How To Keep Vape Upright In Car

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How To Keep Vape Upright In Car – Let’s remember the benefits of vaping. First, according to a popular British study, it is 20 times more dangerous than smoking.

Second, e-cigarettes can often be used where, for whatever reason, a person cannot or does not want to smoke. For example, some people refuse to smoke at home or in the car so that the smell of tobacco smoke does not permeate the car’s furniture or upholstery.

How To Keep Vape Upright In Car

How To Keep Vape Upright In Car

The vapor smells good, so there’s no stopping you from using e-cigarettes inside the car.

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However, if you steam vigorously, steam may form on some surfaces. The effect does not last long, easily eliminated by the air conditioner’s directional jet, but it is better to spray in the car with a slightly open window, especially if you Rent a car. in /suv. .

But why it happens and how to deal with it, we will tell you in this article.

As a rule, lovers of large steam clouds face the problem of plates. To achieve them, these vapers choose a liquid for electronic cigarettes, where the glycerin content exceeds 60% of all components.

Moreover, where one is vaping is not important. If it is a small room or inside a car, the chances of plates increase.

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It becomes a particularly noticeable dirt on the windows, not because of the film, but because of the fact that it attracts all the moisture and dust in the cabin.

Glycerin, like propylene glycol, is completely soluble in normal water. Therefore, to remove it, it is enough to simply wipe the dust with a rag wet in hot water.

As for the film on the car window, this film contains not only glycerin, but also everything that is drawn into the cabin by the air filter. So here you can not just do with water, you will also need a detergent in the form of a spray or a special wipe.

How To Keep Vape Upright In Car

Some vapers note that they can solve the problem of plaque on windows by using vinegar. Be careful, if you decide to go to this method, cleaning should be done with gloves, otherwise, it may have a negative effect on the skin of your hands.

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The activity of glycerin not only attracts dust but also absorbs moisture from the air. So in colder regions, some sprayers add alcohol to the soap to prevent ice on the inside of the window.

Also, after cleaning the glass, you should dry it well with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

It is also important to reduce the humidity level in the cabin. Long socks and dry pets are beneficial for this. Just fill the sock with filler, tie it and leave it inside the car.

No matter where you put it, it will absorb moisture even when hidden under the seat. From time to time, the filler socks should be changed to dry.

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Some car enthusiasts use a car air fluid where glycerin and propylene glycol are equal or PG is predominant. Others advise you to use a liquid with distilled water in its composition. Also, most vapers use e-cigarettes only in a ventilated cabin.

At low and high temperatures, the composition of the fluid begins to change, causing device leaks and the fluid itself to deteriorate. Liquids with a particularly high VG (glycerin) content are subject to expansion.

It seems like a good idea to use a liquid that is high in PG (propylene glycol) because it doesn’t spread as much as glycerin. But it is better not to leave them in the car.

How To Keep Vape Upright In Car

When driving, a lot of unexpected situations can happen, to say the least. Most car manufacturers do not provide a place to place your device in an upright position.

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And as we know, this can be a serious problem, because when our device is in a horizontal position the liquid flows through the channel holes.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that vaping is a relatively new niche, we can only hope that one day, ashtrays will be replaced by steam generators and holders for liquids.

We have the answers. Everything fits inside, because everything in the body is wet with some liquid, mainly water, which dissolves the glycerin.

Do not panic if you suddenly find deposits on a surface after steaming the machine, it is easy to remove. You need to do it regularly: the more often the better.

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If you are bothered by the buildup in your car, you should change your cabin filters regularly and switch to a fluid with a lower glycerin content.

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to share about your in-car vaping experience, please share them below!

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How To Keep Vape Upright In Car

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