point.

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The question of how many miles is a lot for a motorcycle has no universal answer. A large part depends on the owner, how they ride, and whether or not they maintain their motorcycles. Everyone drives differently, so engines are subject to varying degrees of use and abuse. The fact that there are all kinds of different motives is another variable that prevents a universal answer.

According to NADA Guides, “You can reasonably expect a motorcycle with 40,000 miles, impeccable service record and clean body to be worth buying, although some riders will grade the bike. That bike has come a long way. Keep also keep in mind that a dirt bike that has done 40,000 miles is likely to look rough and perform poorly since motorcycle off-road mileage is harder than street miles. NADA also stated in its “Motorcycle Value vs Lifetime” discussion that even ‘ A motorcycle with 50,000 miles on it, if well cared for, can still be a smart purchase.

Placed greater is considered the distance traveled after 50,000 miles. But mileage is only part of the bigger picture when it comes to buying a used bike – there are ways to keep a motorcycle running well past 100,000 miles – a service history is usually a good sign. more for long-term performance.”

“Kelley Blue Book does not give a dollar figure to add or subtract based on the mileage of the motorcycle. The reason for this is that the condition of the motorcycle is much more important than the kilometers it has travelled. A motorcycle that has ridden several thousand kilometers on the street will have less wear and tear than another motorcycle with the same kilometres, but ridden on rougher terrain. Buyers and sellers will decide how much to add or subtract from the Kelley Green Book value based on the condition of the motorcycle.”

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Considering all three sources, 25,000 miles would be considered high mileage for a sports car (midpoint between Latus approximations) while high mileage for larger motorcycles would be 45,000 miles (average between NADA’s 40K and Latus’ 50K ). There is a constant variable between all three. The key to longevity is maintenance. Don’t ride the motorbikes!

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What Is High Mileage On A Motorcycle

It’s hard to find a 10mm socket Signing up for our email is easy. Get updates on new products and exclusive offers. Before we start talking about what is considered high mileage for motorcycles, we need to understand what mileage means? Kilometers are considered the total number of miles a motorcycle has traveled on a road.

What Is High Mileage For A Motorcycle?

However, there is a different concept of mileage in India. It refers to the amount of fuel consumed per mile. The irony of the matter is that this is not true. The previously explained definition is considered correct. Well, if you are asking this question, I am assuming that you are planning to buy your first used motorcycle.

New motorcycle buyers often doubt that the number they should consider is the high mileage for their motorcycle. There is a stereotype that high mileage means that the motorcycle is not in a position to spend money. However, I want to draw your attention to the important thing. This is not the only criterion you should consider to determine whether you are buying a good motorcycle.

Just ask yourself all the questions mentioned below and try to find satisfactory answers. When you put all the information on the table, you will soon realize that high mileage does not mean bad condition and low mileage does not mean good condition.

I consider it too many questions and end up with a good deal; You should get complete information. You can make that task a little easier by getting all the information

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