How To Remove Motorcycle Steering Lock Without Key

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How To Remove Motorcycle Steering Lock Without Key – So you lost your bike lock. And now you are wondering how to unlock a bike lock without a key!

Without key You are left with a few boring options. But please read on. Because below I will teach you the best way to unlock bike lock without key.

How To Remove Motorcycle Steering Lock Without Key

How To Remove Motorcycle Steering Lock Without Key

If you haven’t done so yet Learn what to do if you’ve lost your bike keys before trying the more drastic steps below.

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The first two ways to unlock the keyless bike lock on this list require the help of others. If you want to unlock it yourself Please read the other steps!

The methods below should only be used as a last resort. If you decide to try any of the steps below, you do so at your own risk and risk of damaging your locks.

If you lose your bike lock key Please see the simple steps. In search of lost bike keys It’s a good idea to try these steps first as they won’t damage your locks!

If the steps in this article did not work for you The steps below will show you a good way to unlock your bike lock without a key.

Replacing The Ignition Barrel

If you’ve lost your bike lock and have tried these simple steps, you may need to contact a local locksmith.

Locksmiths have a good knowledge of lock systems. And can help you unlock your bike lock without a key.

You can even decide to call a locksmith because you don’t want to damage your bike lock or be accused of theft! Both are very good reasons.

How To Remove Motorcycle Steering Lock Without Key

This is probably the most expensive of the methods I’ve recommended. But it’s also the most effective method!

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The locksmith may end up cutting your bike lock. But at least you get your bike back. Now is the time to get a good quality replacement lock!

Locksmiths have the tools to remove most types of locks. Save your time and your dignity!

Some bike shops will provide the necessary tools to unlock a keyless bike lock. Most bike locks can cut the lock for you and will likely charge a small fee to do so.

Old Disciple. But choosing is one of your best bets when trying to unlock a keyless bike lock.

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Picking up locks isn’t easy. Many newer locks have very complicated lock cylinders. make it difficult to choose

Cheaper locks are much easier to choose. So if you know your locks are cheap You may unlock it without a key .

Now, to choose a lock for your bike. You will need to insert the tensioner key into the keyhole (cap) and relieve the pressure on the cylinder. Then enter the picker and look for the main pin.

How To Remove Motorcycle Steering Lock Without Key

Once you’ve found the first keystone. You must gradually Push up while keeping tension on the key.

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As the key pin pushes the drive pin through the shear line You will feel a slight click. This is the marker to go to the next major pin.

Repeat this process until you have all the pins in place. You should then be able to open the lock with the tension key!

Congrats if it worked for you! Otherwise, try another way to open the padlock without a key!

This is a very old lock picking method. which may not work with new bike locks Because the tubular cylinder is no longer used.

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Using a pen to unlock a bike lock without a key is a very outdated lock picking method. This technique is unlikely to work with modern bike locks. Because the pen doesn’t fit into the cylinder.

The image below shows an example cylinder needed to make this trick possible. (Tubular Cylinder)

If your bike lock is tubular show that you are lucky You may be able to unlock it without a key!

How To Remove Motorcycle Steering Lock Without Key

Take a plastic BIC style pen and remove the ink tube from the inside and on the tip of the pen. You should now have a plastic pen body that can be inserted into the cylindrical cylinder.

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You may need to apply pressure to the pen to fit the lock. Instead, it forces the plastic into the shape of a key.

You may have to push and wiggle the hollow tube of the pen in the keyhole for a while before anything happens.

If you’re unlucky with the BIC pen method, using a wedge might be a good way to open a bike lock without a key.

Again, this method is unlikely to work with more expensive bike locks. Because it has basic pick-prevention features such as wedges, but if you have no other option. It might be worth a try.

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Be sure to wear protective gloves and use the necessary materials when making the wedge. The metal you use can be very sharp and can cut you easily.

The wedge works by inserting a metal dowel between the locking bolt and the shackle. This prevents the bolt from holding the shackle in place and allowing the lock to be opened.

The video below demonstrates how to wedge. Remember your protective gear. And don’t do this if you’re not sure it’s safe for you.

How To Remove Motorcycle Steering Lock Without Key

Once you have made the shim Insert it into the hole of the shackle and try replacing the bolt.

How To Unlock A Bike Lock Without The Keys

If your lock is a double bolt type You may need two wedges. (one on each side of the shackle) to unlock your bike lock.

If you have the tools and skills to remove the bike lock yourself. You may decide that this is the best choice.

Try another way to unlock your bike lock without a key before trying this one. This should be regarded as a last resort.

If you are using a cable lock to secure the bike You should be able to remove the lock without power tools.

Solved! How To Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key?

A pair of wire cutters or bolt cutters should do the trick. This is one of the safest and easiest ways to remove a keyless bike lock.

When using an angle grinder You will be able to cut almost any bike lock except these. If you have an angle grinder or other similar power tool You may decide to use

Wear your PPE and be sure not to endanger yourself or members of the public while doing so.

How To Remove Motorcycle Steering Lock Without Key

Wondering how to unlock a bike lock without a key? We hope the steps above helped you. The best way to unlock a bike lock is with a key. So if you haven’t read these easy steps, you might be able to find/replace your lost keys.

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If you use a good quality bike lock There is a high probability that it will need to be cut. If you don’t use a good quality bike lock. You’re lucky the thief hasn’t stolen your bike yet.

If you are interested in purchasing a new bike lock. You should also read my review of the 8 best bike locks on the market.

Or if you have a limited budget Keep reading Best Cheap Bike Locks for more budget-friendly recommendations.

I’ve invested four years into researching and studying bicycle safety. Now I want to share the information I’ve learned for free with the online cycling community. Is it possible to remove this part without a key? The original key was lost as the original ignition switch was replaced when the bike was upgraded to electronic ignition… Monojoy Car Steering Wheel Lock, Adjustable Anti Theft Steering Wheel Lock, The Club Steering Wheel Lock With Escape Hammer Window Breaker

Looks like #16 is the only screw here, it just holds #17 to the lock cover. Or does it involve holding #11 of the lock cylinder in place?

The cover prevents the lock cylinder from dislodging when the steering wheel is unlocked. But I believe the cylinder will not come off when locked. even after removing the cover.

At this point, it’s time to find the key code and make the key to get that lock. You may sell the lock and key combo to recoup the cost.

How To Remove Motorcycle Steering Lock Without Key

The key code is stamped on the end of the lock cylinder. So you’ll have to remove the cover to see it. Ignition Switch Gas Cap Helmet Steering Lock Key Set Replacement For Honda Shadow Vlx Vt 750 400 600

If you can’t find the key to install the lock I think the cylinder will be held in place by the roll pin after the cover has been removed. One or two hard blows with drift from above can disengage the bolt and cause the cylinder to dislodge. if necessary

. . . One or two hard blows with the float from above may slash the pin and push the barrel out if necessary. Click to expand… Been there, it’s done, it doesn’t go the way you want.

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