What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car

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What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car – A crash involving eight trucks left the egg calf scattered on a highway near the northern Italian city of Parma on May 12. One driver suffered minor injuries. Credit: Firefighters by Storyful.

Since at least the Middle Ages, the crime of egg laying has been used to humiliate people, to imprison prisoners, to help insurrections, to insult politicians and young people. Now, more than 180,000 social media users have posted reports that gangs are using the eggs for a new purpose: highway robbery.

What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car

What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car

According to a two-year-old Facebook post, which has seen new life in recent weeks, gangs put eggs on cars, distracting drivers. So, forced to pull, drivers are easy for thieves or people to help.

King Charles Iii Targeted By Egg Throwing Protester In York

But you’re not doomed to be a victim, the post asks, as long as you don’t try to clean your window.

“Don’t stop checking the car, don’t operate the wiper and don’t spray water, because eggs mixed with water become milky and block your vision up to 92.5%,” read l announcer. “This is a new tactic used by gangs.”

There is no doubt that slimy eggs have the potential to affect drivers and reduce their visibility, but is it true that windshield wipers beat eggs and water that is 92.5% opaque?

And while an online search showed that there has been an event of car-egging in the last 10 years, there are no reports of egg theft in the United States.

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The viral report sounded the alarm about a new increase in egg thefts, but the post, with the 92.5% unproven figure, strangely clear, bounced around the Internet for more than ten years with only incidents .

According to Snopes, the first known warning of the egg tactic, with the absurd figure of 92.5%, was sent by email in October 2009.

Since then, the seats with the same figure of 92.5% have been converted to the local public and outside. For example, an alternative version claimed that the egg technique was “used by thieves in Johor Bahru,” the capital of Johor state in Malaysia, Snopes reported.

What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car

Although not connected to the robbery attempt, the incident that took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, may lead to an interruption of the broadcast from 2019. A woman told the local TV news station WCNC that he would have lost his vision if he had used his wipers after “a group of young men” chased his car. He did not say if he had decided to use the wiper fluid.

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It is also possible that the word “affairs” only means “group” in the original versions of the meme, instead of referring to the violation of something as in the U.S. For example, a newspaper from Northern Ireland has published a story in October. 2002 headlined, “Egg-ball gang ‘in danger.'” The report said that a group of “boys” had targeted several cars with eggs, but did not attempt to steal them.

Eggings on cars have no doubt happened in recent years – in a report, police in Suffolk, England, said they “removed large eggs” from four men who crashed a few cars – but only two cases of possible loan theft. found in an online search.

The Hindustan Times reported in 2010 that New Delhi police had received several reports of thieves using the scheme and included advice from local health agencies that drivers should not use shields.

In 2018, the Express reported that a British tourist traveling in Spain said a car followed him after an egg hit his eye.

Police Pursue Suspects Throwing Eggs At People In San Francisco, Ends In Crash

“The most important thing is not to put your wipers on,” the tourist, Peter Cackett, said in a Facebook post. “If you do that, your window will be completely visible, and you won’t stop to clean it, it’s them. I want you to do it, they’ll help you clean it and when you’re there before they steal you how. they can (sic).

Posters warn drivers that windshield wipers and sprays will back up and “block up to 92.5% of your view” instead of the view. But online tests show that cleaning vents works well.

Assuming that the sign means “sight” from the word “blindness”, a reduction of 92.5% means that the driver can only see the light.

What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car

But at night, with the headlights creating a bright light, an experiment published on YouTube by the car guru Charlton Gonsalves showed that the visibility is not close to the minimum of the maximum requested. Although the remaining parts reflected some light, he said. it can still be seen well after he runs it. wipers and sprayed three or four times.

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During the day, after Gonsalves ran the wipers and spray four times, the windshield was clear for some small, beautiful documents.

“An egg, many eggs, day or night is no different. Honestly, it’s just one of those things on the Internet to inspire fear,” Gonsalves told viewers on his YouTube channel, Nexus Auto, after the test . We can achieve this is not a problem, it is not a problem. “

Africa Fact Check also mentioned the trial of Harry Tangye, who is a police officer from Devon and Cornwall Police in England. Tangye showed that cleaning the machine made visibility better and concluded that using towels and sprays is safer than not.

We believe the claim that cleaning egg residue from your car with wipers and sprays will block visibility by 92.5% FALSE, according to our research. Tests show a significant improvement after drivers clean their windshields, leaving little residue.

Police Officers Restrain Protesters Outside A Bookshop In Dublin, Ireland September 4, 2010. Three People Were Arrested When Protesters Threw Eggs And Shoes At Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair When He

Thank you for supporting our journalists. You can subscribe to our print, ad-free app or e-newsletter here. YORK, ENGLAND, November 9 () – A man was arrested by the police on Wednesday after eggs were thrown at King Charles and Camilla, his wife and the Queen consort, when they were engaged in the side of Northern England.

Images on social media showed four eggs passing the British monarch and his wife and crashing to the ground as they arrived for the ceremony in York. They came out of an unexpected situation and continued to cooperate.

The police rushed to remove one of the protesters who was screaming loudly. Others in the crowd mocked him, and said, “God save the king.”

What Can The Police Do If Someone Eggs Your Car

[1/4] Police remove a man arrested for throwing an egg at King Charles during his visit to the Micklegate bar in York, Britain on November 9, 2022. /Russell Cheyne

Police Detain Man After Eggs Thrown At King Charles Iii

“A 23-year-old man has been arrested for public disorder following an incident on Micklegate in York,” police said in a statement. “He is currently in police custody.”

Charles, who came to the throne in September after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, is on a two-day tour of northern England. He later unveiled a statue of his late mother in York which was meant to mark her 70th birthday.

“Now, as we have seen, with great sadness, the passing of the kingdom, it is presented in his memory, as a gift for a life of special and passionate service,” he said.

The incident in York is not the first time the royal family has faced this type of attack. Eggs were also thrown at Elizabeth’s royal car in 2022 when she visited Nottingham, central England, and anti-British protesters threw eggs at Charles as he walked through Dublin city center in 1995.

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