How To Drain Gas From Fuel Injected Motorcycle

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How To Drain Gas From Fuel Injected Motorcycle – When trying to solve the fuel issue on a car, removing the fuel tank is a last resort. It’s not completely difficult, but it’s frustrating that it takes ages. Often the space behind the rear seats and/or under the trunk complicates the service process and requires a lot of patience and sometimes wrangling like a circus. Score points for motorcycles, because a motorcycle gas tank basically sits on everything, so it’s easy to remove.

There are many reasons why one might want to remove or replace the gas tank from a motorcycle. The bike may need a complete clean, a hard-to-reach engine compartment may need servicing, the tank itself may need an update, or it may need to be completely replaced. Regardless of the end goal, if one wants to remove the gas tank, the security risks and the appropriate measures must be known and taken.

How To Drain Gas From Fuel Injected Motorcycle

How To Drain Gas From Fuel Injected Motorcycle

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Sg250 Fuel Vent Maintenance Tutorial All Years

Not only do you want to make sure your car is in good shape, but your motorcycle is ready to go too. Grab the service manual for your specific bike and follow along below as we discuss what you need to know to remove your motorcycle’s gas tank.

Working on your motorcycle can be dangerous and messy, so here’s what you need to keep your jeans, shirt and skin looking flawless—

We’re not psychic or digging into your toolbox or garage, so here’s exactly what you need to get the job done.

Organizing your tools and gear so that everything is within easy reach will save you precious minutes waiting for your handy-dandy child or four-legged helper to bring you everything you need. You will also need a flat work space, such as a garage floor, driveway, or street parking lot, that is well ventilated. Check local laws to make sure you’re not breaking any codes when using the road, because we’re not taking your ride out of your head.

Old Gas In Your Motorcycle: How Long Does It Take For The Gas To Become Bad, How To Drain It & Related Issues

The steps listed below are a general guide to removing a motorcycle gas tank. However, each motorcycle is a little different and may require different levels or have parts in different places. Make sure you have a service manual for your motorcycle, as you will need it for any method or procedure that only applies to your bike. Let’s do it!

The process described above is a modern electronic fuel injection (EFI) system for motorcycles. On older motorcycles, you’ll encounter a slightly different setup. Find the fuel petcock you need to lift or separate, find the connection to the carburetor, and find the fuel pipes connecting the two sides for fuel balance.

D is possible, but it can be more difficult and there is a high chance of leaking gas everywhere. You need to make sure that all your pipes, connections and outlet holes are plugged.

How To Drain Gas From Fuel Injected Motorcycle

A. The easiest and fastest way to detect bad gas is visual inspection. When they are fresh and new, the gas should be slightly yellow or clear. When the gas sits for a long time, it begins to decompose and deteriorate, turning into a dark yellow, brown or black color. You may also see the gas becoming cloudy, containing dirt particles, starting to separate, or starting to thicken.

Mrcartool V309 Gdi Fuel Injector Tester Cleaner 110v/220v 4 Cylinders Car Motorcycle Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning Machine

Fresh gas is clear or slightly yellow. If your gas is a darker yellow, brown or black color, it should be replaced. Other signs of bad gas include toxicity, dark particles and other impurities, visible liquid separation, or high viscosity. You can read more about it in our guide to how long gas lasts.

A. Absolutely. Dumping gas on the ground is harmful to the environment and harmful to humans, so you need to take it to the correct gasoline dump. See our guide on getting rid of old gas for more information.

To better understand the process of removing a gas tank from a motorcycle, watch a video showing the steps on a Harley-Davidson.

We’re here to be expert guides on all things how to compare. We used it, we praised it, we shouted at it. Comment below, and let’s talk! You can also shout on Twitter or Instagram, or contact us all here: guidesandgear@If your CSC SG250 San Gabriel shows any of the following symptoms, you may have a blocked or restricted fuel cap air. Autool Ultrasonic Wave Fuel Injector Cleaner And Tester Automotive Fuel Injection Systems Cleaning Tools For All Petrol 6 Cylinder Vehicles Motorcycle

These are signs of fuel starvation, possibly due to blocked or blocked fuel injection. This tutorial assumes there is fuel in the tank and the fuel petcock is in the ON or RES position.

The SG250 has a fuel tank built into the locking cap. This is part of the exhaust system, and a small tube comes out of the bottom of the tube in the check valve on the right side of the fuel tank. If the ventilation is restricted or blocked, the fuel will not flow freely to the carburetor, because a small gap is created. It’s like when you hold the end of the straw in your drink and put your finger in the end. The liquid stays in the straw until you release your finger, then the liquid flows freely.

The first thing is to restart the motor. Does it run and keep idle? Or is it like “running out of gas”? Pop the fuel cap and see if it starts. Close the hood (never drive with the hood open) and see how the motorcycle moves on the road. If symptoms reappear, open the hood again. Will it work again? If so, this more or less confirms that it could be a ventilation problem.

How To Drain Gas From Fuel Injected Motorcycle

Check the gasket/rubber seal on the reservoir hole. Is it in good condition? Is it not pinched or damaged in any way? X Pro Hawk Dlx 250 Efi Fuel Injection 250cc Endure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Bike Hawk Deluxe Dirt Bike Street Bike Motorcycle,blue

If the grommet/seal is damaged, you can remove it as shown. A pair of needle nose pliers comes in handy. This could be the problem. Ride the motorcycle and see how it performs. If the problem persists, continue with the remaining steps below.

If the grommet/seal is undamaged, leave it in place. Go to the right side of the tank and check where the cabin air intake line connects to the can. Is the line hanging as shown in the picture above? If so, attach the line from the control valve (again, needle nose pliers are handy) and attach the line.

You can use compressed air to ensure that the line from the cap to the check valve is free of obstructions.

When you do this, this line must be removed from the control valve, otherwise the compressed air will come out any line!

How To Remove A Motorcycle Gas Tank

After the line is disconnected from the control valve, clean the line by connecting the air line to the grommet as shown here and using compressed air. All fuel injected BMWs have a fuel pump in the tank. Be a little more complex to understand. In addition, improper connection of these pipes can cause problems in the long run. For this discussion I will focus on Oilhead fuel tanks, partly because I have one handy for pictures and partly because these models are the target of the most confusion. The K1200RS/GT/LT tank is the same; More details about the interior and how they differ will be discussed in the next issue.

Four main pipes connected to the plate. The plastic ring on the pipe where the drain line connects is recognized as a drain.

All these bikes have a plate attached to the inside surface of the fuel tank (facing the engine) with the pump and filter and float sensor mounted on it. This is held by six nuts on metal tanks and six screws on plastic tanks. Each model (RS, RT, GS, R and S) has a different plate so there is no one diagram that works for everyone, but the Arti plate for example.

How To Drain Gas From Fuel Injected Motorcycle

The filler neck pit is actually the most problematic in my experience. This tube runs from the bottom of the filler neck (look under the hood and you’ll see a small hole at 9 o’clock, this is the drain) from the tank to the bowl bypass pipe. On the outside, another rubber tube runs from the plate to a spot near the right foot. The outer tube is marked X-X-X or XXXXX so you can track it, but the inner usually isn’t.

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A second small pipe, the vent line, leads from the steam hole in the tank to the plate and then to the charcoal tank. If the can is removed, this line should run under the foot of the filler neck drain tube.

These two vent pipes are disconnected from the actual frame rail under the seat.

Ventilation and drainage pipes on the right frame rail. pay attention

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