I Love You More Than My Dog

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I Love You More Than My Dog – I love you more than my dog ​​- How to become a loved company and provide a great customer experience

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I Love You More Than My Dog

I Love You More Than My Dog

Jeanne Bliss is no stranger to the ways of the experience economy. He has been improving customer relations for nearly four decades, from training telephone agents in Land’s End in 1983 to founding Customer Bliss. He originated the term Chief Customer Officer and set new standards for customer experience with brands such as Lands’ End, Microsoft and Allstate Corporations. So when he writes a book on what it takes to make a brand a favorite of his customers, you can’t read it!

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“I love you more than my dog” is an apt but unusual title for a book about customer experience. But again, this book is not your typical customer experience guide. This is not a customer experience cheat sheet that you can simply incorporate or implement into your business. Jeanne knows that customers are complex and that “no one can match” the customer experience. Instead, it’s a thought-provoking journey that asks us real questions and tries to answer them, using real-life stories as inspiration. The first page sets the tone for this book: it’s a collage of glowing customer testimonials from brands that have won customer acclaim. Getting this right isn’t easy. To get there, companies need to rethink how they make decisions.

Most companies are judged by their actions (and in some cases, inaction). Jeanne Bliss disagrees. It is not an action, but a decision that motivates that action, that defines who you are and what you stand for. Our decisions, or rather the purpose and motivation behind those decisions, make the difference between the companies we like and the companies we love. Jeanne introduces us to the golden rule, a principle we have all been taught.

According to Janni, it attracts us to companies or rejects them. As employees, we are drawn to companies that allow us to be altruistic. As customers, we become emotionally attached to companies that keep us in mind when making decisions. And Jeanne believes that it all boils down to five decisions that companies make every day.

When you’re a beloved company, your customers tell your story to anyone who will listen. They will defend you more than your own market. They want their friends, family and even strangers to know all about you and what you do. Your customers grow business for you. Jeanne Bliss believes that five decisions make the difference. These five decisions tell the world who you are, what you stand for, and how well you follow the Golden Rule.

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Trust is the basis of an impeccable customer experience. By telling your customers that you trust them, you remove forms, cumbersome processes and all the elements of bureaucracy that stand between you and your customer. When you trust your employees to do the right thing, you empower them to create an environment of satisfaction and safety.

Favorite companies are honestly satisfied. Their humanity and authenticity set them apart. When they interact with their customers, they go beyond deception and fancy marketing. Favorite companies have their own characteristics and make sure they don’t lose it in products, customer service, marketing campaigns and websites. This also extends to their business decisions: beloved companies combine their personalities with their business decisions to achieve exceptional results.

Satisfying customers day in and day out is a tall order that requires patience, sensitivity and a lot of hard work. For beloved companies, customers’ lifestyles inspire every decision they make. They are constantly thinking about how to behave, and this credibility earns them the right to keep customers.

I Love You More Than My Dog

Favorite companies aren’t just apologizing for “skipping the story.” They will not consider the work done until the bridges are rebuilt and the emotional connection is restored. Most companies do not apologize because they believe that an apology is an admission of defeat. According to Janni, this logic is incorrect. Strong relationships are built when a brand apologizes with humility, remorse and authenticity. Both the customer and the company win.

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Most importantly, your favorite companies know who they are. They take the time to understand what their unique promise is to their customers. Without transparency and purpose, the company cannot make important decisions because neither the customer nor the employees know what the company stands for. Clarity of purpose guides choices and unites the organization, and it’s no wonder that companies with clarity of purpose have the most engaged employees and the most loyal customers.

Although Jeanne’s insights are comprehensive and insightful, they do not distinguish the book. What I think elevates this book to cult status are the examples that follow each chapter. Customer experience is not learned by theory, it is learned by example. The book includes nearly a hundred case studies from brands such as Netflix, Johnson and Johnson’s, Zara, and Southwest Airlines, and Jeanne presents the decisions made by these brands. He then explains what happened and why this decision made the brand a favorite among his customers. Although you may never find it in the exact situation, the philosophy of the answer remains the same.

Overall, I Love You More Than My Dog (My Cat Fell Off) was a thoroughly insightful read that explained what makes the brand so beloved. Although there are no conclusions (it would be wrong to make many generalizations about a book that claims that no one is perfect on this subject), it always helps to remember the most important decisions. helps make brands loved. Most importantly, never forget the golden rule.

This book is a must-read for businesses that want to learn how to be loved by their customers. Did you read I love you more than a dog? Let me know what you think of the book and what you learned from it. Minimal and clean – I love you more than my dog ​​is the perfect gift for those near and dear ones who almost know where your true love lies.

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I Love You More Than My Dog

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