Up & Down Roller Coaster

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Up & Down Roller Coaster – The roller coaster came to an abrupt halt for about 45 minutes while theme park workers began repairing the ride.

Riders were expecting a fun-filled day at the Caron Wands amusement park in North Carolina, USA, but things took an unexpected turn and their roller coaster ride turned terrifying. The beach came to an abrupt halt and the crash continued for about 45 minutes, with riders stranded Fortunately, there were no injuries.

Up & Down Roller Coaster

Up & Down Roller Coaster

According to Fox 59, on Friday, riders got stuck on the Flying Cobra, which sends people through a 360-degree loop at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. The 125-foot-long loop coaster drops riders a total of six times But excitement cooled when the coaster stopped running for so long

Dominator (roller Coaster)

Brendan Allen told the media that this was his first experience at a theme park on a roller coaster but unfortunately the ride was cut short. “I personally saw my tears falling from heaven. “It was terrible,” Mr Allen said.

“We’ll go up where they’re supporting you,” he was counting. He says, ‘We’re sorry, we’re having some technical difficulties,’ and we thought he was joking or something.

He added that the minutes of hanging seemed like hours. Riders also revealed that they were told the ride would be delayed anywhere between 35 and 45 minutes. “Which might not be a big deal, but it’s a big deal when you’re facing the whole landscape.” There were parents trying to talk to their kids, ‘It’s going to be okay’! Mr. Allen said.

He also said that last month the riders were caught in electro spin rides. “This is happening more often now,” Mr. Allen said. “It’s almost always been that way, and that’s what’s scary,” he added.

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Reported It said the park’s maintenance team responded quickly and at no time were guests in danger. All guests were safely returned to the station and unloaded within 30 minutes, the statement said. They were also given two Fast Pass vouchers each

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