How To Clean Motorcycle Air Filter

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How To Clean Motorcycle Air Filter

How To Clean Motorcycle Air Filter

Keeping your motorcycle or dirt bike in tip-top shape is more than just an oil change and proper tire pressure. Sometimes, the little things make a big difference in keeping your bike running smoothly. Cleaning your motorcycle air filter is a perfect example! Your engine needs fresh air to prevent dirt from entering the combustion chamber, which can cause major problems. Read on for more information on how often to clean your air filter, the best motorcycle air filter cleaner on the market, how to use it, and how to buy it!

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If you are looking for a quality air filter that is simple and effective, look no further than air purifiers. It’s a gentle spray and wash method that doesn’t require you to use any solvents. Even better, you can shop online with just a few clicks!

Everything you need to know about motorcycle air filter cleaners   How does an oily air filter work?

Today, most motorcycles and bicycles use an oil-based air filter. These filters work because they use a larger weave or have larger holes in the mesh or foam of the filter, allowing air to move faster. However, the downside of an oiled air filter is that it needs to be regularly cleaned and lubricated to function properly. From time to time, dirt trapped in the oil needs to be cleaned to maintain the filter.

Choosing the right type of filter oil is critical to the performance of your air filter. If you have a fabric filter such as a pan or cone filter, we recommend Oil Filter Air Fabric to lubricate it before installation. If you have a foam filter, add Foam Air Filter Oil. In both cases it is important to make sure that the filter is full of oil.

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With a cloth filter, apply oil to both sides of the filter. After letting it dry, check that the filter is fully sealed. With a foam air filter, spray the foam with oil,  then rub the filter to move the oil into the foam.

Now that you know what an air filter does, you may be wondering when to clean the air filter. Depending on how much you ride your motorcycle and the environment you use it in, you should clean it anywhere between every 10 miles.

Most dirt bike air filters need to be cleaned like most other bikes, but some bikes such as motorcycles can last a long time. Our recommendation is to visually inspect your air filters every 10 drives and check for dirt. Once you get an idea of ​​how dirty your filter is on each ride, you can set the best plan for you and your bike!

How To Clean Motorcycle Air Filter

Because cleaning is easy and a clean air filter helps your bike run smoothly, we recommend cleaning your air filter often!

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The best motorcycle air filter cleaning standards have powerful cleaning powers to break down filter oil without damaging it. Another advantage is that the cleaner works quickly and does not need a long time or water. Air Filter Cleaner is the perfect balance of power cleaning that won’t damage your filter.

Now that you know the answer you need, it’s time to learn how to use an air filter cleaner! Cleaning your air filter with Air Filter Cleaner only takes 15 minutes. Toss it on quickly, let it sit for 15 minutes, and wash it off.

Ready to take on a motorcycle repair in your garage? Start with Products. We offer a wide range of Powersports products to keep your bike looking like new. If cleaning your air filter is at the top of your to-do list, head over to our online store to buy cheap Air Filter Cleaner! (1) Letters. Oil and cloth filter materials are used in dirt bikes and other off-road applications, rather than the paper filters commonly found in car and home air filters, because they have a higher dirt content. Motorcycle oil foam and filter cloth oil are derived from petroleum, synthetic oils or vegetable/vegetable oils. Oils sold as biodegradable or “bio” are edible, but they are still old oils. No-Toil claims to offer the 100 percent plant-based filter oil on the market.

(2) From trees. Synthetic oil is clean and heat resistant. Companies that use synthetic oils feel like they fill the filter evenly and completely. Vegetable oils have many benefits. It is biodegradable and non-toxic, which breaks down when mixed with petroleum oils. It’s easy on your filter, and the foam won’t degrade as quickly. Vegetable oil makes cleaning the filter easier.

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(3) engine oil. If you are really worried, you can use a normal car oil air filter. It’s better than nothing. If you are old enough, you have done this many times. The problem is that the engine oil in the airbox,  disperses itself unevenly and can be blown through the paper. Air filter oil has special additives mixed into the oil to solve these problems.

(4) Alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is often used to help the oil penetrate the filter mesh better. It reduces fat, making it more watery and easy to use. But, it should be given enough time before using the filter. Otherwise, the oil will suffocate in urine or even burn. Adding alcohol is problematic, as oil is classified as a dangerous substance. This makes it difficult to ship, store and export. Alcohol also eats glue more easily than other filters. As a thinner alternative, No-Toil has developed an oil that binds to water for a short time, eliminating the need for alcohol. The disadvantage is the long duration of the water.

(5) Tackifier. Another addition is a “tacker” that helps harden the oil. Some brands are too tacky, while others say thinner oils work better. There are also chemicals that make the filter flame resistant. DT1 measured the performance and added cost of adding a flame retardant coating to their filters (as do other companies) against flame retardant oils; they chose the latter.

How To Clean Motorcycle Air Filter

(6) oily or dry. Twin Air claims that their tests show, among other things, that a well-oiled filter flows more air than a bone-dry filter and absorbs more dirt than an oily filter. DT1 conducted tests that showed horsepower by reducing the amount of oil in the filter.

How To Clean The Air Filter On A Dirt Bike

(7) Cleanliness. The type of air filter cleaner used depends on the type of filter oil used. Some solvents break down petroleum-based oils. After removing the petroleum-based oil, the filter is still dirty and should be washed with soap and water. Another type of cleaning is the cleaning done to wash the oil from the plant. With plant-based oils, the effects of aggressive solvents are forgotten. The third type is regular gasoline. It will cut grease better than any cleaner/solvent, but it will eat rubber grommets, seals and glues, and destroy foam. After two gasoline washes, the foam filter is soft and smooth (although dry).

(8) Use. The method used for most foam oil filters is to fill the foam completely and gently squeeze out the excess. Some filter oils come in spray cans that go on at the push of a button, but be careful not to overdo it with a light coat. It will work, but it may cost you. Cloth filters can use oil sprayers or spray bottles to apply oil to each plate. K&N has a chart of the optimal oil content for each filter based on location.

(9) maintenance. If you are storing filtered oil for more than a day or two, always store it in an airtight container, as sealed plastic containers are porous. If the oil is dry, it becomes useless waste. While some companies say you don’t need to pre-oil and store the filters, most companies say it’s fine to pre-clean and store your filters in a ziplock bag, as long as there’s a small opening for the alcohol to escape.

(10) Water. MXA used approx

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