What Color Rims Go With A White Car

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What Color Rims Go With A White Car – Natethegate said: Want your opinion on what color looks best on a white car? I’m thinking rotiform gold, but I’m not sure yet? Very nice? Click to expand… Everything in the silver family. Graphite, gunmetal..or matte black..gold is just wrong:lmao:

I have a white accord and am considering black or gunmetal. I have dark undertones and think gun or black would look good. If you don’t want anything too flashy, use brushed aluminum.

What Color Rims Go With A White Car

What Color Rims Go With A White Car

Natethegate said: Want your opinion on what color looks best on a white car? I’m thinking rotiform gold, but I’m not sure yet? Very nice? Click to expand… Go with what feels good. Gold and white will complement each other well.

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Natethegate said: Want your opinion on what color looks best on a white car? I’m thinking rotiform gold, but I’m not sure yet? Very nice? Click to expand… It’s your money and your car so if that’s what you’re going to do :banana:

You asked for other people’s opinions and take on everything under the sun. The only thing that matters is what YOU think looks best.

Natethegate said: Want your opinion on what color looks best on a white car? I’m thinking rotiform gold, but I’m not sure yet? Very nice? Click to expand… The beauty of a white car is that almost any color wheel looks great; but it depends on your preference

This is an older thread, you may not get a reply and you can revive an old thread. Please consider creating a new topic. White cars are among the most popular car choices on the road today, so it’s easy to choose one the next time you’re shopping for a vehicle. However, deciding on the right lip color is not always so easy. What lip color is best for a white car and how can you make your vehicle look better?

Best Wheel Color On Aw

In this guide we look at the benefits of each color. We also talk about the option of painting your lips.

Different lip colors look good on white cars. Bronze or black are some nice choices, but you can also choose silver, gunmetal, copper or two-tone colors. If you really want to stand out on the road, consider the striking style of red rims on your white car.

While bronze may not be a popular choice, it is still one of the most beautiful options available. The good thing is that not many people use it, so you can help your car stand out.

What Color Rims Go With A White Car

The bronze lip would look great on a white sedan. It can also be seen in a coupe, such as the BMW M5 or the Nissan GTR.

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At first glance, you might think that the black wheels might be too bold for the white car. On second thought, you will see that this makes a great choice, a very complementary choice.

The black stripes help give the car an elegant appeal. If you have a bold personality, you can also match your car.

You don’t want to overlook the sleek style of the rifles. These are known for their strength, but they are also extremely stylish.

This paint also helps hide blemishes so your vehicle looks its best. While gunmetal is a great choice for white cups, it’s also a good choice with black cars.

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If you’re on the fence about a matching color, rely on good old silver rims. Since silver goes with everything, this is not good at all.

You don’t even have to do anything, because many new cars can be equipped with silver rims from the factory. Save time and keep your car looking great.

Cars with copper rims are not seen that often. However, you can’t beat the unique look of the combination with a white car.

What Color Rims Go With A White Car

When you pair white and copper together, you’re ready to turn heads. Let your vehicle express your unique level of class.

Best Color Wheels For White Car

These wheels are becoming more and more popular. Some of the best choices include either silver with gunmetal or silver with black.

However, you can spice things up and add some color if you like. Why not check out this other color to use for some fun?

If your white car looks boring, it’s time to make a statement. Add some bright colors, starting with the lips.

We recommend red lips because it gives a sporty look. Your car will immediately look aggressive and wild.

Why Is It So Difficult To Pick The Right Color For Rims On A White Car…

If there is nothing wrong with the belts you have and you don’t want to get rid of them, you might consider painting them. If you are not good at this job yourself, you should pay someone to do it for you. On average, you can spend $125-$300 to paint your car’s rims, which is much cheaper than buying new.

When choosing spray paint for your lips, make sure it is compatible with the material. Not all spray paints are made for use on steel, alloy or aluminum wheels.

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What Color Rims Go With A White Car

I want to go with something bronze and be different than most people who do the white/black combo and do a little modification to my black 437m wheels…but I’m afraid I’ll regret the 3000 cost dollars and that in the back of my mind, I will always have the thoughts that I should have chosen black

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So for all the white car owners out there, what colors did you end up with? Any pictures?

I have a white car myself and have had problems with the wheels fitting. I like the white/black combo, but I think it lacks contrast. Depending on the style of the wheels, I think I’d like the brass

It depends on the style and how aggressive the fit is… I really like red or blue on white. I decided to go with black on my white F82

I have personally seen the dark brushed black color and IMO that would definitely be my pick of the bunch. It’s stunning when the light hits it, glossy/satin black colors are very common.

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In some photos it looks like almost gloss black, other photos like some sort of bronze, and other photos like its black chrome

It may be due to the lighting, but even brushed bronze doesn’t look the same from photo to photo…

I bet the brushed brass is forged bc it’s hot. I have rz05 matte bronze and I think they will show up more like a brushed bronze. Either way, the white and bronze combo is killer IMO, but I’ve driven it 2 or 3 times now with different cars.

What Color Rims Go With A White Car

I had the same idea of ​​using brass, and probably would have, if the standard brake calipers weren’t blue. I’ve looked at pictures of the brass wheels in the blue gauges and it looks too cheap to me. I was very close to stepping up to Bronze TE37 but ended up with Diamond Dark Gunmetal as it was the only other finish available on the specific model I wanted. Here are some pictures of the setup:

Custom Amg Wheels In Polished Aluminum, Soft Satin White And Soft Red Candy

The photo quality isn’t great, but it’s January in Chicago, so it was the best I could do on a cloudy winter day

A white car is easier to “go wild” with wheel colors. You start with the neutral, open color palette of a body color. Most any wheel color will not clash with white. Are you wondering what is the best wheel color for a white car? This guide is about your request. Read on for an exciting piece of content.

White cars are quite popular. In fact, according to studies, white is by far the most popular car color in the United States. They look professional and classy, ​​and white is a balanced color suitable for both male and female operators.

However, because white cars are so famous, some drivers like to change their cars to give a more exciting overall look. White cars with well-maintained wheels may look sleek, but colored rims can give your vehicle that extra wow factor.

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If you want to paint the wheels of your vehicle white, but you do not know the best color wheels for a white car, then we have many suggestions for you. This guide will look at the benefits of each color and discuss the idea of ​​painting your wheels.

White is a common color because of its neutrality. Although it is a good option, it can be monotonous at times. You have to spend in other parts to liven things up. Choosing a different wheel color is usually the most innovative solution.

It’s a good alternative for anyone working on a limited edition. However, choosing a good wheel color is a difficult task. This is because you should choose a color that matches your white car.

What Color Rims Go With A White Car

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