What Is A Kill Switch On A Motorcycle

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What Is A Kill Switch On A Motorcycle – Stop a runaway motorcycle if a rider runs away from it and don’t have to worry about expensive engine parts from over-revving with our high quality safety switches. Brushed 6061 aluminum body for this high performance custom street handlebar/handlebar. Waterproof switch, stainless steel internals with 24 gauge copper wire for reliable operation.

The motorcycle is equipped with a kill switch as it allows the rider to turn it off without having to remove their hand from the handlebars as the button is within thumb reach. This allows the rider to have full control of the motorcycle even when it is turned off.

What Is A Kill Switch On A Motorcycle

What Is A Kill Switch On A Motorcycle

You may have noticed the big red button or switch on the right side of your motorcycle’s handlebars and it can look a bit intimidating. Any red button is likely to have an effect on the functionality of the device. But there is justification for a motorcycle button/switch like this.

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This button, known as the Kill Switch, is a mechanism that almost all motorcycles have. Its name explains exactly what it does: kill the bike or stop it instantly. Both hands are required to operate the bike properly and the key lock helps keep the rider safe. The lockout switch is within reach of the right thumb (almost always), making it easier to stop the bike rather than having to remove a hand from the bike to turn off the switch.

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Interest will be charged to your account from the date of purchase if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months. Minimum monthly payments required. Subject to credit approval. View Terms – For PayPal credit, it opens in a new window or taA killswitch is a simple emergency kill switch that shuts down the device with a single click. It acts as a simple safety mechanism that allows the rider to stop the bike when it is not possible to do so manually. It shuts down all running systems without causing any harm to the system.

It also allows riders to quickly turn off the bike without letting go of the handlebars to reach for the switch. If you’re a relatively new cyclist, you must have noticed the dreaded red switch on the right handlebar of your bike.

What Is A Kill Switch On A Motorcycle

The name explains its function, which is to instantly shut down the motorcycle without affecting the mechanics of the machine. Killswitch is nothing complicated; It simply disconnects the ignition coil, so the engine stops.

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Using a Killswitch does not affect the bike; There is no saturation point beyond which it will negatively affect the device. The pilot can use this switch as often as he wishes to turn off the engine.

Although the key does not harm the system, there may be a situation where it can happen. If the rider repeatedly touches the stop button when the bike is already turned off, it will affect the bike.

When the passenger constantly plays with the key in the off state, it may affect the ignition coil in the long term but there is no immediate damage. It is also not recommended to use the lock key when the bike is moving vigorously.

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The blog is your number one source for the latest car news, car news, latest car spy photos, bike news, car news, car care tools, tips and tricks, and more. Again. Click the bell icon to subscribe and never miss a post. The “how-to” guide replaced the standard switch assembly with the main stop push-button switch on our Husqvarna FE 350 long-term test.

Far from being the most complex task you will ever perform, this is a short “how-to” to show the quick process of mounting a push button stop switch, in this case on our Husqvarna FE 350 test mule.

Why am I doing this? The stock shifter unit on the Husqvarna FE 350 handlebars is a very large and flimsy unit. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer as to what selector you’ll find on the bars and how it attaches to the bike’s wiring, but it’s pretty standard. The same is true of KTM models which are the most popular off-road motorcycles on the planet.

What Is A Kill Switch On A Motorcycle

Disclaimer: A standard switch unit is required for road use in some parts of the world as removing it will suppress the lighting system and therefore may mean your bike is not road legal. This “how to” guide is intended for use in a closed course where an inventory module is not required.

What Is The Purpose Of A Motorcycle Kill Switch?

Replacement switches are readily available and the simplest options like the one we fitted, only one type of red button available at many outlets – we bought it from a reputable parts supplier, Apico. I bought it simply because it is a “plug and play” part and fits quickly and easily with only basic mechanical skills.

Other options are available, including the nifty Ride Engineering switch (below). There are a few options, but this one cleverly bolts onto the throttle body (with longer bolts supplied). The downside is that it comes with bare wires so it needs a trip to your nearest electrical store for extension and correct connectors to fit your bike.

The standard switch assembly simply mounts to the rails with the included screws and detaches in seconds. The headlight must also be disconnected and removed to allow access to the connectors in front of the headstock.

The switch wires were attached to the rail cables and had to be cut. I left the rear wires from the tail light under the seat in place, but disconnected them and put some tape over the end of the connector. Some people put silicone or grease in it to keep water out, but be careful not to use silicone or electrically friendly grease (insulating grease). Some greases or silicones can conduct electricity and can help prevent corrosion.

Ride Engineering Billet Kill Switch

Separating the lights from our bike is easy, follow the wires from the light itself, you will find a simple male/female connector that disconnects. The front behind the headlight sits between the block of wires from different places, so make sure you have the correct wires. The rear light connector on the Husqvarna is located under the seat, as it is on many bikes.

After mounting the lockout switch to the handlebars in the position I wanted, I ran the wires along the same route the standard switch to the headstock took. I chose this type of Kill switch because it looks like the male/female connector and so on

The switch has a ground which should connect to a non-energized metal point within reach of the cable (some types ground to the handlebars). On my single FE 350 I used a tach/speedometer mounting bolt which has an 8mm bolt thread which would accept

What Is A Kill Switch On A Motorcycle

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