How To Load Motorcycle Into Truck

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How To Load Motorcycle Into Truck – Figuring out how to tow your $20,000 motorcycle onto the back of a truck onto a $200 ramp is never easy. If your bike needs to be transported and you can’t ride it anywhere, usually the only option for moving the bike is to slide it into the back of a truck and drive it to its destination. That’s where Porte’s new self-loading motorcycle ramp comes in.

Putting a bike in the back of a truck can be a difficult process for some. Sometimes your motorcycle is too big and heavy (Harley-Bois, I’m looking at you…) and sometimes your truck is too high (my fault). Regardless of the semantics, pushing a large and expensive machine at a 30+ degree angle onto thin (and smooth) metal is just awful; and you can take your truck or bike to an ambulance if proper precautions are not taken.

How To Load Motorcycle Into Truck

How To Load Motorcycle Into Truck

Porte’s new AUN 1000 and AUN 2000 self-loading motorcycle ramps take a different approach to this process by doing the work for you. The AUN series of loaders use a rack and telescopic loading mechanism that brings your bike parallel to the ground before it drops onto the back of a truck (or van, trailer or Smart Roof).

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The mechanism is fully powered by a simple hand drill. I don’t think Porteos will work with DeWalt tools in the near future, so you can find a loader control drill yourself. The drill rotates a worm drive that raises or lowers the ramp as needed before a final push sends the rig to its final destination.

At first glance, you would assume that this system is attached to the bed of your truck with screws and hardware; but this is certainly not the case. Porteo designed this system to work without drilling or screws. Fasten the unit to your truck’s existing D-rings and use the latch straps to secure the unit in place. Easy.

The AUN 1000 and 2000 support up to 550 kg (or about 1212.54 lbs), meaning almost any bike model can be supported with the equipment.

Depending on how high your truck is, you’ll have a choice of buying 1000 or 2000. The AUN 1000 sells for $2, $653, loads up to 27.5 inches, extendable to 43 inches if needed. The AUN 2000, on the other hand, is 35 inches long and expandable to 51 inches for $2,775.

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In the first internal discussion about this system, one of our content writers pointed out that this system might be a little overpriced for what you get. I somewhat agree, but I think there are very important use cases for such a system.

You might not find me buying a $2,500-plus boot system to get my $3,000 motorcycle into a pickup truck, but it makes sense to have a discounted doctor’s appointment for a seasonal fluid change on a $25,000 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide.

Another benefit of this system is the ability to fit a 400lb+ bike on the back of a really big truck. I’m currently sitting on a 12″ lift with 40″ tires, which makes my car 30+ inches higher than the truck. There is no high ramp to get the bike into my truck, and if I need to load it, the Porteos AUN 2000 is the only option on the market that will help me.

How To Load Motorcycle Into Truck

Currently, the only way to order Porteos AUN is through the contact form on their website. They will then send you an offer and you will have to pay the money via bank transfer. The bed of your truck is the perfect place to transport your motorcycle. But to do it safely and protect your bike, you should follow these tips from LINE-X experts. (There are many ways to transport a motorcycle in your truck, this is just one of them!)

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Loading and unloading the motorcycle is very difficult. Protect yourself (and your bike) and get a friend to help you out.

You’ll need a good set of straps to secure your bike. We recommend ratchet straps, but belt straps work just as well. Before loading your bike, set the truck’s parking brake or, if it’s manual, put the truck in gear. If your motorcycle uses a carburetor, be sure to close the fuel valve before transporting it.

If your bike is very heavy (+400 lbs), you may need to remove the rear cover to avoid damage. Before proceeding, check that your rear cover can support the weight of your bike. This information can be found in the truck’s owner’s manual. If your bike exceeds the tailgate weight limit, you will need to remove the tailgate before loading the bike. Refer to the user manual on how to do this.

This method of carrying a motorcycle compresses your bike’s suspension, which helps keep the straps tight. This is great for transporting your bike, but don’t leave your bike with the suspension compressed for long periods of time, especially when you’re not transporting it.

Diy Portable Winch System — Easily Load A Motorcycle In A Pickup Truck

First of all, you need to put your bike in the pickup bed. Some people ask, “Can a motorcycle fit in a truck bed?” In most cases the answer is yes, especially when the tailgate is down. But if you’re not sure, measure the length of your bike and compare it to the length of your truck.

Once you’re sure you can fit your bike in the truck bed, it’s time to load it up. Always load the motorcycle with the front wheel facing forward. I hope you have a motorcycle ramp to help with this. If this is the case, be sure to run a strap between the ramp and the truck (such as the rear axle or tie-down) to hold the ramp in place.

If you don’t have a ramp, you’ll have to get creative. You can lift the truck up a hill big enough (but not too steep) to park your bike, and use a sturdy board to walk between the hill and the back door. Now use gravity to load the bike onto the truck. Lifts, steep walkways, or even grass mounds can serve the same purpose. If you are alone, this method is much easier and safer than using a ramp. Even if you have a ramp, we still recommend using a hill or loading ramp. If it’s a light bike, you can put it on a truck with the help of a strong friend.

How To Load Motorcycle Into Truck

If you transport your motorcycle frequently, you will need a wheel chock. This gives the front wheel a solid anchor point. Wheel chocks can be attached or bolted. If you want to borrow it, attach it to the anchor points in the corner of your truck’s bed with a ratchet strap. If you don’t have wheel space, you’ll want to tuck the front wheel of the bike into the front corner of the bed. This gives the bike’s front wheel something to lean on.

Toy Loader Truck Bed Winch Mount

Once the bike is in the bed of the truck, sit on it so your friend can hold it upright by tying it in the front. Run the strap through your bike’s anchor point – the more the better. This triple can be a frame on a tree, crash bars or forks. The only thing that should come into contact with the bike is not the metal hooks, but the fabric strap. The metal hooks on the strap must return to the metal attachment points on the truck bed, bed walls, or corner of the bed rails. Pull the belt until you can see the suspension compressor slightly. Repeat this process on the other side of the bike.

These front bars are the bike’s main connection to the truck bed. Securing the rear of the bike is important in case something goes wrong at the front, such as a broken or loose belt. The process is similar to how you attached the front. Find the anchor points on the back of the truck bed and loop the strap around the frame, subframe or rear sway bar, and the back of the bike. These straps should be tight, but not too tight or you could damage something on the bike. After everything is attached, tie off the excess space to prevent the ribbons from blowing away in the wind.

Loading and unloading bikes several times a week is difficult in a truck. If you frequently encounter trails or trails, it would be wise to protect your investment with a LINE-X truck. Not only do they protect your truck bed from scratches, but our sheets also provide traction for loading your bike when your bed is wet and muddy. Stains from fuel, oil or a two-stroke engine

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