How To Prep Car For Ceramic Coating

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How To Prep Car For Ceramic Coating

How To Prep Car For Ceramic Coating

A ceramic tile is a great investment. Enhance your car’s paint and protect your car from the elements to keep it looking good for years to come. For stronger adhesion and long-lasting results, the vehicle surface must be properly prepared immediately prior to the application of the ceramic coating. This article will guide you through a simple process to prepare your car to get the most out of your ceramic coating. Read our full guide! The key industry research provided in this report is provided with the support of our sponsors. These industry leaders are important resources for professional work and development. Find and contact these suppliers and manufacturers for your professional car care products, tools and equipment needs.

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Like automation, modern vehicle assembly processes developed by car manufacturers enable incredible production speeds and maximum efficiency. As part of this manufacturing maturity, the materials and techniques used to build vehicles have changed significantly. One area of ‚Äč‚Äčevolution that has received particular attention in the car care industry involves the painting and finishing techniques used by car manufacturers.

Ceramic Coating For Matte Paint

As these surface finishes have matured, the best products for optimal paint protection have changed. So knowing which protection products offer superior results to your customers at the most attractive prices can be a daunting task for operators. We have a lot of information on the latest paint protection options. Learn the best paint protection strategies from industry experts and gain the knowledge to successfully sell these up-to-date services.

Explaining this process in detail, Blair Ceramics owner Bill Blair explains that today’s popular paint protection products react to produce a film on the vehicle’s surface. The product binds to the reactive sites of the transparent layer and cures to a glassy state at room temperature. The crystalline film formed recedes during curing and hardens to provide some degree of scratch and scratch resistance. The cap is also quite chemically inert, which helps the combination of beads and sheets of water, creating a self-cleaning effect of the vehicle.

“Ultimately, this makes the vehicle easier to maintain, easier to clean, and then it can be cleaned and protected with the same material, which is an additive effect,” Blair explained.

How To Prep Car For Ceramic Coating

The principle behind modern wax and paint protection products is often based on the application of a silicone-based charged polymer that adheres to the vehicle’s surface, resulting in a protective layer, according to Stuart Hulsey, director of technical service at Zep Vehicle Care. Vehicle surfaces are predominantly negatively charged and this phenomenon is exploited by using oppositely charged ‘beneficial materials’ to develop car care solutions that adhere to this charged surface. Additionally, washing can deposit several new beneficial materials onto the vehicle’s surfaces, providing a wider range of benefits such as UV protection, a deeper shine and a smoother post-treatment feel.

Is Prepping For Diy Ceramic Coating That Important?

Today, wax and paint protection is especially essential to protect finishes, says Richard Wells, Southeast US Regional Director for Cleaning Systems Inc. Cars often find these harmful synthetic and natural triggers affecting their exterior, so protective products should be applied regularly.

Looking at the evolution of protective products, Wells notes that modern vehicle finishes can include many different matte finishes, polymers and resins that weren’t used a decade ago. As environmental regulations governing what can be used in automotive paints are constantly changing, so are protective products.

“The science behind spray protection products has moved on to more advanced chemical techniques, such as polymer combinations and quaternary ammonium compounds, to provide long-lasting molecular bonds of protection against all kinds of elements. We’ve done it,” says Wells.

Blair notes that chemistry has advanced rapidly over the past decade, beyond the basic protection offered by raw materials such as mineral seal oil, carnauba emulsions, cationic emulsifiers and silicone oils. There has been progress in each of these categories. There are now a plethora of new products in emulsifiers that, on their own, produce excellent pearl and foil combinations. Also, new fluids, resins and new additives are creatively designed to achieve a high degree of performance for those who recognize the advantages and can combine them with the good operation of the machine. In short, the whole system has been studied and improved to the point. that any adjustment made in any part must have an impact on the whole process.

Paint Correction And Ceramic Coating Service

According to Hulsey, most paint protection products used to be mineral oil-type coatings, but these have evolved to polymer-based coatings. However, over the past decade, polymer-based coatings have evolved into silicone-based ceramic coatings, carnauba-based wax-like coatings, and even proprietary multi-crosslinking silicone-based formulations. Over time, specific ingredients and tailored materials have been included to provide significant benefits and improve overall protection, performance and durability.

Ceramic paint protection now offers the most advanced protection that modern chemistry can offer. This service contributes to better drying, greater shine, a smoother feel and a longer lasting finish. This protection can be produced in higher dilutions than previously used, and even those dilutions can foam. , There is sufficient room in the formulation for further dilution. .The profitability is therefore on average lower cost per car.

Wells said the industry is now using “injection” ceramic coatings. A true ceramic coating, when properly applied in a detailer or body shop, in a dry environment with proper cure times, will help fill the tiny “pores” that exist in the vehicle’s finish. Provides a durable barrier between surfaces and environmental contaminants. the consequences and everyday frictions. The injected versions of these products that are used online in the industry rely on some additional elements to provide the performance aspects of hydrophobicity and surface leveling.

How To Prep Car For Ceramic Coating

According to Hulsey, the detailing industry recently pursued a successful new ceramic coating concept, so it was only natural for the industry to learn from its successes and follow suit. Ceramic seal protection treatments quickly became popular because they offered clearly visible performance improvements in addition to more durable paint protection. The combination provides a unique combination of protection, performance, durability and visual appeal.

Blackfire Pro Ceramic Coating Complete Kit

“Ceramic seal applications have allowed operators to reposition top wash packages to direct more traffic to higher performance, higher value applications,” continues Hulsey.

When it comes to paint protection best practices, Wells always recommends using quality products in your service. If a product doesn’t make a noticeable difference, many customers are likely to buy it again in the future. Also, offer it a la carte. add new core package options or a combination of both to determine the best approach to create value around this service.

Then market your new service so that it is visible not only when your customers are on site, but also to potential customers from the street if possible. Wells says social media posts, LED light displays, dedicated tunnel applicators, confirmation signs and detailed store banners are among the ways that have encouraged successful operators to add these new products to their service offerings.

Hulsey suggests that operators give the appropriate level of attention and focus to the initial cleaning and preparation of vehicle surfaces to ensure that the overall cleaning process is balanced. It is important to thoroughly clean the vehicle before adding any beneficial agents to the vehicle’s surface.

The Real Truth About Ceramic Coatings

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