How To Buy A Used Motorcycle From A Private Seller

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How To Buy A Used Motorcycle From A Private Seller – When looking for a pickup, Craigslist is one of the easiest places to start looking. Many motorists list their motorcycles for sale or trade. But how do you avoid fraud?

While Craigslist scams do exist and there are stolen bikes for sale, it’s important to note that the majority of listings will be legitimate sellers just looking to sell their bikes so they can upgrade to new ones.

How To Buy A Used Motorcycle From A Private Seller

How To Buy A Used Motorcycle From A Private Seller

Once you’re on Craigslist, there are many things you can use to do a more detailed search. Once you’ve chosen your area/location and started searching for your bike, you can narrow down the results by year.

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For example, searching for “Yamaha R6” will return 77 pages of results, but adding the model year, 2009, will return four listings in total.

You want to ask the owner a few questions before you decide to go look at the bike in person.

If it is not clearly stated in the ad, and a good ad will include this information, you can call the owner and ask. If possible, you want to ask for a photo of the odometer; this will give you an accurate answer that you can confirm.

Wrong answer: “It sat in the garage for a few years. You never drove it.” Or: “It’s broken. X, Y, Z, doesn’t work.”

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Motorcycle?

I personally keep a running list in Excel of the dates I’ve had the bike serviced and if it was done by the shop or me. I also try to keep repair receipts in storage. It shows that the bike has been maintained and cared for. Of course, not everyone can be expected to do this and provide you with a maintenance manual, but they should be able to tell you when the chain was last cleaned and lubricated, when the oil was changed, when the tires were changed, brake pads etc.

If you are arguing for a lower price, you can use this as a small tool even if you want to find the damage on the bike. Often in a minor collision or when a bike crashes in a parking lot, the only thing damaged is the fender or turn signals on the bike. Depending on the model, this can be anywhere from $100-$1000+ to buy new so ask for price reductions accordingly. You can’t expect to get a $500 discount because one of the signs has changed. For example, a brand new 2009 Honda R6 model we used can fetch anywhere from $250-$350 on eBay.

Be sure to ask about the inspection if it is not posted online. You may want to take the bike with the owner to a nearby shop to have it inspected in front of you, but be prepared to pay an inspection fee, which is usually nominal.

How To Buy A Used Motorcycle From A Private Seller

The seller must agree to allow you to do the test and include a condition for the test as a written contract that if any damage occurs during the test, the rider will either buy the motorcycle or pay for it. But in the end, you want to at least be able to feel the bike (when it’s cold and it won’t start at all).

Lone Star Powersports, Amarillo Tx: Can Am, Sea Doo, Roxor, Spyder Dealers

This is self-explanatory. You don’t want to buy a bike that the seller doesn’t have or that is stolen. There are very few reasons why a person does not have a headache.

Make sure you don’t buy a motorcycle just because you love to ride. A quick description of the test drive can be found in the following video by CycleCruza, a funny moto-vlogger. He’s talking about test driving motorcycles from dealers, but the same mindset can be applied to test driving when buying from a private party.

Be sure to inspect the motorcycle carefully for any signs of damage or mechanical problems. The video below covers the typical inspection locations. Ask if you can test ride the bike if you are unsure. Make sure that you are the one who turns off and starts the engine – preferably a cold engine – so that you can fix any problems that started there.

You and the owner need to get a notary public who can transfer the title from the seller’s name to your name. Notary fees are the buyer’s responsibility. The notary will issue you a new license plate and transfer the title to the bike from the seller to the buyer. Depending on the state, you may need to show proof of insurance for the motorcycle you want to buy. If you can’t show it, the license can’t be issued right away, which means you can’t drive the bike home. It may need to be towed or towed to your home until you purchase insurance.

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That said, if you are sure you want to buy a bike, you can talk to the seller to keep you for a few days while you get an estimate from the insurance company.

This article is true and correct to the best of the author’s knowledge. The content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for personal or professional advice on business, financial, legal or technical matters. It’s winter and that means one thing: bikers buying and selling used motorcycles. With that in mind, how do you know what to look for when hunting your next horse?

Buying a used motorcycle is one of the most exciting things out there, but when a lot of money changes hands, it can also be stressful. Buying lemons can be expensive, inconvenient, or dangerous due to the negative effects.

How To Buy A Used Motorcycle From A Private Seller

When you’ve spent weeks, months or years reading reviews and watching cycling videos to decide which model to go for, then scouring MCN for the best bikes on sale while saving those last few pounds, it’s really easy to overdo it when you finally find something you want in a bike.

How Much Does A Motorcycle Cost?

When this happens, you may skip over questions, forget to ask questions, or ignore an obvious problem in order to get your hands on your new bike as soon as possible.

To try to help, MCN has combined our knowledge with our past experiences. Here is MCN’s way to buy a motorcycle:

Before visiting a dealer or selling it yourself, you can do some useful research online. Check out our reviews and owner reviews of the bikes in question, get insurance to make sure you don’t go over your budget and be sure to check the bike’s MoT history here for anything that seems out of place.

No matter how much you plan, there’s nothing like living with a vending machine. The following should be kept in mind the day you go to see your new application.

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V5 is God – it records the bike’s registration, date of registration, color, engine number, chassis number and the name and address of the registered keeper. If there is a discrepancy, be very careful. If the engine or chassis number is not listed for V5, go for it.

Be careful if the bike is already hot when you come to check it out. It probably took 15 minutes and a jump to get going. Arriving half an hour early is the best way to prevent this.

Always check the frame and engine mounts for signs of wear. Check the lines on the VIN plate to see if they may have been removed and replaced.

How To Buy A Used Motorcycle From A Private Seller

Check the lockout to stop the effects. This is very difficult to repair or replace, and it is true to surrender the shunt, although the whole body is nice and shiny and the spines are straight.

How To Test Ride And Buy A Used Motorcycle

Look under the circle. Indeed. This is where the lumps or bumps start. Are there signs of oil burning? It will be because some idiots have removed the thread and replaced the metal with a piece of PTFE tape.

Electric – take a multimeter and check the charge level. A brand new battery will start the bike fine, but if it still registers 12.7 or more volts at the top of the phone when you replace it, then either the replacement or the lead/rectifier is fried. Or both.

Run your finger over every last part of the body. If you feel a ridge under the board, that’s damage. Also look at the gaps between the different boards – a flat mount that accidentally twists will throw it off, and replacement mounts are very rare.

Never assume that anything is the “easy way”. If so, why wasn’t it done? Or the seller doesn’t know enough to know there’s a problem. And remember that for every flaw

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