How To Measure Handlebars For Motorcycle

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How To Measure Handlebars For Motorcycle – Here at our engineering department, G&P bikes are facing one of the more difficult challenges. We often hear this simple instruction: “

“But for our technical staff to help you efficiently, we really want the dimensions of the existing tools.” If the information is not readily available, it is important to understand how things are measured.

How To Measure Handlebars For Motorcycle

How To Measure Handlebars For Motorcycle

First, you should know that every motorcycle manufacturer measures bars in the same way. This means that when we see a manufacturer’s measurements on paper, these measurements can vary. Manufacturers are reluctant to adopt a uniform measurement system, so we can’t always compare apples to apples.

Scratch & Dent

Here’s the good news: We at J&P Catalog have developed a system that will give you reasonable results – as long as it’s done correctly. To measure the shaft of a motorcycle, I use a table that is pushed against the wall. I placed the rods in the corner where the table meets the wall, then I moved the rods forward until the front of the rods touched the wall. In this case, extend the space from the table to the highest point of the bar, pulling back from the wall to the farthest point.

There are two other important measurements: the size of the middle section, and on T-bars, how high they are before they bend back. A T-bar can have the same dimensions but look very different. For example, a T-bar that is two inches thicker than a table will be very different than one that is five inches thicker than a table, but they may share the same overall dimensions.

Factory Sizes – The handlebars for the Springer Softail are different from the handlebars of other bikes. The reasons for this are different worldwide. Common to all Harleys since 1977—except the springs—is a 3.5-inch center-to-center distance. You springer guys have a 4 inch riser center to center. The 3.5-inch gauge on narrow glides is good until 1957. Why is this gauge important? Typically, bars have corrugations (either a straight line or a cross pattern) pressed into them to prevent them from slipping into the risers. If we use the standard set of threads on the springer, these threads will appear and, in my opinion, invisible.

Dimpled & Drilled – We offer bars in two groups by year – pre and post 1982 models. The differences are the result of changing household structure. 1972-81 models have a notch in the housing to run the wires through. 1982 and newer models do not. Instead, the new handlebars feature a dimple on the bottom to allow room for wiring. If you are going to run wires through bars you should buy pre-drilled bars for internal wiring.

Ways To Stop Your Handlebars From Slipping!

The bottom line for ordering a handlebar is to be comfortable and avoid fatigue on the road – unless you have a comfortable style when it comes to your motorcycle and you install a hanger or drag bar. And the easiest way to find yourself in the comfort zone is to take some personal measurements.

It involves a friend and some tools. Leave your stock bars on the risers and move them out of the way. Get on your bike, stand up from the kickstand and sit properly (you’ll need a friend to balance the bike). Take your hands off and practice driving on the road. Pay attention to the position of your body and the position of your hands. Once you’re comfortable, have a friend take a few measurements, starting by standing up, and then working back up to the overall size. The simplest tool for this measurement is the carpenter’s square. All these measurements are taken from the middle of the rise straight up (rise), and straight back (pull back). Once you have your measurements, browse our catalog or website to check our handle sizes.

As always, if you have questions or need help choosing handlebars for your motorcycle, don’t hesitate to call the J&P technical support staff at (800) 397-4844.

How To Measure Handlebars For Motorcycle

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Let’s Talk Motorcycle Handlebars

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10mm hole is hard to find Easy to sign up for our emails. Get updates on new products and special offers. With back pain, numbness in your wrists and fatigue after a few miles, you know you need to change your riding position, but really?

The beauty of owning a motorcycle is that it makes it uniquely yours – customizing its shape, speed, and perhaps most importantly, fit. But with so many different motorcycle modifications out there and different laws for the same thing, it’s hard to know where to start.

It won’t be the first, or last, time we tell you that handlebars can change your lift, drag, and arm movement for a completely different ride. It’s not just about motorbikes being annoying, although they are too. It’s about perfecting the ergonomics of your bike’s foundation for long-term control and comfort.

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Even with losing feeling in your hands, pain and fatigue in your back and legs, some riders take years of pain to realize that the cause of their pain is the position or size of their wrists.

Fortunately, adjusting motorcycle bars or replacing them with a model that fits better is an easy way to upgrade your ride for better handling and long-lasting comfort.

But slow your roll, you can’t go out and buy the first shiny pair of shoes you see. Depending on the product you choose, changing motorcycle shafts can sometimes require expensive modifications. You should always consider the size of your handlebar and the parts of your position that need to be changed before deciding how to change a motorcycle handlebar.

How To Measure Handlebars For Motorcycle

Changing your wrist means more than adding a few inches here or there. You may want to consider what your ideal weapon is to maximize comfort while riding. The right shoe handle will keep your ankles and feet straight, rather than bent. With proper posture, you can sit fully, reducing back pain and stress on your wrists.

Mirror Bracket For Ø 22 Mm Handlebar

We recommend that you sit on your bike in the garage, put your hands on the handlebars and close your eyes. Now place your hands where you think you want them after your transition. Measure the distance up and back from where your stock position is to where you want your hand to be – that’s the net gain you’re trying to achieve.

Whatever grip change you choose, focus on calculating how it will change the position of your hand, rather than the size.

So it’s time to fix or replace your motorcycle shaft. Do you need a handle extension or a handle bar? Riser or clip-on handlebars? Let’s discuss the different types of motorcycle bars you can consider and how each one affects your ride.

A motorcycle handlebar riser is fixed on a triple clamp between the level stock handlebar and the original perch or clamp. This option requires minimal modifications to your bike as they work with your existing handlebars. Often, you may need to reset your lines. Httmt 12” Black Rise Mini Ape Fat Chizeled Handlebar (clamp Area Diameter:1

We make your handlebar riser model-specific, so you get the perfect fit for your BMW handlebar, Honda, Yamaha, or others. They maintain your bike’s original geometry while providing more control over your ride. American made handlebars are built to last and can handle any style of bike riding.

The long and short of it is that motorcycle handlebar extensions are just another word for handlebar risers. The purpose of these products is to increase the visibility of your product handles and completely change your handling situation.

Adjustable motorcycle bars are just what they sound like. Rather than adding or replacing your product’s handlebars, this type of handlebar switch replaces your existing handlebars. Replacing the handlebars entirely can provide a better fit for bikes where the handlebar position cannot be changed with a riser alone.

How To Measure Handlebars For Motorcycle

The custom fully adjustable handlebar is designed to use the same mounting holes and head screws as your stock handlebar for easy installation. Once mounted, you can adjust the slide, rise and angle of the handles to suit your body size and desired riding position. Discover the benefits of adjustable handlebars for Harley-Davidson, Can Am, Kawasaki, and more.

Custom Motorcycle Specialist Starts To Manufacture New Bagger Dresser Ape Hangers Handlebars For Harley Davidsons

This truly innovative technology allows for a perfect fit for all riders. If you need installation information for a set of adjustable handles, please contact us with all your questions.

Grip clips are also a replacement for your bike’s stock bars. The handlebar of this type of motorcycle comes as a seat that mounts directly on the front forks of the motorcycle. They are most common among sports cyclists as they allow for a more forward riding position. There are head clips available for cruisers, cafe racers and others

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