How To Fix Broken Recliner

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How To Fix Broken Recliner – One of the worst feelings in the world is buying a new home, setting it up and getting ready to use it, only to find it doesn’t work. If that item is a big purchase, like an electric recliner that stops working, that feeling is multiplied. No one wants to spend several thousand dollars on a luxury recliner, only to have it malfunction.

If you are reading this article, chances are this scenario applies to you, but don’t panic! Before you return your power recliner or call the repair shop where you bought it for repairs, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to see if your recliner is really broken or if you just got something loose threads must be patched.

How To Fix Broken Recliner

How To Fix Broken Recliner

At the Furniture Fair, we sold many electric recliners and serviced many lounge chairs that needed repair or just rewiring. We want to help you save a lot of time and hassle by showing you how to troubleshoot your potential handrail failure point.

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This article will walk you through some troubleshooting steps to hopefully help you fix your recliners yourself and give you some options to use if you can’t get your recliner to work.

The first thing to determine is that your electric furniture is not working. If you find that something is wrong, the first step is to check the connection of the furniture cable to the outlet. As simple as it seems, sometimes the armchair can simply be disabled.

Check your outlet and cable to make sure they are properly connected. If your furniture still does not work, you can test your outlet with another device to make sure that the outlet is working properly.

If you​​​​​​are still not getting power, check your switches to make sure you did not accidentally turn off the switch when plugging in the new recliner. Older homes in particular may have difficulty running larger electronics or multiple devices on a single switch. Sagsaway 4 Piece Sagging Recliner Diy Repair Kit. No Tools Required. High Density, Flexible Foam Padding Reinforcement. Four 18 Inch Firm Supports Per Set, Per Seat To Extend The Life Of

Although circuit breaker overload is rare, it does happen from time to time and can cause your recliner to lose power. Avoid using multiple powered devices on the same switch to avoid this potential accident.

Okay, now that we know it’s not a power issue or a tripped switch, let’s start troubleshooting the power strip for potential repairs. Different power recliners have different wiring setups, and power recliner sofas or sectionals can be incredibly complicated.

Make sure your furniture is turned off before starting the troubleshooting process. Turn the furniture over to find the wiring parts. You should have someone help you with larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas or powerful reclining sectionals. If you need further assistance, please call your dealer for more detailed instructions.

How To Fix Broken Recliner

Check the back of your furniture for a power switch. Although rare, power switches on the back of armchairs are sometimes used for easy access to power. Make sure the switch is in the on position. Many controls have an indicator light to help you know they are getting power.

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The next thing to check is the back of the recliner. If the back of your sofa has removable Velcro, remove the section. DO NOT attempt to remove the stitching on the back or you will damage your furniture.

Check the back of your furniture for cables, batteries, electrical parts or recliner motors and remember that different models have different layouts and parts. Check and make sure all power cables are properly connected and reconnect any that may be loose.

It doesn’t hurt to disconnect and reconnect your cables to make sure they have a good connection. Sometimes turning the device off and on again works for electric recliners as well. Closely connected chords can be separated with the help of a flat screwdriver or your keys if you happen to have them with you.

Make sure all zip ties are not too tight. Manufacturers include zip ties to help keep the recliner cords in place during transport, and removing them can help you reconnect loose threads.

How To Fix A Recliner Tips: Fix The Back + Springs + Footrest + Cable

Double check your connection to the battery. As obvious as it seems, you can’t get power without a good connection, so make sure the battery is connected properly. Also make sure that the power cable is plugged into the other side of the battery.

Now that you have checked the back, you can start checking the base of the tilt unit. Look for a zipper function that allows access to the button power cables in the back. Not all power recliners will have this level of accessibility. When you access the cable, check that it is properly connected.

Most connection problems usually come from the back of the base on your recliner. These ropes must be held firmly to prevent damage to the parts of the recliner. The wires around the motor are fragile and prone to snapping, so check for breaks or damage.

How To Fix Broken Recliner

After completing all the previous steps, turn the armchair again and test all functions and features. If your​​​​ chair now works, congratulations! You have successfully resolved everything wrong with connections or power issues.

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If your seat is still not working, don’t worry. Call customer service and let them know your recliner is not working. New power recliners are usually covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. You are covered against most damages or broken parts when you purchase a 5-year protection plan.

If you buy an electric recliner in a free space, you can also buy a two-year protection program. The protection plan will also protect against sunbed malfunctions. ​​​​​​​However, if you have not purchased one of these plans, Furniture Fair can send a service technician for an additional fee to evaluate your furniture and determine whether or not you need replacement parts.

Now that you have an idea of ​​how to hopefully rewire your electric recliner so it works again, hopefully you can reclaim your living room and get your electric recliner back into relaxation mode and out of frustration mode.

Do not forget to check the outlet, breaker box and avoid the use of surge protectors. Make sure to check all cable and wire connections on your engine. Finally, disconnect and reconnect all connectors and cables to make sure you have a good connection.

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If you​​​​are still having problems with your electric recliner after following this article, please contact our customer service department or visit one of our 11 convenient locations in Cincinnati, Dayton, or Louisville, and we will help you next step to find.

If you​​​​​​are interested in learning more about recliners, check out our article on manual vs. power recliners or learn more about electric lift chairs.

If you​​​​​​are currently trying to troubleshoot your power recliner and it does not have headrests, please watch this additional video for more help. I knew I needed a replacement cable because the cable here did not come from the silver piece.

How To Fix Broken Recliner

So I got online and ordered a replacement handle and CABLE. It was easier to fit the handle and replace the whole unit than just trying to replace the cable.

Structural And Frame Repair

Unscrew the 2 screws that hide the lever on the outside of the recliner. You cannot remove this piece completely yet. Just let it hang in place. Put the screws in a safe place. You need them.

Turn the sofa/chair over and see where the cable comes from the bottom of the piece to the metal recliner mechanism.

Release the locking mechanism on the recliner by hand, then find the small S-hook that connects the cable to the chair. Remember where this is for later!

With the cable off, it’s now time to remove the clip that secures the plastic cable cover and the lever to the seat itself.

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Use a flat head screwdriver or pliers and pull the clip that holds the cable out of this connection. You will probably break it. No worries, because you will replace it.

This is an OLD mechanism. I know this because the internal cable that makes the entire recliner is missing!

Once the clip is removed, pull the whole mechanism out of the sofa/seat from the side of the lever. Then take the new mechanism and place it on the outside with the cable inside.

How To Fix Broken Recliner

At the bottom of the bench, open the part that hides the cable enough to pull out the new mechanism. This sounds scary. It is not. I had to remove 2 staples. Recliner Pull Handle Compatible With Ashley Lazy Boy And Most Recliner Sofa Brand ,recliner Replacement Parts With Pull Handle And Release Cable

Here’s where the new clip goes. It’s hard to find in the darkness of the bottom of the couch!

Carefully push the new clip into place. I had to rock the piston back and forth to click it into place.

Take the S-hook on the cable and attach it to the tilt mechanism. You may have to push the lever down to find it

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