How To Keep Chapstick From Melting In Car

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How To Keep Chapstick From Melting In Car – Use code “FAMILY” for 15% off! Today only! Free 3-day shipping and 30% off ChapiE V2s! 🤑 Spend $100 and get an extra 10% off!

Chappie is a vacuum insulated container for your Chapstick. ☀️ It even has a keychain attachment, so you’ll never lose a chapstick again! ✔️ Chappy will protect your favorite lip care on hot days and coldest nights.* 🌴

How To Keep Chapstick From Melting In Car

How To Keep Chapstick From Melting In Car

I love these and have been dying to get them since the announcement and have been waiting everyday for them to arrive. I live in Texas and not only is it always hot, but things melt in the car. I keep forgetting about chapstick unless it’s in a purse or on a key ring and I go days without it, most of the time I try. Travel a lot or not. I like to have coat racks everywhere, but the car was out of place. When I saw it, I knew I needed it. Lip gloss just doesn’t cut it on a hot day. I had a coat rack from Burt’s Bees in this case in my Jeep this summer and hadn’t thought to melt it yet. I’m in for the ride. One in a beach/pool bag. I can’t wait to come back for new products.

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I bought it for chapsticks in our car. So far it’s been working great, summer is almost over and our car isn’t sitting in the sun like it used to be in the summer. Thanks for coming up with a product like this! We are tired of melting meat when we are going to use it in the summer.

I would have given it a higher rating, but I was under the impression that I could leave it in my car and not melt my chapstick. It still melted in the car, but otherwise love the look and feel of the case.

This is what I want. I carry my chapstick in my pocket and it always melts and screws. This case completely addresses these issues. I love it!!!!!

I had my chap stick in my car in 105 degree weather and it didn’t melt at all!! Wonderful!

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Someone already posted “it’s like a yeti for your lip balm” so true. I like this. I bought the improved ones. So it doesn’t get scratched as easily as the original. I can’t wait for new products and new sizes. Maybe more variety of colors?

I gifted the other two and my friends love them. This is great! It’s hard to believe it took someone this long to figure this out, but I’m glad they did.

As far as I know it works perfectly! Beautiful idea! Bought them for my mom – she is obsessed with chapstick. The only thing I would add is don’t buy and expect it to be delivered right away. I honestly bought them and they took so long to get to me that I forgot what I ordered….

How To Keep Chapstick From Melting In Car

I love that it matches my favorite chapsticks and keeps them from melting. I clipped them to my wallet, lanyard and backpack.

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I always have Chapstick in my pocket or purse. But it’s hot here in Texas and when I saw the ads I decided to give it a try. They are the perfect size and are great for protecting my chapstick not only from the heat but also from the washing machine! I have one in my wallet and one on my key ring. Definitely the best thing I’ve bought in a long time.

I’m a #Chapstick girl. I always have at least 2. Summer is hard because my car always turns into a melting pot. I’m so glad I found Chappie – I highly recommend them to other #Chapstick girls.

I pre-ordered and they arrived yesterday as promised when I ordered. Got an email saying they were coming. I’m also skeptical of ordering based on a FB ad. Orders fell short of what was shown and what was promised. If nothing else, I have to say I’m happy as far as this being a very easy way to wear my balm. It looks well made – I scratched the bottom with a key and didn’t damage the surface. I have high hopes that it won’t melt on my next trip to Florida.

I live in a very humid and hot area so keeping my Carmex in the car is great.

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I love this. I bought a 3 pack, I kept 2 and gave one as a gift. They are amazing and my chapstick hasn’t melted in my car or on the beach since I got them. I bring chapstick with me everywhere and having one on my keys is very helpful. 10/10 would buy again!!

It is not only effective, but also very convenient. I was worried that it would be too big for my pocket, but the small amount is totally worth it. Gone are the days of losing your chapstick or watching it melt in the sun. Like it.

I bought a 3 pack. I gave two to friends and kept one for myself. My friends loved the colors and were happy to receive them. So far they work as advertised.

How To Keep Chapstick From Melting In Car

I love them and they keep the chapstick from melting, but I’m glad I bought the 3-pack. The one on my key ring broke and I lost it. One of the key holders broke and fell. But overall it does what it says, keyrings need to be stronger.

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It really works!!! I left it in my hot car all day (at least 90 degrees) and it was fine!!!! NOT LIQUID!!!!

I love this product! I took it on our week trip to Florida. My chapstick survived and thrived in a week of pool temps in Florida! So glad I found it! I’m excited to use it on the boat all summer!

So far so good! It got to 100 degrees in TX yesterday. My car was parked under a tree and my chappie was in the car all day! I tried in the afternoon and it didn’t melt at all!

Chappie is worth the wait! I got a pack of 3 – 1 for my lanyard at work, 1 for my keys and 1 for my car. I’m excited to see how it holds up in the summer heat in the car. I will say the one I put my keychain in is already getting a little scratchy, not the end of the world but a little frustrating. Overall great product though!

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The white is very sleek and the pink is a perfect soft baby pink. Not too heavy and easy to attach the keychain. Can’t wait to see how they perform, they look pretty cool!

They work well. I’m so glad I didn’t attach the key ring chain because I don’t plan on putting it on my keys.

Wish the diameter was a little bigger; It may not contain separate tubes of chapstick, such as: Nivea; Chapstick total hydration.

How To Keep Chapstick From Melting In Car

I thought they were a little easier to use as a lid. If chapstick is used in the car, it can be difficult to remove the chapstick.

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Very excited when it arrived. The funny thing is, Chapstick is a joke and battle that goes on in our house. Looks well made and we like the colors. The only improvement I can suggest is a hard key chain piece. It’s definitely going to break, and we’re going to build a new one. Other than that, great!

Love my chappie! Ordered a year ago and can’t wait to get it. Then the USPS lost my initial order. Chappie immediately sent a new one. It’s 90 degrees here, so my little car didn’t melt. Will buy again!

I haven’t used them in the heat since NY hasn’t warmed up yet, but the design and size of them are perfect.

The colors are vibrant. They are strong but don’t feel heavy. The packaging is very well made. Shipped much faster than expected. I’m so glad I got some of the first ones. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

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I wish the opening and closing was smoother, but the product works from melting my chapstick, so it’s great.

Bought this for my daughter who misses chapstick forever. They were a big hit and she loves them and all her friends ask or ask where she got them!!!

It has been 100 degrees in my car in AZ. So far my chapstick hasn’t melted. I like this. I need to buy more for my family.

How To Keep Chapstick From Melting In Car

So far it’s been amazing. I bought three to keep in each purse and one in the car. What was in the car was not completely melted. I keep it in the center console so it’s hidden, but it stays put!

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