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Primo Car Rental Agency Charges – Before renting a car, check your wallet. One of the benefits of being a member of Costco or BJ’s Wholesale is the partnership with major car rental companies. Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Having rented a car more times than I can count, I can easily identify the experience as the train of any business trip or vacation. The process usually goes like this for me: I get off the plane sweaty and tired, go to the airport car rental, and wait in line for about 45 minutes to pick up the car I reserved online. I then sign all the papers confirming that I want all the insurance coverage and brag about the final daily rate and total cost which is always way more than advertised.

Primo Car Rental Agency Charges

Primo Car Rental Agency Charges

“That’s because I have all the coverage,” says the customer service agent as I cringe at the estimate. “Better to be safe than sorry!”

Primo Car Rental Agency Charges $50 Per Day Plus $0.30 Per Mile. Ultimo Car Rental Agency Charges $20

I agree with the clichés, but I also want to know if they are scamming me? Are there any money and time saving tricks – other than checking the mileage and gas before I return – that I can implement here?

Here’s how you can rent a car to drive off the lot without draining your entire bank account.

“Car rental companies like Enterprise and Budget operate limited fleets and need to estimate demand several weeks in advance so they have the car ready when you get off your flight,” says Kristin McGrath, deals savings and deals expert. com. “As the peak travel season for car rental companies approaches, it’s a good idea to book as early as possible to not only get a good price, but a car as well.”

If you want to save money when booking online, consider using a cashback browser extension like EBates and a coupon code finder extension like Wikibuy. It also can’t hurt to search Groupon and LivingSocial for potential discounts.

How To Avoid Car Seat Fees When Renting A Car

“Renting a car at the airport is often more expensive because many cities charge a surcharge,” says Ted Rossman, industry analyst at “It’s rooted in the fact that it raises revenue and is easily passed on to tourism tax, which we often see [otherwise] at airports.”

Renting a car through the airport can add 10 to 25 percent to the cost, Rossman says, adding that he just looked at the cost of his rental car at the San Francisco airport today and found that the $200 base course added. an additional $100 in taxes and fees — “$50 more than going into town and renting the car there.” blogger Chris Trifilio says he actually saved money by paying for an Uber or Lyft to take him from the airport to a rental car. “Even after the $20 carpool electricity, I got a lot further,” he says.

Primo Car Rental Agency Charges

The biggest expense when renting a car is usually the insurance. If you don’t normally drive (and therefore don’t need/have your own auto insurance), the first add-on you’ll likely sign up for is a collision damage waiver. This is the primary insurance that reimburses the company for damages to the car if you are involved in an accident while it is in your possession.

Ways To Save Money On Your Next Rental Car

Now, even if you have your own auto insurance, you might want to get insurance because, as Rossman notes, if you’re in an accident, you’ll still have to pay the deductible out of pocket, and Accidents may be incentivized. the insurance company to increase premiums.

But there is a better way that actually costs nothing. Many credit cards offer primary coverage as part of their rewards (check out NerdWallet’s list of cards that offer this benefit). The only caveat is that you have to pay 100 percent of the rent on this card.

Check with your credit card company to understand the coverage they offer. These credit cards usually don’t come with liability insurance, so it’s a good idea to add yours to the car rental company if you have one.

Another way to reduce rental car insurance premiums is to purchase rental car insurance outside of the rental office.

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“Six bucks a day covers everything,” says Stewart Barrett, head of growth at Cover Genius, RentalCover’s parent company.

Rossman considers this a smart alternative if you don’t have a credit card that’s eligible for coverage.

One of the benefits of being a member of Costco or BJ’s Wholesale is their partnerships with major car rental companies.

Primo Car Rental Agency Charges

“My favorite rental car hack: Costco. After two rentals, my membership paid for itself with the savings I’ve saved through their travel portal,” says Kelsey Sheehy, personal finance expert at NerdWallet. “You can usually add an additional driver for free, saving you an additional $12-13 per day.”

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“Rental car insurance is also a common benefit of professional associations and unions, so it’s worth checking to see if it has an industry affiliation,” says Rossman. “Same if you have AAA.”

“My Auto Club membership code saved me over 15 percent on my last five-day one-way pass from Chicago to Florida,” says Triflio. “The savings alone almost paid for my annual membership in one booking.”

Rossman is not affiliated with the Autoslash car rental service, but uses the site to save on car rentals.

“You type in where you’re going and it gives you the quotes,” says Rossman. “The good thing is that you can set up your membership at Costco or AAA and they’ll find discounts and online coupons that can help you save. They compare prices before and after you book, so if two weeks later the book May rent is reduced , can be rebooked at a lower price.

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Packages and packages that include hotels and/or flights save money, but they can make a rental car cost more than booking it on your own.

“A ‘free’ car is an offer that can’t be taken at face value,” says Randy Winter, travel consultant at Passionate Travel, a Virtuoso subsidiary of Classic Travel. “It’s often just a day or two, and mileage or extra days can far eclipse the ‘free’ offer, especially if you’re keeping a car for a week or more.”

“Saving money can be your most expensive decision,” says Winter. “As with hotels, paying in advance for locked-in conditions seems to save money, [but] changes in flight times, dates, cancellations due to illness – even getting a better-priced hotel in another area – can result in flight cancellations. modification of reservation.”

Primo Car Rental Agency Charges

And the cancellation fee can cost about $50 (the cost of Alamo and Enterprise fares), and double that if you cancel within 24 hours of your intended purchase.

Ocean City Today By Oc Today

It is standard practice for car rental companies to quickly assess your rental car to document any existing dents, scratches or other cosmetic defects. You can’t be too thorough with this inspection, and it’s best to take pictures of any problem areas you find so they can’t be traced back to you later.

“Always use your phone to take pictures of any suspicious dents, dings, or internal anomalies,” says Winter. “This time- and date-stamped evidence can save you from any accusations or charges after you return the car and no longer have access to the evidence.”

Car rental companies charge a fortune for child seats — “$10 to $15 a day,” says Rossman.

“You’re better off bringing your own,” Rossman says, and Barrett adds that it can be cheaper to buy one at your destination. There’s a good chance you can find an affordable one in good used condition using apps like 5Miles or Facebook Marketplace.

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Another fee that car rental companies like to slap on your bill is the toll crossing fee. Hertz charges $5.95 for each day you use PlatePass, on top of the highest rates. Avis, Alamo, Budget, and Enterprise charge a $3.95 convenience fee for each day of the pass (up to a maximum of $19.75 per month) in certain toll areas, even if you don’t drive there—the in addition to any tolls. arose.

“It’s a sneaky one that really adds up,” says Rossman. “It’s hard to pay in person these days because the bridges are moving away from cash, so either pay your toll in advance online (depending on the municipality) or buy a disposable transponder if you can. It’ll save you a lot of money.”

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Primo Car Rental Agency Charges

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