How To Trailer A Motorcycle With Tie Downs

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How To Trailer A Motorcycle With Tie Downs

How To Trailer A Motorcycle With Tie Downs

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Tie Downs & Straps

Proper motorcycle protection is an important part of safe riding. To keep your bike in place while you travel, first secure the wheel to a trailer or truck bed. Place the front tire in the chock, then connect the cables to the front suspension tubes. Wrap the belt around the rear wheel. Tighten all the straps with a ratchet strap to finish the job.

This article was written by Staff. Our well-trained team of editors and researchers ensure the accuracy and completeness of the articles. The Content Management team carefully monitors work from staff to ensure that each issue is backed by reliable research and meets our highest standards. This article has been viewed 202, 332 times. Sometimes you just need to take your bike somewhere and riding it is not the way to go. Maybe it’s a dirty bike, or your road bike has left you. It happens to the best of us.

Here are some tips to make sure the bike stays in the trailer and doesn’t get damaged in transit. This is assuming you do this on your own or with a little help.

You need to make sure you have the tools and equipment to help you tow the bike safely: a trailer,  a suitable place to unload your chosen trailer, scales to measure the weight of your bike, and easy tie-downs. Thenewallhere Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down Straps Set,3720 Lb Break Strength,for Securing Truck,cargo,trailer,motorcycle,car,atv,utv,boat,dirt Ratchet Tie Down Straps With Hooks

First, make sure the trailer is secured to the tow truck. I know this seems obvious, but if you forget, and try to ride a bike on an unprotected trailer, there’s a good chance the trailer will tip over or tip over, or both. Protect the barrier, and put your lock on it.

When rolling the bike onto the trailer, place the bike as far forward as possible with the front wheel straight, the bike in gear and resting on its side. If your trailer doesn’t have a wide driveway, make sure you use two lanes, one for you and one for the bike. Protect the ramps so that the cart does not fall under you and the bike on Mumakonda.

There are many suitable ways to store a bike on a trailer. This is how I do it. Close Down

How To Trailer A Motorcycle With Tie Downs

Place one tie around each fork above the bottom triangle, being EXTREMELY careful not to catch any cables, wires or pipes that may be in this area. Tie a simple tie around the back of each of the guest pins, or around the back of the frame.

How To Transport Your Motorcycle

If your motorcycle has a sport bike with clipons instead of a triple bottom bracket, you may want to look at something like the Canyon Dancers. Do your research, of course. No part of your motorcycle should touch any part of the frame except for the specific area, or you will lose the paint. You could argue that you don’t need soft fasteners, because you’re comfortable with one-size-fits-all hooks, and that’s fine. Make sure that the binding net does not come into contact with any sharp objects. They will rub and break.

Secure your front tie-downs: trailer on one side and simple bike tie-downs on the other. Remove most (but not all) of the attachments with the ratchet mechanism and click several times. Do this on both sides of the front, without pulling anything tight. You may need help with this step if the hooks on your bottom bracket don’t have the retaining clips as shown. If the mouse has fallen off the hinges, you’ll need support, or a few spacers, to keep everything light.

This is where you need to be very careful. Stand on the ground while doing this, not in your cart. Tighten the handlebars of your bike at a sufficient angle to lift the bike on its side. Take the side part, then fasten the two front bolts together, keeping the bike as straight as possible.

I have seen many bikes secured in the trailer and leaning against the side seat. This is a bad habit. The sidebar cannot be compressed. Tie-downs will not protect the bike and the side stand, and you can damage your stands, because they are not designed to take the abuse that a trailer can. If the foot is small, and the cart is cheap, sometimes the driving force can allow it to go under the cart; then there will be destruction. Your Relationships

How To / Trailer Your Bike The Right Way

A lot of people use cam threads instead of ratchet threads on strings, but I don’t like cam threads. For one thing, I don’t have the upper body strength or weight to close the bike suspension as required, a safe trailer. Also, I obviously don’t trust the cam cables to be placed as high as this.

Now the bike should be secured to the trailer in front of it, and the wheel should be in front of the trailer. Grab it and give it a good yank – the bike and trailer should rock as if they were one piece. If the bike moves more than the cart, give the ratchets another turn or two. Rear end

Now, attach your two remaining straps to the back of the soft straps, and secure the rear of the bike as before: pull the straps into the ratchet, then click to secure. The back of the bike should be compressed a few inches. Close all ratchet straps.

How To Trailer A Motorcycle With Tie Downs

Some people may argue that a rear rack is not necessary, but I have had many problems, and rear racks have saved my bike from falling off or coming out of the trailer. Belts and brakes, people. Also, make sure that the threads on the strings are still where you want them all to be, especially if it’s not a drawing. No, it’s just Ice Cream

How To: Strap Down Your Motorcycle

Some people say that pressing the forks can damage the fork seals. I say: if the cart hits your fork seals, they were already out, and you were lucky. Your bike is now on the trailer! Go fix it. Wheel Front

Now, if your cart has built-in wheels, you can skip this step. Mine doesn’t work, so I use one of the bottom ropes to secure the front wheel to the cart.

Sometimes the trailer will hit an obstacle big enough to stress the bike’s suspension more than before, and when it bounces, I don’t want the front wheel to come out from under the bike. Crochet is clever

After a motorcycle is loaded onto a trailer, there may be many feet of webbing on the frame, sitting unused. Good sets of ratchet straps sometimes come with velcro fasteners to secure loose ends. I don’t trust them at all, and I use a method I learned from a friend in the Civil Air Patrol. It’s crochet, and with one stitch at the bottom, it separates and pulls where you’re going.

Strapping Down Bobber On Trailer

Here’s how to do it: make a block, then pull the web through the stitches, pull a little so that it doesn’t move, then do it again, on the taut side of the fabric , then the bottom, then the top, and so on. on. when you reach the end, pull across and pull tight. With a little practice, this goes quickly, and keeps your tools in the cart, making sure nothing can damage your paint, get caught under the cart wheels, or cause a mess. Protect All Keys

Now you’ve secured the trailer to your car, the bike to the trailer, and you’ve secured yourself. Pull the key from the ignition and place it in a safe place in the tow truck, along with your keys. Remove anything from the bike that might fly: you might notice it when you ride, but if you pull the trailer open, everything you’ve thrown is gone. Set the pace and remember that when you back up, your trailer will be on the same side as under your wheel.Clint Lawrence, founder of Motorcycle Shippers. It helps riders to enjoy their favorite bikes. [email protected]

If I were a motorcyclist, I would tell my owner to learn how to ride properly. Sounds crazy, right? Most of us consider our bike to be another part of the family. I mean, we call them our “baby” but we don’t

How To Trailer A Motorcycle With Tie Downs

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