How To Paint A Motorcycle Helmet

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How To Paint A Motorcycle Helmet – Hello there. My name is Richard and I am a hypocrite. OK, so it’s not a group treatment, but I don’t think it’s fair to share with the team that this mass self-indulgence is the exact opposite of everything I’ve been saying.Painting individual helmets before coming to work.

Although this service has been offered many times over the last 20 years, I have always refrained from complaining about what is appropriate, but I really want to wear something that people can walk into a store and buy.

How To Paint A Motorcycle Helmet

How To Paint A Motorcycle Helmet

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like painting my helmet, it’s just that I always think too much of myself to stand out from the crowd.

Bell Teams Up With Helmade To Bring Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmets To The Masses

What has changed? It’s okay. Again, I feel weird about my “me” helmet, but I love it. What surprised me the most was the reaction of others to this, and how often the conversation revolved around, “Is that it? I didn’t see it on the shelf.”

I spend a lot of time looking at helmets, but I’m surprised how many other riders do.

If you’re going to fall, you should do it right. It’s no use taking the vital safety gear and handing Dave over to Dog & Duck because he didn’t do a bad job spraying your wife’s boy friend’s BMX with cans. Half of it. This is a specialized area.

There are a lot of great helmet artists out there, but the best, most talented, and nicest person to work with is Richard Stevens, the airbrushing legend known as Rich-Art Concepts.

Your Custom Painted One Of A Kind Mike Prolid (i Paint It)

Rich started the business by accident when he was rehabilitating a broken leg in a national motodoop race, but nothing happened by accident.

His dedication to this 3D craft has seen him design and paint helmets for some of cycling’s biggest stars. And today, Bai is also an artist for our four-wheeled friends. But despite his talent, bright list of customers and interesting work schedule – Rich manages to make the process as interesting as holding the finished product.

I have all the design possibilities of concrete blocks and rosewood boxes. Put those two things next to each other and you’ll have to wait a long time for the talent to emerge. But as the old saying goes, “I know I like it.”

How To Paint A Motorcycle Helmet

It is very important to work with professionals here. Yes, you can be totally dictatorial about what you want, but you don’t buy a dog and bark at the postman himself, do you? Rich’s talent and experience are invaluable, so use them to get results.

Spiderman 2099 Custom Painted Airbriushed Motorcycle Helmet

“Where shall we begin?” I ask. Rich replied: “Any idea what you like or what you’d like to add? Are there any colors you’d like me to use for the design? At this point I was blurring and creating a clear picture at the same time.

I like bold and simple in color and design. I don’t really burn fancy artwork, dogs, dolls or skulls and crosses, tribal stuff or anything too complicated. Bold geometry is my thing.

So I started creating a big file of all my favorite helmet models and set a specific color palette.

I’ve always loved the simplicity and brilliance of the Persian Gulf color that Porsche has used on the 917 racing car since 1970, and this one caught my eye first. The funny thing is that paint jobs always look bad on a motorcycle, I didn’t want to pasteurize it, but I wanted to add color along with the blue.

The Correct And Easy Way To Paint Your Own Motorcycle Helmet

So I sent Rich a file of helmet inspiration images and color palettes – then let him create something that fits my style, works with the look and feel of my new Shark Race-R Pro. It uses color boldly without being too strong and overwhelming. .

Waiting to put pencil to rich paper is painful. What if I hate it but can’t think of a way to make it better?

When the email arrived with his first design sketch, I didn’t open it for an hour for fear of disappointment. But I needn’t have worried. When I get to the top, I like it. Rich envisioned something I couldn’t explain or project. The only change I made was the font used for my old nickname on the back. That’s it. I wish I could do it sooner.

How To Paint A Motorcycle Helmet

Rich Stevens, founder of Rich-Art Concepts, explains the process further: “Typically, there are three types of clients: those who know exactly what they want, those who are half-hearted, and those who don’t!

Custom Painted Helmets

“The simpler the design, the more pressure the design puts on performance. They are the hardest to make and the ones I sleep the most.

“Riders often tell me they can find the helmet they want, but because they want to make the helmet they want, they have a hard time finding a design they like.

“Nowadays there are many types of helmets and the appearance influences the design. The flat look of the Arai is very different from the angular Shoei, so a design that works on one may not work on the other. But diversity is better than ever and it’s amazing because it gives you more opportunities to do something. It’s completely different.

Rich Stevens founded Rich-Art in 1999 while recovering from an MX injury. He now designs and paints 100-130 helmets (by hand) a year.

The Smoothest Way Design And Get Custom Paint On Your New Motorcycle Helmet

1. Putting pencils to paper After consulting with clients, Rich creates all helmet colors by hand on paper. Each of them takes several days to change and complete.

2. Strips for housing fans The sun visor panel and fork are removed and the opening is sealed. Rich people can wear helmets, but it’s best to start with plain white.

3. Shell Preparation The shell is “pushed together” using 800 grade paper, a rough design is drawn and used as a guide for final sealing.

How To Paint A Motorcycle Helmet

4. Painting begins Painting usually begins with the lightest color. Rich uses Iwata airbrushes and does multiple coats of House of Colors paints, sometimes with intercoats. There may be 20 shirts in total.

Helmet Replicas — Crazy Custom Paint

5. Each is the final touch with subtle details and subtle shading to give it the incredible depth and quality that Rich-Art is known for.

6. Rich Finished Full Text Design Apply 6-8 coats of high quality varnish before final sanding and hand polishing. The cost? ➕ About 700.

Want the ultimate helmet paint job? Whatever you have in mind, Rich are the men to translate it into your chosen cover. For more information visit and contact us

Richard Newland’s design is hand-painted. Richard Newland’s design was created after consulting with artist Rich Stevens, who has been working with helmets since 1999, by masking off his ready-to-paint design. Richard previews his redesigned helmet, back view. custom helmet finish, hand painted fairings, call 1-310-594-6730 or email address protected by JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript to contact me. Vega Helmets X390 Retro Open Face Motorcycle Helmet W/sunshield Unisex Adult Powersports (bombs Away, X Small)

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We have custom painted hats in any design of your choice. Now everyone knows which helmet belongs to you. If you wish, we can customize your helmet to include your name. Maybe they were both wearing helmets.

In addition to airbrushing, Bad Ass Paint also offers custom helmet paint. The benefits of a personal helmet are twofold. First, you have a guarantee that you will be protected in the event of an accident. Second, a custom helmet paint job allows you to coordinate with your bike and make yourself stand out even more. A helmet is a necessary accessory for riding a horse, so why not use its face to present a living piece of art?

How To Paint A Motorcycle Helmet

Today, helmet laws exist in most communities in the United States. If you live in an area where helmets are required, take advantage of the custom paint options available through Bad Ass Paint. With a personal helmet, your confidence is not in doubt. Instead, you have the opportunity to enjoy the biker lifestyle.

Skull With Bandana Custom Airbrushed Painted Motorcycle Helmet

We specialize in making overall helmets attractive by using the best paint products that withstand hard and rough wear. Our artists can create helmet painting works for those who have the opportunity to see its amazing details and art. Our fun custom helmet paint process is worthy.

Contact us today to take advantage of a custom helmet paint job. We recommend sending an email to Mike @ If you want your helmet to reflect the current look of your bike, send us a picture.

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