How Old Is Briar Cares

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How Old Is Briar Cares – Caring for an aging loved one can take a toll on family caregivers emotionally and physically. Many family caregivers are afraid to seek help until the effects of caregiver stress have already set in. Home-to-home respite care, on the other hand, can reduce caregiver stress while providing essential care for your elderly loved one.

Call (832) 379-4700 to discuss more information about our home respite care services in Briar Forest, TX and learn how personalized respite care can help you and your loved one. Our home care service area

How Old Is Briar Cares

How Old Is Briar Cares

Senior Care and Family Caregivers in Briar Forest, TX Respite care at home in Briar Forest, TX gives you the gift of time when you need it most. Whether on a regular weekly schedule or for special occasions as needed, a well-designed respite care program gives you the opportunity to recharge physically and emotionally, ensuring you are able to care for your loved one. Our care professionals can put your mind at ease by making sure your loved one is safe and cared for while you care for yourself.

Briar’s In The Best Hands

With flexible hours to suit your needs, our team of care professionals in Briar Forest, TX is available 24/7 to support your family. Respite care may be valuable when:

When you need home respite services in the Briar Forest, TX area, look to Home Instead for the excellence and compassion you deserve. Learn more about the experienced seniors in home care we offer in Briar Forest, TX. Many things are uncertain for people with memory loss. Simple moments that might have been taken for granted become meaningful and comforting. Set the table and feel the familiar shape of each dish and plate. Tending the garden and smelling the roses. Reaching for a hand and finding that someone else is there to take it. At Briar Hill Health Campus, our team is dedicated to treating each moment and each individual with respect, patience and understanding. At our memory care neighborhood, seniors and their loved ones have access to specialized programs and compassionate support from people who understand that every story is unique and every story matters.

In our memory care community, we believe our residents deserve caregivers who provide not only clinical care, but also the emotional connection and support of a best friend. The BFF program, inspired by the Best Friends™ approach, is how we put that belief into action.

At Briar Hill Health Campus, caring for people with memory loss is the purpose and passion of every member of our team. Our care and activities are based on individual preferences and stories, and our daily pacing program is based on protocols adopted by national Alzheimer’s advocacy groups. We believe in treating a person holistically, which means taking care of their spirit as well as their mind. At Briar Hill Health Campus, clinical support and empathy always go hand in hand.

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Support groups offer a place to get advice, share experiences, and gain strength from others whose loved ones also live with memory loss.

Our campus offers you the chance to enjoy pampering services, free lunches and quarterly informative speakers.

Helps you and your loved ones stay connected wherever you are. Included on all TVs, this program lets you share photos, messages, posts and more.

How Old Is Briar Cares

During a memory loss trip, short-term memories fade, while long-term memories remain. By celebrating these memories, as well as the people who make them, we can create experiences that bring smiles to the faces of all the seniors we serve. We see the avid angler’s eyes light up as he returns to the water with rod and reel. We’ve seen famous bakers swell with pride as they serve desserts they’ve helped create. Our Memory Care neighborhood is a place where our residents can find joy in both past memories and present experiences. Your life is often defined by what makes you different. When you transfer to Briar Hill Health Campus, this should not change. We offer a variety of senior living options, each of which can be tailored to your needs. Are the routine tasks of life becoming more of a burden? Let the caregivers lend you a hand in our assisted living neighborhood. Do you or a loved one need more advanced skilled nursing, long-term care or rehabilitation services? You can count on us to combine exceptional medical care with compassion to provide you with complete support. In our memory care neighborhood, we also offer services specifically designed to meet the unique needs of people with memory loss. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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Leave the hard work to us with full access to our services at Briar Hill Health Campus. With no to-do list, you’ll have more time to do what you love most. Breathe easy knowing you’ll get help with tasks big and small, including:

There are many different ways to enjoy a perfect day. At Briar Hill Health Campus, you can try them all. Visit our in-house lounge, get lost in your favorite book in our courtyard, challenge your friends to a game of cards and try to outdo yourself tomorrow. Our features include: Briar was born with a rare condition called CSID, Congenital Sucrose-Isomaltose Disorder. It was born without enzymes to break down natural sugars.

We had a few people we loved but couldn’t follow Briar’s special diet. I’m not in a position to stop working, so I started looking for a daycare near my place of work, so that I could be close if something went wrong. After several calls and rejections due to her condition, I became discouraged and thought that maybe I should quit my job and find something else.

So I thought, ok my last hope is Barb’s care a lot, my older boys went there, and by older I mean they are now 22 and 19!

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They have fond memories of Barb. Barb was close to my house, but away from work. I was really dreading that call, “No, I’m sorry we can’t take her.” That’s what every other site has told me. No, Barbs! The nursery welcomed my daughter! What a relief! His only request was to make a list of the foods he could and could not eat. I think I called on Thursday and Briar started on Monday.

Briar has never once gotten sick because of her diet at daycare. Barb’s therapy actually messes up her strict diet and goes beyond it! Briar tries to go to “school” (daycare) on the weekends! My daughter is rich and loves going to daycare.

I know that when I go to work, my daughter is in the best hands a person could ask for. I don’t have to worry about her being sick every day and that is such a relief. Barb’s care is very family oriented and loves her children as if they were her own. They say there is only one constant in life: change. At Briar Hill Health Campus, we are ready to adapt to what each new day brings, staying true to our mission of providing compassionate care. It means that no matter what happens in the outside world, we will keep you safe, connected and close to our hearts. You are our family and we are proud to be where family comes to stay: today, tomorrow and always.

How Old Is Briar Cares

We mean it when we say that our team at Briar Hill Health Campus truly cares. We take the time to get to know everyone we serve so we can help you identify the right living option for you. All of our staff are truly empathetic to the needs of our residents, whether they need a little help with daily tasks, are living with memory loss, or need an extra level of care to make them more comfortable. We offer assisted living, memory care and specialist nursing to give you the support you need. Our team members will often stop what they are doing to visit with you or see how your day is going. Throughout our community you will find an atmosphere as positive as it is contagious.

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Briar Hill Health Campus offers short-term care services in addition to our other senior living options. Our health center provides a place to rest and recover after a hospital stay, injury or other life event. We are conveniently located near three of the area’s major medical centers, including Blanchard Valley Hospital, Wood County Hospital and ProMedica Fostoria Community Hospital, making us an easy hospital stop on your commute home. We also offer adult day and respite services for seniors looking for reassurance and support while caregivers are busy during the day, whether at work, at home or other pursuits. Trust us