How To Use Helmet Lock Motorcycle

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How To Use Helmet Lock Motorcycle – After spending a few hundred or 1000 dollars on that motorcycle helmet. The last thing you think about is a thief who steals and sends you back to the market to buy a new hat.

You can lock the helmet on your bike and let unwanted hands try to pull it off.

How To Use Helmet Lock Motorcycle

How To Use Helmet Lock Motorcycle

In the following article you will learn how to lock the helmet on your motorcycle. And rest easy knowing no thief can steal from you.

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Leaving the helmet unlocked on the motorcycle is a sure way to be stolen by thieves. The moment you leave it in the parking lot may be the last time you will ever see it.

However, if it is locked to the motorcycle, it will be difficult for thieves to take it from the motorcycle.

You can use different types of locks to lock your helmet to your motorcycle. The key options available to you are as follows:

Each of these locking options will allow you to reliably attach your helmet to your bike. And the choice to use is up to you. Guaimi Helmet Lock Motorcycle Anti Theft Helmet Security Lock For Cbr1000rr 2017 Newer Black

This may sound surprising for many bikes, especially new bikes. But most motorcycles come with built-in locks.

This lock can be a separate lock or a hook located under the seat that can be locked. depending on your motorcycle model

The only problem with this key is that it works with helmets that have D-ring helmet mounts.

How To Use Helmet Lock Motorcycle

If your helmet has a different type of mount, such as a quick-release ratchet chinstrap. The strap will not work with your bike’s stock lock.

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To use this helmet you simply slide your helmet buckle into the buckle and lock it in place.

If you do it right, the Thief trying to remove your helmet will damage it in order to steal it. There won’t be any thieves who want to take it to the ruins, right?

If your motorcycle does not have a factory helmet lock you can use a regular padlock as an easy and economical way to lock your helmet to your bike.

You just need to make sure that the padlock you use fits in the proper mounting position of your motorcycle helmet, such as the handlebar, part of the bicycle frame. or the rest of the tribe

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As you can easily tell This is the same as using the key on your motorcycle. and for thieves to steal your helmet They have to deal with the damage as well.

The best and safest way to lock your helmet to your bike is with a helmet lock. It is a device specially designed to prevent thieves from stealing your motorcycle.

Conventional keys tend to come in small and lightweight designs. Most of these keys have a wire. (Strong cable) that you use to secure your helmet. The locking mechanism for this lock can be a combination code or just a key.

How To Use Helmet Lock Motorcycle

Now the market is full of all kinds of helmet locks. Therefore, you will have to take the time to choose the best helmet lock for your bike.

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The good news is that helmet locks don’t hurt you. So it can be accessed by all riders.

Once you find the right helmet lock for your bike. Here’s how you use it to lock your helmet:

Run the rubber coated cable through the bottom of the helmet and out through the visor opening. Then secure it to the bike frame or other suitable part.

After proper threading Lock your helmet with a key or combination. (For models equipped with this type of key) Motorcycle Helmet Lock Anti Theft Helmet Security Lock Compatible With Cbr400r 2016 2019 Cbr500r 2013 2019 Cb500f 2013 2019 Cb500x 2013 2019

Unfortunately, you cannot use this lock to secure a helmet with an open visor. as well as open face and half helmets cannot be secured by this fastening. because there is no room for cables

If you have an unused bicycle chain lock in your garage you can use it to lock the helmet on your motorcycle to ensure that thieves do not remove it.

The advantage of using this locking method is that the chain tends to be long. So you have no problem putting the helmet in a clean place after locking it on the bike.

How To Use Helmet Lock Motorcycle

Plus the extra length means you can tuck in the sleeves of your motorcycle jacket. and attach it to your helmet.

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Using a bike chain lock is pretty similar to using a helmet lock. You start by wrapping the key cable through the bottom of the helmet and the open visor area. Then lock it into your motorcycle frame.

Pistol/gun locks offer an economical and easy way to attach a helmet to your bike. and prevent it from being stolen.

If you don’t have one you can get one from your local police department for free or buy one (about $10), or you can ask a friend or relative who has a spare gun key.

To use bulletproof locks to lock your helmet just string them around. helmet chin pocket and put the key on the motorcycle frame around the point of wanting Just like this, I can feel relief anywhere! Motorcycle Helmet Lock Combination Lock With Cable For Motorbike Scooter Street Bike, Secures Helmet Jacket And Bag

IMPORTANT: You must not put your helmet in the gas tank. This is because the vapor emitted from the gas cap can damage the helmet’s EPS liner and reduce its effectiveness.

The best way to protect your helmet from theft is to lock your motorcycle with a lock. This method is easier and easier than having it with you everywhere. You can attach the helmet using one of the key options we provided above. if you do it right, the thief will sweat and try to remove it. and they will give up and walk away.

Using an aftermarket helmet lock designed specifically for the job is your best bet. If you want maximum security for your helmet You can read this article to find out more about this helmet lock.

How To Use Helmet Lock Motorcycle

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My motorcycle addiction started with a 50cc at the age of 5. I rode motocross as a teenager and in my 20s when I worked as a mechanic. This helps me see light-sports bikes and cruisers become an obsession. I am now building to be the #1 source for everything about 2 wheels! as well as other inventions and ideas Kait helm was born from disappointment. I dropped my helmet several times. My helmet was only 137 dollars. And it still hurts every time something lands on the floor and starts rolling around. I can only imagine how people feel having a $500-1,200 helmet…

Notes! People who write reviews who buy products from this website are given a VERIFIED badge, but I’ve been selling helmet hangers for years and through forums and elsewhere, so the lack of a VERIFIED badge doesn’t mean it’s made. sell 100 fishing rods through and to name a few. If you have any questions or problems please contact us before leaving a review. And let us help you with installation or use questions you have or your package has not arrived. Please contact us first, thank you.

A beautiful Scorpion Belfast helmet in a glorious candy red apple fell off my seat on a dirt road a few months ago. With any luck, the screen is sometimes chipped quite badly.

From then on I was paranoid. Then I saw an ad for The Helmet Hook and I thought – I should be able to think of something like this. Motorcycle Helmet Lock Master Lock #99ka

I ferreted around for a while, to no avail. So I looked for ads again. But I guess there’s no way I’m paying $25 or $30 (cad) for a mediocre piece of plastic. Then I realized how upset I would be if the car’s paint was damaged in Belfast or worse, my dear Arai!

So I bit the bullet and ordered Hook, but then I couldn’t wait. This is a good idea!

I installed it easily and unobtrusively. It works great. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made in terms of motorcycle accessories.

How To Use Helmet Lock Motorcycle

Now I hang up my helmet with a smile as my friends figure out what to do with their helmets.

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BTW, for those of you following this story, Royal Distributing is a Canadian based bicycle retailer. Got the yellow Zox bubble guard that I used with the scorpion on sale for $6.88!!!

Sadly, the dollar is getting stronger/lower which is why the price is higher. But they raised the shipping fee from $4.30 to $8.30. which is very different. I recommend that future buyers get one as well.

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