What Is A Canooter Valve On A Car

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What Is A Canooter Valve On A Car – It looks like a brand new product out there and the price is certainly attractive, has anyone used any of their other products?

It seems risky to me. I know there are deals to be had, I found a Trek for $269. But I’d look at the YHM turbo for a sure thing at a low price.

What Is A Canooter Valve On A Car

What Is A Canooter Valve On A Car

Sounds good, but I have a hard time buying these claims. I want to see some serious independent testing first. If what they say is completely accurate and fully substantiated, all my ARs will have one of them on it.

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The aim was to produce a fully self-rated silencer that was safe listening and to make it the most compact unit available anywhere. And keep the price of the suppressor and the tax stamp under 500.00 so regular people can afford it.

It would be a bit more believable if it was much thicker. I’ve seen a PhD say that in his testing internal volume helps with back pressure, but length is what controls the sound (not sure if he was just talking about chin number).

To quote the great Gary M-Fin Hughes- “Full-Auto Rated just means the manufacturer will fix it when it breaks.”

The Griffin Optimus Micro is in this ballpark, but a simple moderator with one or two baffles can’t possibly measure that low. A Sandman K or Omega 9k with more volume and three to six effective baffles will not reach 136 on a 16″ 556.

Can You Spot The Problem?

Volume through length is more efficient due to fluid dynamics and residence time. Alternatively, the boxes would be 1:1 cylinders or even spheres, as they give the most enclosed volume per surface area. A tapered suppressor accommodation also has some minor strength-to-weight advantages, but as a practical matter a disc tube silences 95% of the most powerful engines on the planet.

I have all their 5.8″ and 9″ Ti suppressors in .30 cal….Haven’t had a chance to shoot them yet…

One that is a maximum of 136, I would bet on. Or they forgot to mention that the measurements were made with an upper .22 LR. Or maybe poked the end of the chin through a hole in a whole sheet of OSB.

What Is A Canooter Valve On A Car

I built little boxes like this. In fact, one of my latest prototypes is the same length (4.08″) with a similar size of reflex chamber, although it is 1.312″ OD instead of 1.125″. Mine is all welded 17-4 with baffles forming the tube to max. internal volume. It sounds like a .22 WMR with a 10″ barrel, but still has a decent pop. I intended this design for .22 WMR, 5.7×28, .22 TCM and other small capacity cartridges of .22 or 6mm caliber. While they will hold together on a 5.56 SBR, I imagine when I actually start measuring when I get my new B&K 4148 mic, the dB will be in the mid 140s. So, similar length, but quite a bit ID more, and nowhere near as sound as the shorty 5.56. There is much more gas volume and cutting pressure.

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Yes, I am definitely in the too good to be true camp. A box of this size will remove the advantage, but it is not hearing proof in 5.56 SBR.

How do they manage a minimum stroke length of 7″ with a stainless steel ink when other dampers using Stellite or Inconel have a minimum of 10″+?

How long has this company been in business and what are the odds of another Huntertown Arms scenario?

It looks good in pictures and on paper, but leaves me skeptical. However, it might be a good choice for 5.7×28.

Thesamba.com :: Beetle

But again, I saved weight and added volume by making the baffle skirts form the tube. And I’m not making claims of 30 dB reduction with a centerfire rifle cartridge from a small box.

Hrmm… so I guess their claim of 8.4 oz is in the realm of reasonableness. The only stainless I can have is a YHM Phantom 5.56 and all I know is that it is HEAVY!

Quoted: How do they handle a 7″ minimum stroke with a stainless steel burst plate when other suppressors using Stellite or Inconel have 10″+ minimums?

What Is A Canooter Valve On A Car

The TBAC 5.56 takedown is 7″ full auto rated with all stainless construction. It just depends on how heavy you make it and how much erosion in that many rounds you consider acceptable.

What Wrong With Me Car?! Please Someone Help Me Out I’m Mechanic Ally Retarded

It is not impossible to do better, but I would go so far as to say that it is probably impossible to achieve the performance he says.

Quoted: How long has this company been in business and what are the odds of another Huntertown Arms scenario?

Quote: Looks good in pictures and on paper, but color me skeptical. However, it might be a good choice for 5.7×28.

Maybe Ken doesn’t understand that meter calibration is important, or that just because a mic has the dB range doesn’t mean it has the frequency range to pick up the highest SPL impulse. There are many microphones for Bruhl & Kjaer, Larson & Davis or other premium meters that will pick up 170dB, but they will not achieve the highest impulse SPL for a shot, so your reading will be low. I spent a lot of time researching before deciding which microphones to look for.

These Wheels Tho.

I would like to see a test gauge for this suppressor from a reputable source. I love the idea of ​​short and thin K boxes and at this price point I would buy a pair of them! The problem is, I don’t believe their numbers at all, which calls into question any other claims they make.

I think all the ratings are about 10dB below the real number. I find 146 credible for a mini, 130 entirely plausible for an integrated 6.5cm.

If I ever go to Alamosa, Pagosa, Durango, I’ll take the 160 and stop in to see what the deal is in person.

What Is A Canooter Valve On A Car

As jefflebowski pointed out, it would be good to know what meter they are using. I also noticed that they only publish the numbers “by the ear”, and not by the chin. I wonder if these will be like the previous OSS suppressors which were 150+ dB at the muzzle.

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I laughed when I saw a review recently where they said “our gauge measures the entire gun shot, not just the top”. They literally said numbers under 80 DB for a rifle. What, using an iPhone? I’ve seen sound guys use their phones to measure speaker volume at an event – can even a phone mic do that accurately??!!

They have been selling clip on muzzle brakes for a while, I tried one on a Mosin and was disappointed. She couldn’t keep it straight and shot it once before giving up.

I was going to joke about a clamp on the suppressor, but idiot, they have an advertised method of doing it.

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What Is A Canooter Valve On A Car

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The big valves were on a true hemi head, as seen on the Keith Black Racing Engines bench.

When you check the features of a new car, you are likely to be bombarded with glowing words about the engine’s “advanced valvetrain technology”. How did this happen? They don’t give us details about how viruses work when they sell us cold medicine. Here is a quick explanation of what car engine valves do and why car manufacturers spend so much time telling you how good they are.

Rear Left Side Inner Door Panel Handle Pull Trim Cap For Bmw E90 3 Series Sedan

The valves are installed in a part of the engine called the head and are responsible for letting air and/or fuel into the cylinders to be burned – called intake valves – and letting the exhaust out of that combustion exits the cylinders – they are called exhaust valves.

The bottom line is

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