How To Build Lego Motorcycle

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How To Build Lego Motorcycle – Creating a life-size Britten LEGO® Brick V-1000 motorcycle was a real challenge. Like the other two life-size bikes I built, I started with the wheels, working around a central vertical channel to allow for metal supports to keep the model upright and safe for transport.

Although we don’t always do this, with delicate vehicle models that have to travel overseas we have to glue them together to make sure they arrive in one piece! This can be especially time consuming when doing small details and custom sections, as you can see Casey doing here:

How To Build Lego Motorcycle

How To Build Lego Motorcycle

Next is the bike’s body, which was built around a steel frame using braces of criss-crossed bricks in an otherwise empty interior.

Lego Technic Motorcycle Building Set For Kids Ages 7 & Up (42132)

The complex tangle of pipes that make up the V-1000’s exhaust system first had to be carefully designed on a computer and then built using a combination of bricks and tiles to achieve the correct organic shapes:

Casey spent a lot of time tweaking the logos and decals, including the Breton logo, a Mobile 1 logo, as well as the Breton signature surrounded by the red stars of the New Zealand flag:

The handlebars and speedo were some of the final details before the windshield was built. The plastic you see in the Speedo image is because we’re trying to protect it from dust and damage from plastic drop cloths when working on the outside of a model.

You can get a good look at the bike in all its glory thanks to this spectacular 360° return (composed of over 40 photos!):

Lego Sidecar Build (tutorial In Comments)

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LEGO® and the appearance of the brick are the property of The LEGO® Group, which does not sponsor, own or endorse this site. The original Yamaha bike itself is already pretty cool with its totally retro look and big enough displacement to make it the main dog of the garage. So a Lego version of the SR ranks high on the cool scale.

According to the model description, the designers based their creation on the 1985–2000 models equipped with drum brakes. It also gets a smaller set of clutch and brake levers and a kickstarter.

How To Build Lego Motorcycle

What started as Valentino “Daughter” Rossi’s Yamaha VR46 led the designer down a MotoGP rabbit hole, resulting in this Marc Marquez-ridden Repsol Honda bike. This iteration is actually better than Yamaha’s – color tones are much closer to reality than Yamaha Blue. This Meccano model is also functional. We think The Living Room Race should put both #46 and #93 into production.

Fire Stunt Bike

This supermoto model was produced for nearly a decade before production ended in 2007. It was a capable off-roader that didn’t punish the rider when used on the road.

It’s the perfect tribute to next-level Meccano building Lego. According to the description, the model has a “working single-cylinder engine” – from the images it appears that the engine is electronic and can be connected to a power source. Once again, the level of detail, especially of the engine, is impressive.

He didn’t make it, which makes us a little sad. The build registered over 10,000 backers, but the LEGO review committee didn’t take it any further – what the hell, LEGO!?

How amazing is this model, seriously? The best part about it? Maxim Cheung, producer, take this,

Lego 75549 Minions: Unstoppable Bike Chase [review]

, He explains that he originally made the model for his friend’s birthday. Who here doesn’t want to be friends with Maxim?

The model is based on the 1967 BMW R60/2, powered by a 600cc boxer engine. The level of detail in its construction is superb, which is why we decided to list it anyway.

No model collection is complete without a proper Harley. The designer – our new best friend Maxim Cheung – decided to follow up his R60 with a vintage 1957 H-D Sportster. Once again, the kid knocks it out of the park with the model details and build quality. From the V-twin to the two-tone model, the young designer once again proved his talent and eye for bikes.

How To Build Lego Motorcycle

The Sportster remains a part of the Harley portfolio to this day, after more than 60 years on the market.

Building Lego Harley Davidson Fat Boy With A Non Afol

Did you know you can vote to help the company choose which new Lego creations they should consider and send to the shelves? Ideas range from movie-themed creations like Hagrid’s hut from Harry Potter to a remote-controlled Land Rover Defender with a statue of the Queen of England with her corgi (yes, seriously). There is no limit to imagination with Lego bricks. Designers have as many crazy and delightful ideas as there are Lego blocks in the world. The ideas with the most supporters go to the evaluation committee and toy stores.

Of course, there will also be motorcycles, and looking at all the prototypes currently being voted on, we hope they all go into production so we can grace every surface in our homes. We’ve picked five of the best Lego bikes that we think should definitely be in stores! And yes, we’ve voted for all of them, and we strongly recommend that you do too. Power in numbers, folks!

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