How To Remove Engine From Car Without Hoist

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How To Remove Engine From Car Without Hoist – I’m doing a block swap on my 2001 WS6, but I’m missing a car lift. I know the easiest way to access the engine is to drop it from the bottom. Is this possible with a large jack stand (30″ clearance)? What about removing the top? What about a forklift (long forks of course)? I’d love to hear from anyone who has done something like this. Any help greatly appreciated! !!!

Do it from the top – it can be done but it’s a pain in the *** and will take a lot more time

How To Remove Engine From Car Without Hoist

How To Remove Engine From Car Without Hoist

Do it from the bottom – you’ll need to drop the k-member with the engine and transmission (it can’t be moved since it’s properly supported on the jackstand and block). k-member have to move the front of the car up a bit but it’s not a big deal and many people have done it that way…

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I did mine twice below. You’ll be surprised how easy it is this way. Do yourself a favor and buy a dolly from a mover, I got mine for $40. It makes things a lot easier when the k-member bolts on and usually only the k-member moves I wouldn’t try without one…

It is not difficult to drop the motor from the bottom. There is a step-by-step written somewhere here. I did mine with a jack and 2 jack stands and a dolly. It’s a lot easier to do than I thought

I did mine as a sound engineer and put him on the rear jack stand it gave me a little more clearance for the lift it was easy and maybe 3-4 hours later I stopped and started a good bit

I’ve done it both ways, the bottom is supposed to go in, but when the heads are pulled into the car, the shortblock comes out. I took one out of the top because I thought I could fix it, but took the head off and found that there was a hole in the piston, at which point the top came out pretty easy.

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That’s right!!! How much does it cost to get a jack to lift the car in the air like that??? Think it will fit in my garage?

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How To Remove Engine From Car Without Hoist

Asking if you can put such a lift in your garage, when no one has seen your garage and no one cares because this post is not about you… is not the way to do things here.

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I took mine out this year and I didn’t have a motor lift or dolly. I took the front bumper and bumper support and jacked up the front of the car and put the *** on the floor, with the front bumper off I put the front tires on and pulled it off the sway bar. Removing the shock towers is easy by taking off the front bumper

Anyway, I always went over the top. Not a huge PITA, I didn’t have to worry about bleeding the brakes or getting a necessary rebuild. You will pass the time either way. I think it depends on your level of involvement.

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One thing to do at the bottom is don’t worry about disconnecting the trans like I always did. A4 cars are easy, the T-56 should be pulled straight out.

About Us – Manage Preferences – Archive – Advertising – Cookie Policy – Privacy Statement – Terms of Service – Do Not Sell My Personal Information – I searched and saw a post where Italiano said he removed engines from his driveway with jacks and jack stands. Then another boy said that the front should be three feet in the air. My question is, can I get the body up enough to slide it out of the cradle assembly with a standard 2 ton deck jack?

Raise the vehicle sufficiently high. Remove the wheels. Remove all components above. Drain cooler. Remove and secure the brake caliper. Remove the top mounts. Let the trans and engine sit in the cradle. Remove all necessary components. Lower the cradle with 2 jacks. or 3. slowly. It can be done. I do it a lot on my track.

How To Remove Engine From Car Without Hoist

I seriously doubt a flare jacket will do. If you remove everything in front of the engine. Radiators, etc.

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Use an engine lift to lift the car over the engine, and use a floor jack to roll the drive off the car. Or just be cool like Jesse and me and pull from the top.

If you use a tree above the middle (between the front and rear wheels) the ground will jack up. It also helps to raise the rear end by placing the rear wheels on the spare wheels. #knows how it works

Pulling from the top seems like a lot of pain. I like the idea of ​​separating some parts from the car with the engine. My least favorite part of working on this car is bolt access.

Raise it as high as you can and lower the engine and shift down with the engine hoist

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What’s the last thing there? Do I need up and down access at the same time? What I’m trying to ask is if I can do everything I want from the top, pick it up, crawl up a flight of stairs, and leave it there with nothing to come up to when it’s airborne. Or is it easy to jack until you get to the last step?

Connect everything from above. Then jack it up and start removing the subframe. You can hang the AC compressor and make sure the rad and AC heat exchangers are tied in place with their parts in place.

You can go through the build book to see all the things you need to disconnect before putting the cradle together. I did it, took lots of notes on everything I removed, and then it turned out beautifully. I used a piano dolly with some 2x4s for assembly. I also detached the LCA from the knuckle instead of disconnecting the axle and strut from the hub, but those are easier in my opinion. In retrospect, I should have done the latter so that I could easily check my strut mounts.

How To Remove Engine From Car Without Hoist

I already have the build book and plan to follow it for instructions. They say you need a lift. Thank you for providing a link/download.

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In the build book, they lift the car and pull the subframe out. Without it, you simply lift the car off the subframe. It’s not that different. I wish I had taken pictures. Remove the front wheels, lower the car and the subframe on the dolly. Remove the subframe, then lift from the rear. The front is now very light so you can carry from quite a distance. Then it’s like a giant lever, so there’s a little bit of clearance in the front and not much lift in the back. It’s easier than it sounds.

I understand what you’re saying, I think I can go from the back down to the front. I tracked down some babies so I could put the subframe on them. I plan to start tonight. Will try to take a lot of pictures, but sometimes it can be difficult when you are trying to do things.

It’s just a few steps to fall from the cradle meeting. By far the hardest part is removing the steering knuckle from the steering shaft. Anyone else ever struggle with that? The book said it should just be a deflection, which it definitely isn’t.

This is how I removed it, but it still wasn’t easy. I really don’t like pushing on things that are connected to the axles, because I don’t know how well the bearings will handle shock loads. They can’t do well. But thanks for the feedback, it looks like I probably didn’t do any damage.

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I had trouble and finally dropped the crib

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