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What Color Car Should I Get Quiz – Thinking of buying a new car? Think twice about what color you want, as it can give an idea of ​​your personality. While the back is considered a strong color, the sky blue exudes confidence and gray screams concrete.

For it is the color of ultimate power. “So he’s a man who’s not easy to handle,” says color consultant and fashion designer Leatrice Eiseman. “They love elegance and classic well. But they tend to be selective in other things. He is the one who probably wears a lot of black in his wardrobe, because that color really speaks of power.

What Color Car Should I Get Quiz

What Color Car Should I Get Quiz

White cars are difficult for owners. “There’s a certain level of care,” Eiseman said. “They are the ones who generally like things to be pure, pristine, clear and direct. You can hide nothing under the color white.’ A woman who chooses a white car is more likely to keep her car super clean. And he lives the rest of his life that way.

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LOS ANGELES – APRIL 24: Orders have been placed for Toyotas at the world’s largest auto dealership, Longo Toyota, following continued strong sales, a record quarterly report for Toyota on April 24, 2007 in El Monte, California. Japan-based Toyota announced that it has overtaken American auto giant General Motors (GM) with worldwide sales reaching 2.35 million cars and trucks in the first quarter of 2007. GM announced that its total for the same period was 2.26 million. . As Toyota’s sales increased in all major markets, GM gained market share in China, but continued to compete at home and in Europe and never penetrated much of the Japanese market. Toyota’s performance marks another milestone in the long decline of the dominance of American industrial automakers. (Photo by David McNew / Getty Images) Getty Images

Not to be confused with white, pearl adds a touch of mischief to your game. “We’re not talking about a matte white finish,” explains Eiseman. “There’s a bit of fantasy going on here, even a little excitement. Because when you add a metallic surface, you give it a gem quality and a subtle kind of drama.

Those behind the wheel of the silver whip have more going for them. “Silver has a very cool and futuristic feel, but with a precious gem,” says Eiseman. “Because anything that is truly metallic, such as silver or gold – this is the sense that it is worth more. This is not the kind of people who will be satisfied with ashes. They have that metallic finish because they want it to look more prestigious. This is the type of personality that appreciates elegance with a little sparkle.

There are two types of red: vibrant and blue. Both express the same characteristic. But those who are alive are more daring. “There’s definitely something sexy about it that makes you blush,” says Eiseman. “There is that dynamic quality and great strength. they appear as one who really stands out, and they want to turn to him; I did not turn away from him. It is definitely an individual issue.

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Those who ride in a deeper red (wine or brown) have the same slant but are more subtle. “They want to be transparent in the same way as red, but it’s much less transparent,” Eiseman explains. “It’s not in your face. It’s the reason. You have to look a little deeper to find the true meaning of who they are.

You see that you have a car from the direct owners. “It’s definitely a very neutral color,” says Eiseman. “Yes, it is completely sober. He who chooses to be practical is usually very pragmatic. These are the people who make the plans and talk about things.”

It is probably safe to believe that the driver of a blue car is any color, since there is a difference between light and dark shades.

What Color Car Should I Get Quiz

“Mid-blue light is always cool to the touch, cool to the eyes,” says Eiseman. “Those who drive away this shadow like cold metal. And such are the people who have a calm attitude towards what they really cling to unshakably. They are very faithful. These are the kind who, if they are your friends, will always be your friends.

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And “NYPD Blue” wasn’t the title of the show. “The blue veins are much more confident,” says Eiseman. “Drivers have credibility, an authority figure.”

An orange car with unique shouts. “It’s one of the most interesting colors because people who choose orange tend to be artistic, creative, original,” says Eiseman. “And they are very uniquely charming. There is a certain complexity to this person’s personality as well.

Cars in these colors have several meanings. “In the old days, a yellow or beige car” meant down to earth, down to earth, because these colors were associated with a more common sense, explains Eiseman. “However, in the last 15 years there has been a new trend in browns due to the association with rich chocolate and nuts.”

The novel needs are complex. They can understand the down-to-earth driver, or be someone who wants the same elegance, power and high style that black carries, but wants to look more unique. “It’s easier to wear a neutral brown color,” says Eiseman. “And this is because of the connotation of coffee and chocolate.”

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Gray, like brown, is also a practical color. But the dark has no strength. “It’s really very realistic,” says Eiseman. “Natural is the keyword.”

Expect the owner of the yellow car to be young at heart. Eiseman shares his ‘sunny personality’. “Whoever chooses yellow really knows how to stand out and usually has a great sense of humor.”

Someone sitting on a green walk usually leads a well-balanced life. “Green is the most natural color,” says Eiseman. Except there is a year when the oaks are big – and that lasts for a few years and then wears off. But I am talking about the green Onco. It was a classic color and the traditional feel still lives on with that particular green. For those who prefer something lighter, green has a connection with nature. “So you have a simple, very simple and less, who wants to be seen,” said Eiseman. “Nothing is fake.”

What Color Car Should I Get Quiz

Gold is considered the most precious of all materials. It is subject to heat, explains Eiseman. But there is a kind of intelligence attached to it. And those who love gold love comfort, and will pay for it. It draws attention, but it is very nice. Most of us are familiar with the logos of certain car brands, at least the popular ones like Mercedes, BMW or Audi. However, the automotive industry is much more developed, and we can find hundreds of different brands that produce cars. If you consider yourself a car expert, you should get at least 12/15 correct answers on our car logo quiz.

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Do you want to know how popular artist logos have evolved over the years? Few people know its meaning and history. Why does Audi have four circles, Alfa Romeo has a snake and BMW has blue and white triangles? Before taking the quiz, read some interesting information and stories about where car logos come from.

We often look at car logos but wonder what they mean? What is Genesis?

This Japanese brand was founded by Sakichi Toyoda in 1918 and further developed by his son. In the beginning, however, it was dedicated to the production of rocks and, in 1933, it began to sell cars. At that time, a new logo also appeared, three ovals formed by the letter T. These three ovals represent the three hearts – customer, product and technological development. Likewise, the Toyota logo consists of eight elements, which is quite valuable because in Japanese symbolism, the number 8 means happiness and good fortune.

The company was founded in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet and William Durant, who played a key role in the development of the brand’s logo. But there are two versions of this story and it is unclear which one is true – the first reported by Chevrolet Pro Management Magazine, which was shared by William’s wife in 1986. He said that William once saw a similar symbol on the wall in one of the hotels in Paris. He immediately tore it up and took it with him to show his friends.

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The second version was offered by William’s daughter, who in the book “My Father” published in 1929 describes the logo designed by her father during his daily work in the kitchen, completely by accident.

The four circles in the logo represent the four companies (Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer) that created the Union car brand.

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