How To Wash A Car In A Garage Without Drain

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Winter takes its toll on your vehicle, and when it gets warmer, it’s worth doing some spring cleaning in your car. Salt and dirt stuck to the suspension or floor in carpets can shorten their lifespan. A thorough scrubbing means your ride not only looks good, it can last longer.

How To Wash A Car In A Garage Without Drain

How To Wash A Car In A Garage Without Drain

While car washes are convenient and good most of the time, a car wash allows you to pay special attention to the areas that really need it. You want to remove dirt and salt from the edges of the hood, the bottom of the doors and the seams between the body panels.

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Wet the vehicle first, then wash it with soap. Bring your own sponge or clean mitt to wash as the brush in the wash compartment will likely have sand or dirt that can scratch the paintwork. Dry the car with microfiber towels and carefully inspect it for scale chips that can turn into rusty blisters if left undisturbed.

Use a high-pressure water jet to remove salt and dirt from underneath the vehicle. Clean the inside of the wheel arches. You’ll probably have a plastic liner there, so wash the edges where it meets the metal.

Pay special attention to suspension components as rust and corrosion will lead to costly repairs. Get as far as you can and hold until the wash water is clear to make sure you have everything. Some car washes have an “underbody blast,” but that quick shot isn’t enough after a whole winter of road salt. You have to do it yourself to really fight the dirt.

Waxing doesn’t just make everything shine. Although the durability of the paint has greatly improved over the decades, it can still be covered with a layer of wax for extra protection.

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While spray/wipe waxes are convenient and good for touch-ups, you’ll want more this time around. It’s ideal to start with an automatic polish that prepares the surface for wax application. Then use a wax paste, preferably one containing carnauba wax.

Wax away from direct sunlight and when the surface of the vehicle is cold. Use a microfiber or self-polishing towel, not an old terry towel that can leave minor scratches. It will take some work, but a full application of paste wax should last for several months.

Use glass cleaner or glass cloths for this task. When you clean the windshield, look at the wiper blades. If they’re hard, cracked, or streaked, it’s time to replace them.

How To Wash A Car In A Garage Without Drain

Inside the vehicle, wipe off dirt from the dashboard and the top of the doors before cleaning the glass. Otherwise, any cleaning fluid that falls on it may leave stains. Auto parts stores sell windshield cleaning tools with handles that make it easy to reach the tight spot where the windshield meets the dashboard.

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When cleaning the rearview mirror, do not spray the cleaner directly onto the glass as it may get inside the housing. Instead, spray on a cleaning cloth and use it to clean the mirror.

Pull out the floor mats and check items under the seats. Vacuum well, including behind the pedals, the carpet under the dashboard and under the seats.

Touch the carpet when vacuuming. Wet areas can indicate water leaks that can cause rust.

Vacuum the trunk or cargo area. If there is a storage compartment under the boot floor, this should also be vacuumed. If the spare wheel is stored there, clean it and check that there is sufficient pressure in the tire.

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Salt stains can damage the fibers of the carpet, and if the carpet gets wet from wet feet on rainy days, the salt can seep into the metal floor and potentially cause rust.

Salt is difficult to remove and may require more than one attempt. Use a brush to break up the crust, then try a carpet cleaner or steam cleaner by following the instructions. You can also spray it with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water, wait a minute, then press down firmly with a clean towel.

If this causes the carpet to get wet, leave the door open to dry. If this is not possible, go for a walk with the heater set to floor mode.

How To Wash A Car In A Garage Without Drain

Vacuum the upholstery using a crevice tool to clean the area between the cushion and the seat back. Fold down the rear seats, including the lowered seats in the 3-row SUV, and vacuum all the hidden areas. Clean stains from fabric seats with an upholstery cleaner by following the instructions.

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Leather requires special care to prevent cracking as it ages. Instead of using a disposable product, use a leather cleaner followed by a leather conditioner.

In the meantime, wipe coffee stains off the cup holders, clean the center console, and dust the instrument cluster. You can use a vinyl protector on the dashboard, but not on the steering wheel, which can make it slippery.

The brakes work on the principle of friction, with a small amount of material abrading the pads with each stop. This sticky brake dust builds up on your wheels and can permanently discolor them if you don’t clean them regularly.

You can wash them with the same soap you used for the car by scrubbing them with a tire brush, which will loosen the dirt without scratching the wheel. If the deposit is too sticky, use a special spray wheel cleaner to remove it. Once the wheels are clean, apply a coat of wax or wheel polish to them. This will help prevent deposits from building up, but clean the wheels again when you see a buildup of brake dust.

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Many have heard of two cubes. For those unfamiliar, the idea basically boils down to keeping water clean without exposing it to dirt. One bucket contains the cleaning solution and the other the rinsing water, preferably with a grit guard.

Skipping this step may seem like a harmless idea. Be prepared to spend hours cleaning zero by zero the extra dirt accumulated by neglecting the two-bucket method.

How To Wash A Car In A Garage Without Drain

You can ask the reason or the third bucket. While cleaning the entire body with two buckets is great, the wheels are one of the dirtiest parts of the car. They will accumulate the most garbage and garbage. That’s why it’s a good idea to use a third bucket to separate road dirt from the rest of your car.

How To Wash Your Car

There are many car wash products that will do the job. That said, a quality car wash product can make a difference in the timeliness and effectiveness of your wash. Your car wash will be the first step in making sure the rest of the detailing process doesn’t take longer than necessary. We recommend Optimum Car Wash, Meguiar’s Shampoo+ or Hyperwash.

Another important factor to consider is the use of a no-rinse car wash. In many areas (especially here in Fort Wayne), hard water is a pressing problem. Conventionally, if rinsing and drying is not done quickly enough, there is a risk of water penetration. Water stains will often be difficult to remove, even after polishing and waxing. A no-rinse car wash allows you to speed up the washing process and avoid stains in general. Optimum No Rinse and DP 1 in 4 are great options.

Microfiber is an extremely soft, moisture-wicking material that allows you to clean and dry your car with minimal risk of scratching. Today it can be easily found in almost any store. While you don’t need the most expensive towels, it’s good to have a good supply of them. Often cheaper towels spoil faster.

Also note that they are not disposable. Our friend Mike from has a great tutorial video on how to properly wash and care for microfiber towels.

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