How To Fill Motorcycle With Gas

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How To Fill Motorcycle With Gas – WHAT IS THAT? Hunsaker Products is best known for its 11-gallon quick-fill gas cans used in off-road truck racing. Its 11-liter jug ​​with quick-fill hose can dump 11 liters of gas in 8 seconds; However, Hunsaker also offers 5-gallon jugs for motorcycles and 8-gallon jugs for UTVs. All features stepped pouring spouts and Hunsaker’s signature 1-3/8-inch breather that doubles as a handle and fill spout to add fuel to the barrel. Hunsaker offers many customization options, including tapered spout, threaded spout, and tube sizes from small to 3.0 inches in diameter.

(1) Concept. All Hunsaker fuel jugs are equipped with step-down emptying spouts that can be used with three different hose kits for quick and easy emptying. The 5 gallon fuel jug comes with a 1-1/4 inch pour spout at the top of the neck (threaded cap included). If you want the fuel to flow out quickly, you can cut off the threaded part of the pouring spout and use a 2-1/4-inch diameter neck without a thread with a larger diameter hose. If you are on a larger press, you can cut the spout to the next larger diameter and hold onto a 3 inch diameter hose. We don’t recommend anything larger than a 1-1/4-inch motorcycle hose; some pipes are quickly poured into the fuel tank of 2 motorcycles.

How To Fill Motorcycle With Gas

How To Fill Motorcycle With Gas

(2) Strategy. How can you empty a Hunsaker gas jug so much faster than regular gas? The trick is a large 1-3/8-inch breather tube that doubles as a handle and filler spout to add fuel to the barrel. The basic idea is that fuel can only go out as much as air can go in. In a normal gasoline can, there is a small air gap, usually 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch in diameter. Hunsaker’s large, long breather tube means the fuel jug doesn’t vibrate, wear or leak fuel out of the vent – it pours and pours quickly. You can slow down by not taking the threaded cap off the breathing tube and instead flipping the tab on the top of the cap to let in a little air. Learning Hunsaker pitcher tricks makes life easier.

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(3) Dimensions. The Hunsaker fuel tank looks a bit odd with its secondary breather tube reaching the same height as the top of the duster, but it’s only 24x12x12 inches. And, as odd as the air-breathing tube looks, it makes a great double-grip handle to help manage the stubborn gas, which when full can weigh more than 30 pounds. All Hunsaker fuel jugs are made of thick white plastic and are transparent so you can see how much fuel is in them. There are gallon markers stamped on the side of the jug.

WHAT IS A SQUAWK? Filling is boring, when it’s hot outside; fuel bubbles in the exhaust tube and sometimes the inlet is not good enough.

MXA RATING: It’s hard to focus on fuel can technology, because it’s mostly limited to a plastic or metal can with a cap, spout and breather; however, how you design these three elements makes a big difference. Hunsaker put more thought into his design. It can pour very fast, fast or slow according to your command.

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How To Fill Motorcycle With Gas

Dirt bikes filled with the wrong type of gas can crash, smoke heavily, or suffer internal damage depending on the type of engine and gas used by mistake.

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If you accidentally fill your dirt bike with the wrong kind of gas, it’s not the end of the world (and you’re certainly not alone). So let’s discuss what happens in different situations and what you should do.

Let’s say you fill up the tank on your dirt bike and suddenly realize you just put in the wrong octane grade. What happens if you try to ride it now? However, it all depends on what fuel grade your bike was intended for, and what fuel grade you added instead.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that higher octane fuel is always better! Using the type of fuel recommended for your bike will help it run properly without wasting extra money.

All gasoline contains some level of ethanol. However, there are ethanol-based fuels that you may see at your local gas station that have higher levels of ethanol and are therefore often cheaper than other gas options. Fuels with a high ethanol content should not be used on 2-stroke dirt bikes, but are generally safe on 4-strokes.

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However, it is good practice to simply avoid ethanol-based oils in general, as they can lead to increased corrosion, even on 4-stroke dirt bikes.

If you use ethanol once in a while, use a low concentration (10% or less) and don’t make it a habit.

It’s a really bad idea to put diesel on your dirt bike. Diesel is very different from gas and is designed for a completely different type of engine. There are a few models of dirt bikes and motorcycles that can run on diesel, but this is not common.

How To Fill Motorcycle With Gas

If you put diesel in a gas pollution bike, it may not start and if it doesn’t, it will probably smoke a lot and lose power quickly. It can also catch or shoot exhaust flames while riding which can be very dangerous and start brush fires! In fact, dirt bikes start fires often for a number of reasons. Learn how dirt bikes start fires here.

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If you accidentally put diesel in your dirt bike, turn off the engine and drain the fuel as soon as possible. Don’t try to drive a dirty bike or burn fuel because it can be dangerous.

Below is a video of the passenger who accidentally filled Diesel. As you can see, it doesn’t take long for his bike to reverse and stop.

Two-stroke dirt bikes are more sensitive and specific to fuel changes than four-stroke models. While four-strokes work best on gas straight from the tap, two-stroke engines require a pre-made mixture of gasoline and oil. This extra oil keeps the engine lubricated and running smoothly.

Two-stroke dirt bike owners usually buy oil and gasoline separately and mix them together in the right ratio to lubricate the engine while it’s running, usually between 32:1 and 40:1 (fuel to oil ratio). If the 2-stroke comes with only gasoline, it will not be able to lubricate the engine parts, which can lead to overheating and engine seizure.

Spun Aluminum Gas Tank

Using undiluted fuel on a 2-stroke dirt bike will quickly damage the piston, cylinder and other components, leading to loss of compression and ultimately engine failure.

If you find a problem early, turn the bike off and give the engine time to cool down. Then, you can buy or make your own fuel mixture. You only need a few ounces of oil per liter to keep your two-stroke engine running smoothly.

It is generally not a good idea to pour oil directly into your fuel tank without mixing it first as it can result in an inefficient and incorrect mixture of oil and gas. However, if you accidentally filled your two-stroke engine with unmixed fuel, you can try it if you’re feeling brave (just mix it

How To Fill Motorcycle With Gas

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