How To Steal A Motorcycle

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How To Steal A Motorcycle – Motorcycle and scooter theft – including ‘bike theft’ – is rampant across the country… but what should you do if you’re a target?

‘Bike drop’: The act of stealing someone’s wheels while they’re riding is so common in the UK capital it’s a sad story.

How To Steal A Motorcycle

How To Steal A Motorcycle

It may sound sensational to say that “bicycle theft” is on the rise, but it is now a common crime compared to five or ten years ago.

Motorcycle Bike Security Alarm System Anti Theft Remote Control Engine Start 12v

Back in 2015, you’d never see criminals in cities like Manchester or Birmingham smashing motorcycle locks in broad daylight with grinders and hammers. Unfortunately, the brazen actions of criminals in the UK capital, and the financial rewards they bring, mean these crimes are widespread.

However, there are a few things you can do to keep your dignity and happiness and increase your chances of getting out of the situation unscathed.

There is no point in flying in blind panic every time someone on a scooter joins you at the junction. If you do, especially in a city like London, you’ll crash and it won’t do your stress any favors.

First, you need to have an idea of ​​what to look for, and once you know, they can be easily identified. A cyclist does not work alone. Most people will hunt in a pack, three or four bikes or large scooters and sometimes a car. Motorcycles are easily recognizable as there is a rider and a pilot, sometimes with helmets, but sometimes just gliding. You can see the rider and the zombie looking around erratically as they are on the hunt. Some have number plates attached, but most will be discarded.

The Gear You Need To Prevent Your Bike From Ever Being Stolen

I know this goes without saying, but be extremely careful, especially in a hotbed for bike crime. Look down the road as far as you can, and if it’s safe, see what’s coming your way. If you see someone coming the other way that might pose a risk, think about what to do, but don’t panic. If you don’t stay calm, you increase your chances of falling.

Watch your mirrors too, the threat can be behind you as well as in front of you. If you see potential dangers ahead and behind you, try not to hang around and always keep something between you and the bad guys.

Last year I was tailed by some guys on a Yamaha T-Max, and my eye caught the pylon tapping the rider’s shoulder and pointing at my bike. As I passed them, I caught them in my peripheral vision. Small signs can help you spot potential risks early and give you extra time to escape.

How To Steal A Motorcycle

Have a route or destination in mind that you want to reach. Driving blindly is not good, you will soon end up going the wrong way on a single lane or stuck in a dead end. Think of a place that can provide you some protection and try to go there. While driving there, watch out for police cars, even if he goes the wrong way, turn around and follow him. Anyone who isn’t sane wouldn’t want to follow a police car for too long.

Attempted Motorcycle Theft Thanksgiving Night

Try and avoid hitting dead ends and keep the bike moving even slowly. Filtering through traffic to get behind a truck is like being asked to get off your bike.

Police stations are obviously safe havens. Even if there are no police outside the building, ride your bike as close to the door as possible, remove the cover (to show you’re not a threat) and knock on the window signaling for help. You will get an answer soon.

Hospitals and A&Es with a number of CCTV cameras and security guards are a fairly safe bet. It can provide such a show of strength that they leave and go another way. A fire pit might also be a good bet if you have one in your driveway.

If none of the above are available, there are other Good Samaritans you can call. Often cycle couriers, especially in London, have places to stop and have a coffee between deliveries.

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Fast food places like McDonald’s are now crowded with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and other food couriers. Find out where they are in your area and if you want one – go there. Pull up and sound your horn, turn your visor up, and yell at them what’s going on. Few people hate these types of criminals as much as couriers, and if there are enough of them, they will give you some protection. Lemmy recently wrote a bit about how, in his opinion, the fork lock is the most useless part of a motorcycle. And he has a point.

Many fork locks have been tampered with by thieves. After a few seconds, those bikes can be gone. That’s why many riders use additional safety equipment to protect their rides.

There are several different ways to protect your motorcycle from theft, and any of them is better than leaving your bike unsecured. Combining multiple security measures increases the chance of preventing theft, but the old adage remains: “If they want it bad enough, they’ll get it.” good news? With a few simple security tools, you can make your motorcycle less attractive to thieves.

How To Steal A Motorcycle

It protects your bike from people other than thieves. Occasionally, idiots sit on motorcycles they don’t own, let their kids ride them, move motorcycles to get a better parking spot, or destroy them. A few safety measures will prevent these bumps.

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If you choose to use one of these safety devices, it may be a good idea to check with your insurance provider to see if you can get a discount on your premiums. I can’t think of a better support for motorcycle safety than insurance companies sometimes seeing your bike as less of a risk by having it installed! For example, the rebates from using my disc lock already paid for the lock itself.

The first line of defense is common sense and common awareness. They are free! When driving to a rally in a city where theft is common, you’ll want to think carefully about the parking situation. Is your suburb experiencing an explosion of garage break-ins and thieves targeting sport bikes? Maybe start using the same ground anchor again when you stop the Ducati. These are also small things. At the risk of sounding too loud, don’t leave your keys in your motorcycle’s ignition or keep a spare motorcycle key in an easy-to-find location. Make sure your garage, if you’re lucky enough to have one, is actually locked at night. When parking, prefer well-lit, high-traffic areas, especially if they have cameras or a good view of where you are. Why is it easy for the thief?

One last point: If you suspect someone has attempted to steal your motorcycle, move it to a safe location as soon as possible. They may come back to claim your stationary.

Your motorcycle isn’t the only thing that can be stolen. Be careful with removable accessories. That RAM mount snaps off in seconds and so does if your saddlebag doesn’t use a lock. Helmet theft is also a very real possibility.

Man Fleeing Police Crashes Motorcycle And Dies: Lapd

Common sense and common sense are great, but the basics will only get you so far. Get serious with some preventative protection. These are the tools you use to prevent theft by making your motorcycle a nuisance to steal. Shutters, locks, chains, alarms and more will hopefully send thieves looking for an easy target.

An easy safety upgrade is motorcycle coverage. It’s an upgrade with more benefits. In addition to keeping your motorcycle dry and clean, a good bike cover will keep your motorcycle out of sight. The average cyclist doesn’t know what’s underneath, especially if the cover is long enough to hide the wheels. It is worth noting that the average shell suggests an average motorcycle. Why are you advertising a parked BMW with a BMW branded cover?

I can personally vouch for the benefits of the covers. I had to park my Suzuki DR-Z250 in plain sight for a few weeks and was disgusted by the attention it received from strangers. “Do you build dirt bikes?” “What year?” “How much for the bike?” After I put the lid on, no one has asked about my bike since. The problem is solved. If you want to improve your chances of keeping your cover, get a cover lock. Most motorcycle covers have holes in the bottom for this purpose.

How To Steal A Motorcycle

Let’s say our enterprising thief is a real commuter, and a quick peek under the hood reveals a bike to steal. what now Time for immobilizing measures.

Thieves Steal Disabled Rider’s Bike

Brake lever lock

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