What Is A Back Half Car

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This WIY Audi Half Kit fits 1996 – 2013 Chevy Bottom Cabs. Works without the Chevy EXT CAB WIY Cage Kit.

What Is A Back Half Car

What Is A Back Half Car

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Fox Coupe 427 Back Half Turbo Build

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My intention is to release the frame rails from the mechanical engineering. My best guess is that the first thing I need to do is grab a plasma saw and remove the paneling around the rear axle area and wheel wells, leaving the original film supports to use as a point to use when fitting the new rails. rigid, so that they are straight. and properly placed.

I will try to come up with a comprehensive procedural plan. Any kind words would be invaluable. Thanks in advance.

I asked this very question a while ago with no answer, and I did what I thought I would do. I stopped the car using donkey stands, it just wasn’t fair so I used 16g metal sheet for that card, then I fixed the angle iron to the floor under the rear brackets, then I fixed the 2 parts with the holes. in the bracket and the tac mattress was reduced to the angle of the iron so that the back of the car was covered on the floor, then I brought back the frame rails, the new ones that were put on were the leaf spring rails so I put them back in the same place. The old ones came out, I left everything in place that wouldn’t meet my new board rails, and I cut out what I needed. Then when I was all set up, I cut the floor of the car from the front to the back. Hope that helps you, you can see the bra in the first photo.

Tre Race Engines

At first glance, they think I’ll turn you on. If you want big tires under your car, with a narrow rear end, the frame rails will not be close to stock. The first thing I did was go to a race car shop and see how they did it. then decide if you want a 4 foot arm or a ladder system. I like 4 tie me up. At the rear of the car only cut to the rear bumper. take your time, think about what you want, and go for it. I did and I loved the look. I’m at my daughter’s house and I can’t take pictures. now, but let me get you something later. Good luck with your build.

Go to the chassis section and find the rear half. I have some pictures there, there are others.

Go to this site and look in the forums section. You will find a lot of useful information, pictures and tips. www.yellowbullet.com

What Is A Back Half Car

As mopwr2004a said. Yellowbullet.com, see chassis section. very useful There is a lot of information here in the chassis and suspension section. You can just ask. Knowing what you want out of a car will help you decide what to do first. Is it just a car race, street/street, just street? Are you thinking of putting up a volume bar or cage? The road you use for the car will help determine where your frame will be and how it will be set up such as 4 links, ladder bars, leaf springs. This also helps to position the shock, stabilizer (if you plan to use one), mount the suspension on the frame and the differential. I did mine (for nothing I can’t solder anything) and before I start any section, all these and more were asked. I know that balancing the car and taking accurate measurements is essential. Good luck with your build.

Back Half Questions

Check out Morrison’s art. They make great kits and have a wonderful step-by-step video that shows you from start to finish. They also have bathtubs, metal sheets, and roll cages. They are great.

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