Urgent Care Flu Shot Near Me

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Urgent Care Flu Shot Near Me – 2020 flu vaccine: When and where to get it during the pandemic: Shots – Health News With flu season approaching, public health officials are encouraging nearly all Americans 6 months and older to get vaccinated at starting next month. Strategies now to avoid the flu when COVID-19 rages.

Vaccine manufacturers are preparing 190 million doses of flu vaccine for use in the United States this fall — 20 million more doses than in a typical year. A nasal spray version will be available as an injection. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images hide caption

Urgent Care Flu Shot Near Me

Urgent Care Flu Shot Near Me

Vaccine manufacturers are preparing 190 million doses of flu vaccine for use in the United States this fall — 20 million more doses than in a typical year. A nasal spray version will be available as an injection.

Don’t Forget Your Flu Shot

Prepare for a 2020 flu megacampaign amid the COVID-19 pandemic: Immunizations in church and supermarket parking lots, vaccinations outside doctors’ offices, socially distanced indoor vaccination appointments, with breaks of sanitation.

These are just some of the ways health providers say they will give tens of millions of flu shots this fall — perhaps the most important U.S. effort to prevent the spread of the flu among Americans in a century.

Flu vaccines will be in stock in doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies and supermarkets in early September. And while what’s commonly thought of as flu season in North America doesn’t actually start until October and peaks between December and February, due to changes caused by COVID-19, it’s time to start to think about when, how and where you get sick. this year, get vaccinated against the flu.

“If it’s usually been an office shooting, but you’re working from home, for example, you need a new plan,” says Lori Uscher-Pines, senior policy researcher at the Rand Corp. at the pharmacy or supermarket for an injection while you are out, you need a new plan this year anyway if you are not out these days. “

Flu Shots Near You

But make a plan. “No year is a good year to get the flu, but this year — with COVID-19 still raging — is particularly bad,” says Mark Thompson, an epidemiologist in the influenza division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Disease Prevention.

“People who can avoid getting the flu will help reduce the burden on America’s health care system, which is already overwhelmed by COVID-19,” says Thompson.

Emergency rooms and urgent care clinics are often flooded with flu patients during the winter months, he explains. So getting a flu shot can help prevent these visits — and prevent the mixing of flu patients and COVID-19 patients, who can infect each other and spread their viruses to other patients in the emergency room .

Urgent Care Flu Shot Near Me

“This year, more than ever, we’re trying to get the message out that the flu is not a benign disease and you should do everything you can to prevent it,” says L.J Tan, chief strategy officer of the Immunization Action Coalition. a noofit group in St. Paul, Minnesota, which provides educational information for physicians and consumers about immunization. “Especially, take your flu. Take the flu off the table.”

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In most years, some who get the flu make the sensible decision to deal with it, feel miserable for a week or more, or even shorten the illness by taking one of the many prescription drugs approved to treat the illness, says Dr. Steven Pergam, MD. associate professor in the Division of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

But this year, “even people who have never seen a doctor for the flu may be encouraged to book an appointment or go to the emergency room if they have flu-like symptoms,” says Pergam.

“No year is a good year to get the flu, but this year — with COVID-19 still raging — is especially bad.”

That’s because the flu and COVID-19 can share many (but not all) symptoms, including fever, chills, cough, sore throat, muscle or body aches, headaches, and fatigue. The loss of taste and smell that can occur with COVID-19 does not occur with the flu.

Why You Should Get A Flu Shot This Year: Avoid The Twindemic!

The flu is dangerous in its own right, infecting and killing tens of thousands of people each year and incapacitating millions more for days to weeks.

“Transmitting the flu to children, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems means serious illness or death for them,” says Pergam.

Public health experts are also concerned about people having the flu and COVID-19 at the same time. “We still don’t know if it can make both diseases worse, but why take the risk?” says Dr. Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute.

Urgent Care Flu Shot Near Me

Preliminary data from the CDC for the 2019-2020 flu season, which ended in May, found that the flu was a factor in at least 18 million visits to US health care providers, 410,000 hospitalizations and up to 64,000 dead.

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Shots – Health News Last year, the flu put him in a coma. There is a coup this year

Yet of all Americans eligible for a flu vaccine (which is almost all over 6 months old), more than half are not vaccinated in a typical year, according to the CDC. Among the reasons people give: fear of side effects (serious ones are very rare), fear that the shot will give them the flu (it won’t), believe that the flu is not that serious (it can cause severe illnesses and death. ), and an aversion to vaccines in general.

The flu vaccine — whether given by injection or nasal spray — isn’t perfect. It is designed towards the end of each flu season – February for the Northern Hemisphere and September for the Southern Hemisphere – based on the four most common strains of flu circulating at any given time. The expectation of vaccine proponents, often correct, is that these will be the most common strains that people in each hemisphere will face in the coming flu seasons.

The Food and Drug Administration has the final say on what the composition of the flu vaccine will be, and then it is made by private manufacturers during the spring and summer – usually ready for US consumers from September.

Be Prepared With A Flu Shot: How To Stay Healthy This Season

However, strains can mutate after the formula is finished (the flu virus is more genetically variable than many other viruses), sometimes making the vaccine less effective. Last year, the flu vaccine in the United States was about 40% effective on average — defined by the CDC as reducing the chance by 40% that someone exposed to the virus will have symptoms severe enough to see a doctor or a hospital

“This is the effectiveness rate we’ve had for many years, and one of the reasons people choose not to get the vaccine,” says Tan.

“It’s a mistake on their part,” he adds. “If you get a flu shot and then get the flu, you may be less likely to have a serious case. This may make you less likely to go to the doctor or the emergency room – just when they are full of COVID- 19 patients”.

Urgent Care Flu Shot Near Me

Most years, vaccine companies produce about 170 million doses of flu vaccine, and at least several million doses go unused, Tan says. For the 2020-2021 flu season, nearly 190 million doses have been produced, according to the CDC, including 7 million purchased by the agency for distribution by local health departments.

Flu Shot 101: All Your Questions Answered

“This is the largest number of batches ever made,” says Tan, and manufacturers say more could be made if there was even more demand.

While manufacturers may currently have the ability to produce additional doses of flu vaccine if more are needed during the flu season, once COVID-19 vaccines are potentially approved, some flu vaccine manufacturers may be able to compete for supplies as companies work to increase the dose of billions. against the coronavirus, says Harvard’s Jha.

“Given what it takes to manufacture and administer the COVID-19 vaccine, along with all other vaccines currently administered, doctors, manufacturers and public health specialists are currently debating the necessary supplies and distribution,” says Jha.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many health organizations, including the CDC and the American Medical Association, are working on public awareness campaigns to launch in September to encourage people to get their flu shots early.

Flu Vaccine Might Have Saved My Toddler.

In a recent survey conducted by Families Fighting Flu, an advocacy group for people whose family members have been seriously ill or died from the flu, more than 40% of those surveyed did not believe it was important to get a flu shot. flu cow this fall. so they can stay healthy and preserve the health care system. It is 40% of Americans who make a big mistake, say specialists in infectious diseases.

“We must now plan a coordinated, season-long flu vaccination campaign that targets everyone, but especially communities with low vaccination coverage — younger adults, African-Americans and Hispanics,” says former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. the organization Coalition to Stop Flu, which supports increased funding for the fight against the flu. “This will require federal funding for programs that are dedicated to this

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