How To Get A Title For A Motorcycle

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This week I picked up a used Suzuki Boulevard S40 for pennies on the dollar because it had no ownership so the guy I bought it from thought he couldn’t register it and let it sit for years. I am here to tell you exactly how to get a title for a title without a motorcycle, and before we do that, how to first make sure that the motorcycle is not stolen.

How To Get A Title For A Motorcycle

How To Get A Title For A Motorcycle

This post will be an abridged version of my very detailed How to Own a Motorcycle Without Ownership article that I wrote in February 2020. However, I have never made a video on this topic before, and since I only have a motorcycle without an owner, what better time to revisit the topic?

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This will be a quick review of that topic, but if you want full details, I highly recommend checking out the original article.

For anyone in North America, I strongly recommend that you check the Vehicle Information Number (VIN) of the motorcycle in the United States and Canada to see if it was stolen in a country.

The VIN of a motorcycle is always stamped on the frame above the steering column (between the front forks).

To claim ownership of a motorcycle you already own, go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the US, or the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) in Canada.

Confirming The Vermont Registration Loophole Works

If the seller simply lost the property, you need to ask them to go with you to the DMV or MOT to complete the transaction.

Essentially, you have to create an affidavit, collect some evidence, collect a package, notarize the package and take it with you to the DMV or MOT.

You don’t have to use my affidavit of ownership package, you can certainly go ahead and make your own or hire a lawyer to make your own.

How To Get A Title For A Motorcycle

Every statement you make must be accompanied by some kind of evidence to support that statement.

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Whether you make your own affidavit or use my prepackaged package, you still need to have your affidavit package notarized. The basic steps are:

I will be doing a whole series to get this Suzuki Boulevard S40 motorcycle that I bought without ownership back into top shape, including getting it owned, missing parts, and back up and running and safe.

There are essentially five steps to follow to get a motorcycle title without the help of a salesperson. Again, my article How to Own a Motorcycle Without Ownership goes into this in detail, but here’s the synopsis:

I strongly recommend reading my entire article How to Own a Motorcycle Without Ownership. This will give you a lot more details and knowledge that you will find helpful if this is your first time driving a vehicle.

Does Anyone Know If The Vermont Title Loophole Still Works I Got This Kz440 In A Trade It Doesn’t Have The Title And If I Can Get A Title For It Somehow

After that you should consider purchasing my motorcycle owner affidavit package. It costs about as much as it would for you to buy me a cup of coffee, and it saves you a ton of time and effort, or money to have a lawyer draft a legal document for you.

As for me, I ordered a new battery for this motorcycle. In my next video I will show you how to add acid to a new motorcycle battery, remove an old battery and install a new one. Then we’ll see what kind of shape this motorcycle you bought really has. Stay tuned!

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How To Get A Title For A Motorcycle

Once a week when we have something really awesome to share, we call the drivers and let them know. Join our two-wheeled community! If you already have proof of ownership (even if it’s not valid), contact us and we can get you a title for even cheaper with our registration service.

How To Get A Title To A Motorcycle From A Bill Of Sale

If your motorcycle was built between 1900-2007 and/or under 300 cc (any year), you will receive a transferable Vermont registration with this purchase. This is a document of legal ownership, not a title, but it acts in the same way as a title.

In that case you can either keep it registered in Vermont and drive with the plates we send you…

Or he can transfer it to an Arizona title for us (for $300+ depending on the vehicle), making it easier to transfer in your state.

If your motorcycle is 2008 or newer AND over 300 cc, you have a Montana title and registration, and the vehicle is owned by Montana LLC, which then owns you.

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Because the registration is owned by a non-resident (the Montana LLC), you do not have to transfer the title or registration back to your state, and any transfer rules do not apply to you.

A bonded title is an insurance document that we pay for that protects the DMV from liability in the event that the current entitled owner sues.

The bonding company pays the bond value to a person who can prove ownership of the vehicle, then the bonding company goes to our customer to reimburse them for the bond value (although we’ve never seen it happen).

How To Get A Title For A Motorcycle

The value of the bond is based on the purchase price or the NADA value, whichever is higher. Therefore, our price is different based on the value of the vehicle.

California Motorcycle License [2022]

If your vehicle has a purchase price or NADA value over $30,000, you must contact us.

If you want to keep your vehicle registered in Montana, there is only an annual renewal fee of $125 LLC.

The great thing about registering in Montana is that there is no sales tax or other fees, and your plate is permanent! You can expect your title, registration and plates within 2-3 weeks.

NOTE: This service is not for dirt bikes, even if they have been registered through us. Use this service to get a dirt bike title or this service to make a dirt bike street legal.

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But instead of going to the DMV or calling them and standing around for hours, we can handle it for you.

When the time comes, we’ll automatically renew your registration or LLC (which ever is needed) so you don’t even have to remember to do that.

All you have to do is select the proof of ownership you want to receive below and click Add to Cart to get started. Your attention is usually focused on the motorcycle itself, its condition, selling price, and features when buying. Many people forget to pay for the legal documents. Therefore, there can be no title from the seller.

How To Get A Title For A Motorcycle

Generally, you get a motorcycle title when you buy the bike. The dealer or owner/seller will sign it for you. What if you had the motorcycle title, but lost it? Or have you found a bike that you want to buy, but the main problem is the lost title?

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You may ask how to get a lost motorcycle title? Don’t worry, we are here to solve your problem.

Sometimes you lose your title. These cases are common and you can contact the DMV to get a duplicate of your own motorcycle title. Most DMVs will email you.

In case you are not aware of how to get lost motorcycle title. Then you need to get in touch with a title research company that can help you and help you get your title back. Lost Title Solutions has experienced and friendly professionals who can address any vehicle title problem, no matter how complex!

If you cannot clearly show ownership of the vehicle through a vehicle title, you will not be able to register your vehicle. In addition, you cannot get insurance for your vehicle.

Choosing The Right Custom Motorcycle For You

You only need to contact a lost title company to handle the process. If you want to go through the process, fill out a quick online form at Lost Title Solutions and include the VIN so we can look into your situation and see what our options are.

Then our customer service representative will contact you by email or phone to answer any of your questions. After you have done this, we will begin the process of researching and recovering the title, which will be completed quickly and carefully. By choosing us, you are in safe and secure hands.

We have handled many such cases in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Oregon, Maryland, Michigan, Texas and almost every state in the United States. Contact us to get title recovery for cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, trailers and watercraft. Hey, rider! Do you have a motorcycle without a title? Instead of getting rid of it, let me show you how to legally register a motorcycle without a title. I have several project bikes title without previous certificate of title or pink slip.

How To Get A Title For A Motorcycle

On one occasion, I bought a motorcycle from a private seller in CA

How To Get A Lost Title For A Motorcycle

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