How To Jack Motorcycle Up

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How To Jack Motorcycle Up – Most people know how to remove a bike from their car or truck, but when it comes to motorcycles, the job seems more daunting. That’s because the first step is difficult: you need to lift your motorcycle safely.

I’m going to go over some tips on how to lift four common motorcycles so you’ll be comfortable removing the wheels from your bike yourself.

How To Jack Motorcycle Up

How To Jack Motorcycle Up

The most common reason for removing motorcycle wheels is to change tires. Even if you don’t change the tires yourself, most bike shops will charge you less if you bring in your tires and balance the entire bike. If you purchased your tires from Bicycle Gear or J&P Cycles, most bicycle gear stores offer tire fitting and balancing at a discounted price. Other reasons you may need to remove wheels are for maintenance or repairs, such as changing wheel bearings and seals, brake rotors, sprockets or pulleys.

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First things first. You need some tools. The best tool is a maintenance book specific to your make and model. The manual will help you determine other tools you’ll need, such as large diameter sockets or wrenches for your axles, some small diameter hex keys, combination wrenches for compression bolts, chain adjusters and calipers, a torque wrench, and waterproofs. Grease, shop rags and gloves. Most bikes require an axle tool to remove the front axle.

Next, you need a way to safely lift the bike. Different types of bikes require different methods and equipment to lift off the ground. Although you may have seen large motorcycle jacks at your local motorcycle shop, they are not meant to remove bikes. There are many options that are cheap and simple enough to get the job done. Let’s take a look at some of the items available to lift different types of motorcycles.

We’ll start with the simplest lift bike. There are two general options for raising a mountain bike off the ground. One is a static stand with no moving parts and a rubber pad on top for stability and protection of the wheel. In this stand you raise the rear of the bike, put weight on your thighs, then lift the bike onto the stand and place the center of the frame in the middle of the stand. It’s a great option for lightweight motocross and enduro bikes, but if you have a big dual-sport bike like the Honda XR650, you should consider an upgraded option: the lift-style kickstand. These racks have a pedal attached to the linkage that allows you to place the stand under the bike and step on the pedal to raise the bike. It’s much easier on your back because you don’t have to carry as much of the bike’s weight on your body as you would with a traditional rack.

Most adventure touring motorcycles have center stands or at least optional mounts. Center stands are great for removing the rear wheel from ADV bikes. I usually use a simple scissor type wheel support on the front of the skid plate to raise the front wheel. If you don’t have a center stand or it’s not available for your bike, you can raise the bike using the hydraulic jack under the skid plate. Make sure you never lift a heavy bike over the exhaust system. The exhaust pipe is not built to support weight and can be pinched or damaged.

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Most sports bikes have fittings for swingarm coils on the rear. Coils protect the rear axle and swingarm if you lower the bike, but are designed to allow you to lift the bike off the ground with a swingarm coil mount. To raise the front end of the bicycle, the fork lift stand raises the bike by lifting the fork from under the legs. Another slick option is the head lift rack, which uses a pin that attaches to the bottom of the steering arm to raise the bike. In addition to allowing you to remove the front wheel, the advantage of a head lift is that it allows you to remove the fork legs for maintenance and tuning.

Cruisers are usually low and heavy, so lifting them off the ground can definitely feel intimidating. Fortunately, they usually have wide, flat frames under their engines, which make an excellent platform for raising them with a hydraulic lift. Hydraulic motorcycle jacks are widely available and usually have mounting hardware to secure the bike for stability.

After lifting the motorcycle, the process of removing the wheels is similar from motorcycle to motorcycle, but not exactly the same. Therefore, I recommend checking your service manual for specific instructions on how to perform the task on your particular machine. It tells you what items to remove before removing the wheels. You may have to remove the brake calipers or fenders, and you’ll also have to deal with the rear wheel drive system. The manual tells about adjusting the chain or drive belt and maintenance of the shaft drive.

How To Jack Motorcycle Up

Now that you know the different ways to lift your motorcycle, removing and reinstalling the wheels should be easy.

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How To Jack Motorcycle Up

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