What Happens If A Garbage Truck Hits Your Car

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What Happens If A Garbage Truck Hits Your Car – A garbage hauler faces multiple traffic violations after police say he drove his truck the wrong way and caused a crash that seriously injured another driver in Hillburn.

A Warwick man remains in the hospital after his car was hit by a truck on Route 59 on Feb. 11, Ramapo police said today.

What Happens If A Garbage Truck Hits Your Car

What Happens If A Garbage Truck Hits Your Car

Police said on Wednesday that they were still investigating, but after an investigation by the National Transport Department, the truck driver was charged with 12 charges, including traffic violations and driving under the influence. and the problem of maintenance.

Another Waste Management Truck Involved In Serious Accident In Orange Tuesday Morning

No charges have been filed against the 59-year-old truck driver, who has no criminal record, police said. The 2002 Mack truck owned by Countywide Carting, a garbage hauling company in Hillburn, did not respond to requests for comment.

The crash happened at 6:44 a.m. on Feb. 11, when a northbound truck crossed into the southbound lane and struck a 2012 Ford Focus, police said.

The truck pushed the car off the road into the parking lot outside Bakers Choice at 201 Route 59. The car was a total wreck, and firefighters had to remove the driver, who was taken to Hackensack Medical Center in critical condition, police said. Homework comes when I think about picking up the trash. Some of those activities can be seen every week dragging those gray, green or blue trash cans to the pit or the street.

Thank goodness we have it, we don’t have to drag our trash anywhere. We were lucky that the garbage trucks picked up the containers and put them on the truck to take away.

Republic Waste Services Lawsuit: Bre’ana Powell’s Family Files $1 Million Wrongful Death Claim After Hobby Airport Area Crash

Garbage trucks are huge and carry most of our waste. No wonder when the tunnel narrows the garbage trucks hit my fence and break some of the cedar bars. Some of the roads are narrow and the corners are very sharp so it takes time to steer the big garbage truck through them.

As the price of cedar fences has increased over the past few years when a garbage truck called my phone I could tell it was not a good day! Having been in the telecommunications industry for over 18+ years there is not much I haven’t seen or known about homeowners. Fences are there for protection, to keep our pets inside and our kids playing in the yard.

A phone that has been damaged by a garbage truck may be distressed. Hopefully if this happens it’s a minor fix but then again, a big fix when the dump truck backs up to the fence and pulls a piece of the fence off.

What Happens If A Garbage Truck Hits Your Car

Fence posts often need to be replaced and stained to match the rest of the fence.

Woman Killed Instantly After Being Hit By A Garbage Truck In Sydney’s West

Another part of a garbage truck that can damage the fence is the side arm of the truck. This arm looks like it’s thrown down to grab the trash cans and 2 claws pick up the trash can on top of the top of the truck and the trash falls into it.

Sometimes these debris may not make it through the hole in the top of the truck and fly out and hit the cedar or pine fence barriers. It leaves a bump or a crack. Broken fence posts.

These hands I have seen move so fast that the trash can comes back from above and the trash can almost fall down and you can hit the fence and break it.

I also saw where there was a trash can on the road with a portable basketball hoop next to it, and the hand of the garbage truck was holding the trash can and the basketball hoop at the same time. When the hoop and the trash can come back down the basketball hoop breaks.

Woman Dragged And Killed By Garbage Truck In Northeast Calgary Parking Lot

Over the years in this business we have had homeowners who have fought a fence company. It seems that no one wants to take the blame, let alone step up and pay for the repairs. It’s not the landlords fault. Unfortunately, if a homeowner needs to repair a fence due to a backyard pond, they may have to repair or replace it themselves.

Billing a group can be difficult because most small businesses may not carry liability insurance to pay for it. Although many small businesses don’t want to file because of the increased costs.

Usually the last step is to hire an attorney to collect the debt or go to small claims court. None of these options are ideal, but they are the only way to collect damages caused by the wrongful driving of a garbage truck.

What Happens If A Garbage Truck Hits Your Car

This means if you choose to go to small claims court make sure you have all the documents, the date and time of the damage, video if you have it (sometimes a friend’s video will show near the best angle) and other things to win the case. .

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As we are not lawyers there may be additional requirements for the trial. It is the homeowner’s right to track down damaged wires.

If you need a second, third, or fourth opinion on fence damage fill out our Free Estimate Form to schedule one of our experienced friends to come out to your home to inspect the damage. The appraiser will give you options and give you an estimate if you are required by the insurance company or the court.

For fast service call us now at 972-769-2555  Some of the areas we serve include McKinney, Frisco, Allen, Plano and nearby cities!

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Copyright © Build A Fence | Free Call Rates | Telephone Service | Fence Color | Call us: 972-769-2555() – A city dump truck crashed into his parked vehicle. No problem, the city pays for it, right? After all, it’s South Florida, and the city says, “It’s not our fault,” and the victim pulls a Help From Howard and Patrick Fraser to be good.

What Happens If A Garbage Truck Hits Your Car

Christopher is a scale operator at the land border, and all the debris is collected before your property.

Man Killed After Being Hit While On Back Of Garbage Truck

Christopher Martinez: “You can imagine if there was no trash collection. It would pile up and pile up. It’s disgusting.”

Christopher Martinez: “It was a shock. I couldn’t believe what happened. This was a garbage truck on top of my little Jeep. I couldn’t believe it.”

That’s right. When the City of Homestead garbage truck driver got to the scale, he went up the ramp and hit Christopher’s SUV in the employee parking lot.

Christopher Martinez: “He told me that he hit the yellow arrow from the right, and then turned left, which makes no sense. You have to control your steering.”

Lowrider Low Profile Front Load Garbage Trucks

Christopher says the truck driver told him not to worry about the SUV he wrecked, that the Town of Homestead would take care of it.

Christopher Martinez: “They told me it was all a loss. They gave me a check for $16,000.

And they said, “Wait, we want our lawyers to look into this,” and you know what happens when the lawyers get involved.

What Happens If A Garbage Truck Hits Your Car

Then Christopher files a claim with his insurance company, not his own fault, but the city’s garbage truck driver.

Garbage Truck Driver Faces 12 Violations In Head On Hillburn Crash

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “In this case, yes. The law calls this ‘res ipsa loquitur,’ which means it speaks for itself. In other words, the law says that the driver of the moving car is at fault because the car they hit stopped. If they don’t want to pay, submit the claim to your insurance and let them fight the city.

Christopher’s insurance company determined that his car was a total loss and offered him $14,000 to replace it. Now they will fight Homestead to get that money back, because Homestead’s insurance company wrote, “Our investigation found no negligence on our part.”

A spokesperson for Homestead wrote, “Although the city does not accept responsibility, the city has paid the $500 that was taken at Mr. Martinez’s request.”

Christopher bought a new Jeep, but he wasn’t smiling after we told him that Homestead said they were lazy after a dump truck totaled his SUV.

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Christopher Martinez: “Yes, they care. They did this. How can you say they don’t care?

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