May Motorcycle Awareness Month

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May Motorcycle Awareness Month – Woodbury, NY, May 01, 2022 – May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. This annual campaign is conducted each spring by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) to promote safe driving and driving practices to reduce road deaths and injuries.

In 2020, 5,579 motorcyclists died in traffic accidents. In fact, motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in traffic accidents than car occupants. Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month aims to promote safe riding with motorcyclists on the road.

May Motorcycle Awareness Month

May Motorcycle Awareness Month

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Jemez Riders Accept Proclamation From County Council Declaring May Motorcycle Awareness Month

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“It’s important that riders understand motorcycle rider behavior and learn how to safely maneuver around riders,” said Officer Ferguson. “Motorcyclists are more vulnerable and have far less protection than motorists, which is why it is important that motorists are aware of two-wheelers.

During Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May, the Clovis Police Department will have additional officers patrolling motorcycle safety laws.

Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in accidents than car occupants. In 2019, 474 motorcyclists were killed on California roads.

White House Recognizes May As Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

· Motorcyclists have the same rights on the road as other vehicles. Allow motorcycles to use the full width of the lane at all times.

·        If you see a motorcycle with its horn on, be careful. The driver may have forgotten to turn off the signal. Before proceeding, make sure the driver returns.

· Always wear a DOT compliant helmet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website tells you how to identify a safe helmet that fits.

May Motorcycle Awareness Month

· Wear appropriate equipment such as leather clothing, boots with non-slip soles and gloves. Consider putting reflective tape on your clothing to make it easier for other drivers to see you.

Kick Off A Summer Of Safety In May With Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

· Drive defensively. Don’t assume the driver will see you. Try to stay out of the driver’s blind spot.

Funding for this program comes from a grant from the California Office of Highway Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Follow us! Terms of Use Privacy Policy Customer Service Portal Community Events Traffic is returning to pre-pandemic levels, families are planning summer trips, and interest in motorcycling — for commuting and recreation — is on the rise. To reach as many riders and passengers as possible, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has partnered with AAA to spread the word.

“We’re all a community on the road and we need to look out for one another,” said AAA spokesman Jeff Spring. “During the pandemic many of us have driven a lot less than we would in a normal year and when we get back on the road our driving skills may be a bit rusty. AAA urges everyone on the road to maintain their speed and avoid distractions. Use their signals early and often, and double, even triple check motorcyclists when changing lanes.

Ama Urges Driver Safety: May Is Motorcycle Awareness Month

In 2020, sales of new motorcycles and scooters grew 11.4 percent year-on-year, and sales in the first quarter of 2021 were very strong, with motorcycles and scooters up 37.2 percent year-on-year. Many training facilities across the country trained more drivers in 2020 than in 2019, even under capacity constraints. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, annual demand for training in 2021 will far exceed demand for the same period in 2020, with some training providers reporting the highest demand in decades. That means more new and returning riders will be on the road.

“Safety is important every day we ride, and Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month is a great time to highlight our safety messages to riders and passengers,” said Eric Pritchard, President and CEO of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. “As we look forward to peak-time riding, we welcome the opportunity to begin the summer of safety in May. And remember, the best first ride for those who wish to ride is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course at the street. Or farther the dirt.”

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation promotes safety through rider training and education, rider license testing, and public information programs. Doctors Without Borders works with the federal government, state agencies, military and others to provide training for all skill levels so riders can enjoy safe and responsible motorcycling for a lifetime. The standards established by Doctors Without Borders have been recognized worldwide since 1973.

May Motorcycle Awareness Month

MSF is a non-profit organization supported by American Honda Motor Co., Inc.; BMW Motorcycle USA; BRP, Inc.; Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Inc.; Indian motorcycle; Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA; KTM North America, Inc.; Suzuki Motor of America, Inc.; Triumph Motorcycles America; and Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA For safety information or to register for an MSF Basic RiderCourse near you or to learn more about MSF’s many other courses, visit or call (800) 446-9227 . Follow @msf__usa to follow MSF on Twitter and Instagram. May is Motorcycle Awareness Month and today we’re taking a trip back in time to a blog written in 2010 by Phyllis Marotta who works in our Road Safety Office. It’s May…and that means Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month! It was so cool and rainy around Topeka last weekend that I didn’t see as many bikers as usual. However, with the warmer temperatures of the past few days, I have seen many of them on the streets.

Ama Highlights May As Motorcycle Awareness Month

Unfortunately, “taking the road” can mean far more tragic things for motorcyclists than it does for the rest of the motoring community. Last month I had two friends who were involved in an accident. Luckily neither of them was seriously hurt, but both accidents reminded me how precious life is… and how quick I can rest on a sunny day. It can be tragic.

The first crash involved a good friend, an experienced rider in a helmet, leather jacket, jeans and boots. He stopped in front of a pickup that had just turned left. In this case, my friend made the mistake of not looking twice before performing them. Neither car was going very fast, but the pickup hit the bike in the saddlebag, throwing the bags, seat and my friend onto the pavement. Luckily the helmet did the job – although the bill is now wrinkled, my friend’s forehead wasn’t! And while he’s still quite stiff and sore, thanks to the protective gear he didn’t have any broken bones or bruises from hitting the pavement.

The second accident happened last Friday with a 28-year-old who had finished high school with my son. In this accident, a car drove over a stop sign on a busy freeway without avoiding a motorcyclist. Although I do not have full details of this accident, I have heard that a young man was hit by a car, thrown from his bicycle and after jumping onto the sidewalk managed to run into a ditch to avoid oncoming traffic. Thankfully, this young rider’s injuries were not serious.

Both incidents could have been avoided altogether if someone had taken a second look before taking them out. Please… look twice, save a life! May is here and most motorcyclists already have their bikes or at least are preparing for the motorcycling season. May is also Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Canada.

Motorcycle Awareness Month 2022

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in Canada. The MCC encourages motorcyclists to travel safely and we remind all road users to be mindful of motorcyclists as the peak season begins. Motorbikes are the most important means of transport for many people. Have a safe trip everyone! Motorcycle safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Will 2021 be a busy horse year as the coronavirus pandemic lingers? We’ve seen a sharp increase in off-road bike sales in 2020, and road bike sales have remained fairly stable; Motorcycle sales are strong this year. It looks like motorcycling is finally getting the respect it deserves as a socially distanced activity!

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May Motorcycle Awareness Month

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