What Holidays Is Ikea Closed

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What Holidays Is Ikea Closed – Thanksgiving has come and gone and now is the time to start thinking about Christmas. We’re big on holiday decorations, so this year we’re crafting the perfect tablescape with the help of IKEA. If you’re in holiday design mode, check out this post for tips on decorating the perfect IKEA holiday table.

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What Holidays Is Ikea Closed

What Holidays Is Ikea Closed

IKEA Holiday Tablescapes are the talk of the town today. Thanksgiving has come and gone and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas! I’m firmly in the “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” camp, and I think we need that vibe more than ever this year. I also recently moved to Arizona, and since there will definitely be no white Christmas, I’ve decided to take advantage of this new warm winter weather and have a unique, cozy holiday dinner outdoors with my immediate family. I think this will be a great way to liven up our holiday tradition.

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Since I’m taking on my new home for the first time, I’ve been coming up with some holiday landscaping ideas and I think what I came up with is pretty awesome. It covers all the holiday feels and since I got it all at IKEA, it didn’t break the bank either. I’m sharing my landscaping ideas with all of you so you can create your own magical holiday wonderland when your family arrives for the big holidays.

The holidays are all about those we love to be close to, and I wanted to capture the intimate feeling, yet retain the holiday and blessed goodness. I chose pieces that would work well in my outdoor setting and also give that classic “sit down” feel when we have a meal and then sit and talk for hours. The pieces I found at IKEA helped me bring this vision to life and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Since I’m highlighting the interior, I’m focusing on ideas that complement the theme, but as you can see in my tablescape, anything I did would look so good indoors.

A great festive table scene is related to the theme. I’m old school, so I went with the classic white and red. This is the ultimate Christmas color combination and everyone always loves it. Almost all of my tablescape pieces are in these colors. To keep everything unified, it’s important to choose a theme and keep it consistent from the smallest detail to the smallest. As you can see in my pictures, everything I chose was designed to complement and enhance this red and white theme, keeping things consistent as well as infusing it with Christmas spirit.

There is a lot of sitting around during the holiday celebrations. From eating to chatting, you’ll be sitting down a lot, so make sure everyone has a nice, comfortable spot. For my outdoor table party, I chose a beautiful outdoor table and chair with a brown stain. It’s the perfect color to blend in with the background and let my table shine. To keep things comfortable, I got some pretty red MALINDA chair pads. They come in the perfect Christmas color and are easy to attach to chairs so they stay where they should be.

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Everything matters when creating a holiday tablescape. From the obvious choices like decorations to the little things that tie everything together like cutlery, when everything clicks, it’s a thing of beauty.

I chose a beautiful white UPPLAGA tableware set. The appearance of these plates and bowls is simple, with only a few scallops around the edges. I like it because I like to be quiet but not boring. I also grabbed the white and red VINTER 2020 serving plates to give the food something nice to sit on. These simple plates have a thin red border that makes them festive and elegant. To match the flatware, I chose SEDLIG stainless steel flatware. The style is extremely simple and the clean lines work well with the plates and bowls. To keep the red and white theme, I chose some VINTER 2020 wine glasses in clear and red. The combination of the two adds visual interest to the spreadsheet that works very well. My finishing touch to the dish was a beautiful VINTER 2020 clear glass bowl with a lid shaped like a Hershey’s Kiss. I will fill it with holiday treats.

To transport it all in and out of the house, I chose a beautiful white RASKOG utility cart. There is enough space for everything and the bright white color suits my theme perfectly. I’m especially thrilled with how beautiful the wine looks on the cart while it’s in my SOLDRANKT stainless steel wine cooler. The classic stainless steel cup design is so beautiful next to the red and white and with the ice bucket it has a nice texture and reflective quality which is perfect.

What Holidays Is Ikea Closed

To give this simple white and steel look a bit of pop, I chose dark red MARIT mats. They are a bit darker than the seat cushions which I like as they add a bit of texture to the color and really make the flatware and flatware stand out.

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Of course, Christmas isn’t Christmas without trees. Since I’m having an outdoor dinner, I decided to add an extra touch of Christmas to my table with some VINTER 2020 faux Christmas trees. These little trees have a natural look that’s the perfect backdrop for my VINTER 2020 red glass ornaments. Advice. trees in their original pot, wrap the pot in burlap to add texture, interest and a classic holiday feel. To complete the look. Caught some LINDRANDE white stars. I’m old school but I like a bit of modern and these stars are perfect.

You guys, I get it. You want to go on vacation. Go big or go home, right? The thing is, we tend to fall into it when we’re excited about decorating. We think we have to go to the most expensive place, buy the fanciest Swarovski crystal, and generally burn a hole in our bank account to create something magical.

That’s funny. I try to be effortless, but I also want to save that money, and I’ll tell you right now, I’m not going to stress myself out. You can find all kinds of amazing things to create an absolutely fabulous holiday tablescape that DOESN’T cost an arm and a leg

. I got everything there and my table text looks great. So don’t feel like you have to go to a specialty store and decorate like you’re made of silver.

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As you can see, the holiday tablescape is all about having a unified vision and adding just the right amount of pop. Too many and you’ll have something fraudulent. Too little and you’ll have something bland and bland. The trick is to find that sweet spot in between where everything works together to create just the right amount of Christmas holiday magic.

So remember, choose a theme, plan it, remember the details and don’t forget to add pizzazz. It doesn’t take much to create a holiday tablescape that everyone will love if you have a clear vision in mind. While we know that many corporate businesses close on public holidays, did you know that some retail stores are also closed on holidays? You have to commend these retailers for giving their employees the day off when so many other Americans have the day off.

However, if you’re looking to shop, that may not be good news. Maybe you want to do some personal shopping on certain holidays. So closing retail stores is not good for you.

What Holidays Is Ikea Closed

You do realize that even when the physical, brick and mortar locations are closed, you can always shop online, right? I mean, in most cases that’s true.

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There are some retailers that are safely closed on certain public holidays. This is the same as public institutions and banks, which are also closed on public holidays.

There are other retailers that only close on certain holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, or the 4th of July.

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