Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car Instructions

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Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car Instructions – Some say it’s ugly, others say it doesn’t do enough, or what it does is hidden. Well, or there are those who hate stickers (can’t say I blame them…). Time to further confuse the issue with TLCB’s dual value…

Let me explain, because the above four word review may not be what you came here for. First of all, it looks better to these eyes without the sticker, and will definitely look better with the sticker off in a few years…

Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car Instructions

Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car Instructions

Bright green and white panels work well. There are no flaws (there are a few awkward gaps here and there), but the overall effect leaves you in no doubt what it is. It’s designed differently from the opening image (I won’t include this one because they’re all watery, but you may have seen them) and most people seem to like it in prototype form.

Lego Technic Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger 42111 Race Car Building Set (1,077 Pieces) 6288782

The main changes made before the production version are the headlights, the wheel lifts, the cockpit design and the loss of the rear center fin. This last point is a bit of a shame as it detracts from the authenticity of the model but I agree with Lego’s decision on other aspects. While it’s not as fancy as the headlight design we get, it’s realistic and looks better. This modification may facilitate the installation of PF lights. The rounded original wheel pieces, while more interesting than what we got individually, don’t integrate with the side profile and look too narrow from above. I’ll also just take the square wheels from the production version. I feel that the changes made to the design of the cabin and doors will also be an improvement.

It’s a fun construction, working from a large square guide. . Still no sign of another one for Model B… At 1200 or more pieces, this set is a big deal for an unnumbered bag, but I don’t see a problem with large parts. After a few hours I had an attractive toy to play with. In that respect, it looks like the old Williams 8461 from 2002…

Anyone expecting an all-singing, all-dancing Technic Supercar will be a little disappointed. This 8880 isn’t, but it does have a V8, working steering and suspension, as well as opening gull-wing doors and an engine cover. The latter two functions are controlled from a single motor housing, using the inconspicuous black gear on the side. It’s a trick, even if the system works well. The new gear parts used here make the assembly more foolproof (don’t bend the gears…) and the operation feels better than before. The difference is small, but noticeable. I also need the transmission to change engine speed with the wheels up yes…

…especially because the engine (again!) is almost silent. This is a racing car! Give me some! It can also be done with small details. While it’s nice to be able to lift the hood, there’s not much to see when you do.

Lego Technic Race Truck 42104 6288770

The suspension works well, with just the right amount of travel, stiffness and ride height. The layout is pretty standard with signs on both sides. A pushrod setup like the Williams mentioned above would be nice, but what we got worked well.

The management is good; Again a fairly standard HOG system, but the center section used here allows for a decent amount of locking and works well and good. I have nothing to complain about then… upright wheels and no connection, maybe.

Like many models before it, it’s designed to be easy to drive, although in this case it doesn’t really matter. It might be fun to look at the door or engine cover, but that’s about it. However, the electrical is well hidden, with plenty of room under the open front panel to hide the battery box.

Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car Instructions

The B-model is the Paris-Dakar attack car, and it looks great. The low-profile tires that fit the base model so perfectly that it looks odd. Still, good effort. The Le Mans car is also a good effort. Good looking, well designed, fun to build and something Lego Technic has never done before in a new color for Technic and very attractive. We’re still waiting for the all-singing, all-dancing Technic Supercar. 4th Generation Super Motor And Remote Control Upgrade Kit For Lego 42141 Technic Mclaren Formula 1 Model, Gifts For Adults, Compatible With Lego 42141(model Not Included)

In many ways, it’s more like an older line of Racers than a true Supercar, and if you can accept it under those conditions and like its looks, you’ll be happy. 8/10 I was able to get my hands on this flagship Technic 2015 set (thanks Kim from the LEGO CEE team!) for review. It’s not as big as the previous flagship, but it’s still a big package.

Like the Detective Bureau, the building instructions for 42039 come in a single bound book. There are 254 pages. The photo below was taken after the build was completed, the front is slightly bent but otherwise in good condition.

As a huge new Technic set, there is the usual range of new parts and colors to be found in this series.

So there’s a lot of bright green in this kit, although I’m not sure if that color will be popular with the Technic build.

Lego Set 42039 1 24 Hours Race Car (2015 Technic)

Construction begins with the rear axle. The V8 engine is located in the rear and can be seen in the finished build when the rear is raised via the manual wheel or the optional power function. I still think the V8 engine design is outdated and boring, it’s good to see something different one day.

Pretty quickly, you feel the true size of this car. At this stage, most of the structure is actually finished.

Compared to other big cars (eg the 8070), this one is relatively light on the internal frame. It has many body panels.

Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car Instructions

The new curved panels are used here as wheel arches, which I think will be the main use. But I’m sure there are plenty of creative MOCers out there who can come up with something else.

Lego Mclaren Formula 1 Race Car 42141

The new 3L disc/clutch ring has two main functions in this kit: raising/lowering the wing doors or raising/lowering the rear engine cover. The front hood can also be lifted to reveal the lack of a front engine.

The final pages of the guide show you how to use the Power Functions accessory kit to modify it. All they do is drive the gullwing door and lift/lower door section, and add lights to the front. As beautiful as it is, I’m sure most people want to see the car actually drive!

It seems pretty standard for a Technic kit to have a lot of stickers. With this car being a sponsored race car, there are bound to be many.

However, decals reduce the reusability of your parts, especially all these beautiful new panels. This is why many AFOLs never use stickers. For this build, I decided to leave it out until the end so I could compare the finished model with and without the decals.

Heures Du Mans (partie Deux)

What do you think? With or without stickers? By the way, using the sticker on the inside edge of the tire is a pain. I’m having a real problem getting it to line up properly.

This race car looks great (except for the side, which looks weird!), I’m not sure what exact model it should be based on? I like that it has low ground clearance as a supercar should. The suspension is solid, but may need to be stiffer for the low end.

The internal frame is quite small; instead, rely on 47 panels (!) to cover the interior and keep it looking good. This works well, and also helps make the car lighter than you’d expect at 1.21kg.

Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car Instructions

I think the decals give it the look it needs to be a real race car; without them, it’s just an expensive car in bright green. However, remember that 17 of the 26 new bright green panels are covered in them! Not good if you want to use them for other projects. Lego Technic Buggy 42101 Dune Buggy Toy Building Kit, Great Gift For Kids Who Love Racing Toys, New 2020 (117 Pieces)

The Model B is a truck that looks like a Hummer to me. Just from the picture in the box, it looks great and I will after I finish some reviews 🙂

This set is expected to be available in the LEGO Store (US) from January 1st 2015 for £99.99, but is currently sold out, or you can follow prices and sales history from other stores here.

Please see the Bugs Forum for help with the issue below, or create a new thread if not found. Or

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