How To Fix Motorcycle Speedometer

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This instructable is intended to help others fix their odometer, however the only problem I had with the odometer was getting the broken needle back.

How To Fix Motorcycle Speedometer

How To Fix Motorcycle Speedometer

I also show how I fixed the switch on my motorcycle (03 Honda Shadow ACE) that cycles between the odometer and trip meter.

Toyota 22r 22re 4runner Truck Speedometer Cluster Tachometer Gauge 1989 1995 A

Regardless of the make/model of the motorcycle, the general procedure should be the same. I’m not sure if the repair will work, thinking I’ll have to spend $300 for a new assembly. I tried to figure out how it works and found a way to take it apart and it gave me success.

Remove the odometer from the bike. Very descriptive topic. Mine took 4 allen screws and a 9 pin connector that I removed from the bike.

After this, 4 screws separate the odometer from the wiring harness, allowing it to come free. Note the color/condition of the wires before removing them!

My odometer jammed together. Where the top metal/glass part connects to the plastic housing looks like a press fitting that holds the glass and plastic together.

Replacement Speedometer Assembly Dual Gauge Motorcycle Odometer For Suzuki Gn125

For hard surfaces, place a microfiber cloth, or two layers of paper towels, or at least newspaper. Place the counter glass down so you can access the sealed edge.

Using a flat screwdriver, try pushing one end (above the seat level of the odometer, it worked best for me because it had a small needle, and the first needle was easy to insert) to push the metal away from the plastic frame. You should get enough space to attach the needle.

Repeat this process every few millimeters. After doing about 1/3 of this (ideally), use a screwdriver to bend the remaining degrees. Eventually, you’ll be able to jump over the meter.

How To Fix Motorcycle Speedometer

For me, the needle fell out of its housing and I attached it easily with super glue. To do this, I put the needle in place, the glue was dry enough to hold it – and then put the whole assembly in a 150 degree oven for 30 minutes. After that I painted it and repeated the process.

Harley Speedometer Cable Lubrication And Voes

Note: If you paint your needle, after it dries and before mounting, clean the paint off the rest of the needle or it may stick to the needle post so you can’t read.

While it was in the oven, I cut the wires attached to the main assembly and unscrewed the (very stiff) knob.

My problem with the button is that the wiring harness is corroded and broken causing the odometer to switch between trip and odometer.

Place the meter components back into the plastic housing and secure the wiring harness with screws.

Brace Yourselves: Motorcycles Are Getting Touchscreens

After using a little silicone on the inside of the metal/glass part of the assembly and cleaning off the glass build-up – you’ll always kick in if the sunlight hits the glass and leaves a fingerprint. parts together.

Next, take a hammer/trench/splitter and tap the back end of the flat screw to push the metal down into the plastic cover of the counter. Here you’ll be thankful you didn’t bend the last 1/3 of the mount – it should be pushed down 1/2-1mm to ensure a tight fit.

After doing this, apply a decent amount of silicone to the joint of plastic and metal.

How To Fix Motorcycle Speedometer

Finally, once the silicone has cured, or at least after a few hours, is firm enough to handle, put it back on the motorcycle!

The Velobanjogent: Bmw Motometer Instruments ….. The

A special thanks to my friend Zachary who gave me the wiring diagram for the odometer and helped me determine that the button was bad, not the main component of the odometer.

Also, thanks to everyone who read this and gave positive or constructive feedback – that encouragement really makes my day.

If anyone has similar issues and needs some advice, my Snapchat is still my username, so message me right away! There can be many reasons why the speedometer is not working and it does not need to be replaced. The only solution. Here we have tried to provide some common speedometer problems with troubleshooting tips.

Before the speed gun was invented, cars in the early 20th century had to have two speedometers, one on the dashboard and one in the front row, so the police could see how fast they were going!

Weekend Wtf: Your Motorcycle’s Speedometer Is Probably Wrong

A speedometer is a tool that gives the driver a quick reading of the speed. While traditional speedometers used speedometers and cables to determine speed, most modern cars use the same speed sensors. Common problems include a bad sensor, bad wiring, or faulty wiring. Speedometer adjustment usually requires replacing the speed sensor or cable depending on the vehicle. Both of these repairs are simple and can be done at home.

This could be for two reasons. In older cars, a break in the cable connecting the transmission to the speedometer is very common. Cars manufactured after 1990 are typically equipped with speed sensors that can fail and stop reading speed. A more serious problem can be a faulty speedometer head, which requires expert diagnosis.

The problem with digital speed sensors is that they don’t work and can stop sending data to the car’s computer. When the computer tries to calculate the road speed, it receives no data and as a result “check engine” flashes.

How To Fix Motorcycle Speedometer

Replacing the speed sensor will solve this problem, however, if the “check engine” is not turned on, and the speedometer does not work properly or stops working, it is recommended to test the cruise control system in the car. Same sensors. .

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If the cruise control works and the check engine light is on, it may indicate a problem with the speedometer, and the instrument panel may need replacement. “Search Engine” is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

If the speedometer doesn’t set to a certain reading and moves between gears, the cable system or the speed sensor is missing, it’s almost always a bad wire. In most cases, it is only necessary to replace the wiring or reset the sensors to fix the problem.

Speedometers are calibrated to the radius and diameter of your vehicle’s factory-installed tires. If you buy larger tires, or if they are different sizes, these determinations may change. If your speedometer and tachometer are not calibrated to compensate for terrain changes in your tires, this may give an incorrect reading.

Remove the engine cover and look at where the cable enters the main body of the car. You’ll see a thick black wire leading to the instrument cluster, which is the speedometer cable.

Mph Electric Speedometer (rare)

Remove the bolt from under the board for easy access to the old cable.

~Also, remove the nut on the transmission and route the cable. Remove the clamps on the transmission and engine compartment that hold the cable.

~ When you remove the old cable from your car, you must replace it with a new one. Fix the square end of the new cable into the adapter and tighten the nut onto the rotating shaft.

How To Fix Motorcycle Speedometer

~ Now, thread the new cable and tighten the bolt at the back end. This result should be placed on the speedometer square.

Koso Koso Hd 05 Meter For Harley Davidson Speedometer And Tachometer

Using a 10mm socket, remove the bolts securing the sensor. Then, twist to remove the sensor.

Attach a new O-ring to the sensor and clean the sensor flange and outer sensor housing before reinstalling.

Place the new sensor in place and tighten the bolts around it. Install the hose, air cleaner and electrical connection to the sensor.

~ Disconnect the electrical connectors on the sensor, remove the bolts and hold the sensor using the socket. Speed Sensor Adapter For Samdo Universal Motorcycle Speedometer Tachometer

Carefully remove the sensor and fix the new one in its place. Be sure to replace the old O-ring with a new one before installation. Connect the power connector and tighten it.

Not every speedometer problem requires replacement work. It depends

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