How Much Is A Playboy Car Worth Today

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How Much Is A Playboy Car Worth Today – The 1948 Playboy A48 Convertible is believed to be the first American-made convertible with a multi-section, convertible hardtop. This particular 1948 Playboy A48 Convertible is number 79 of the 97 numbered examples produced during a short run by the Playboy Car Company of Buffalo, New York. Plus, this example is said to be one of only about 43 examples to survive until 2021, and you can own one now.

Playboy Automobile was founded six years ago, which is probably what comes to mind when you read the name of this car. He was born to Packard dealer Lou Horwitz. The first model of the Playboy Automobile Company was the A48, a car introduced in late 1946. Production would begin the following year, and the 1948 Playboy A48 Convertible would be known as the first convertible to feature a convertible top. .

How Much Is A Playboy Car Worth Today

How Much Is A Playboy Car Worth Today

It’s not a flashy car, but it’s a bargain when it starts at $985, which is over $11k when adjusted for 2021 inflation. Considering the price tag, you’ll see why. it’s not up to the task, and the four-cylinder engine produces 40 horsepower and is backed by a three-speed transmission. Such examples sell for more than fair value, with some selling for six figures. Check out this rare classic here.

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Main Next, complete the check-in for full access. Welcome back! You have successfully logged in. You have successfully registered. Good luck! Your account is fully activated, now you have access to all content. Good luck! Your payment information has been updated. Your account has not been updated. In the mid-1940s, three Buffalo, NY Packard dealer Louis Horowitz, Pontiac engineer Charles Thomas, and service station owner Norman Richardson were able to raise $50,000 to start a new microcar company. Under the Playboy Automobile Company, they wanted to create a perfect second or third generation car with a production run of 100,000 units per year. Building a total of 97 cars before declaring bankruptcy, they fell short of their goal, needless to say.

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The problem is that most of the trio’s money goes into the product, which was made in the fall of 1946 at the Statler Hotel in Buffalo. The car has a rear-mounted 2.6-liter four-cylinder engine built by a military Hercules, and a three-passenger cabin with a canvas top. This model lives on today at the Saratoga Automobile Museum.

In the summer of 1947, the model changed to a front-wheel drive layout with Continental engines and manual transmission. This concept became the Playboy A48 of 1948, of which 91 were completed before Kaiser’s unsuccessful sale led to the auction of all assets in 1950.

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So what is the Playboy A48? It’s an American car with a 1.5-liter, 40-horsepower four-cylinder, three-speed transmission with optional overdrive, independent front suspension, and GM electronics.

Although the Playboy A48 did not disrupt the American automotive industry, it had a lasting cultural impact. Apparently, someone told Hugh Hefner that the name of a car company would be good for a magazine he was creating, and apparently he agreed.

This particular car has spent most of its life in Florida and recently received a metallic paint job that was done at sea. RM Sotheby’s will offer it at an October 18 auction in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and estimates the convertible to fetch between $55,000 and $75,000. Hugh Hefner would do this one hundred. Lou Horowitz has never been very successful in his sales efforts. and managing a new car company. The Playboy Car Company of Buffalo, New York suffered the same fate as many other car companies in the first half of the 20th century. It was a sincere and courageous effort with many promises, but in the end the time, place and market were not right.

How Much Is A Playboy Car Worth Today

Horowitz’s grandson, David Kaplan, is certainly doing his part to ensure that his grandfather’s vision and efforts are not forgotten. He became an expert on the history of Playboy cars and owned five of them, including two of the 98 most important cars built;

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Kaplan remembers finding information about his grandfather’s company in an old bag in his parents’ house as a child. His passion for cars grew when his parents traveled to New Jersey to buy Playboy #83, which he now owns. Things took a turn for the worse, he said, when he traveled to Massachusetts and encountered an unexpected opportunity that was too good to pass up. “At that point I started looking around and … and I knew a guy in Bellingham, Massachusetts who had a lot of cars. In 1989, my girlfriend, who is now my wife, and I went on vacation to Boston … I caught a guy , I introduced myself and said I wanted to visit… So we ended up visiting and I thought we’d be there. in about an hour. We spent the whole day there. He was the original dealer in ’48, and over the years, whenever he saw it on sale, he could buy one and have a lot.”

Kaplan made a small talk about wanting to buy a Playboy car if he had the chance, but the man ignored the exaggeration and continued to show him some Playboys he had hidden around town. “Finally, it was afternoon and I knew we had to go… he offered to sell me all his cars. It has a total of 10. I insisted. “Oh God… I couldn’t believe it because he didn’t seem like he wanted to sell anyone.” So here I am out of college with my first job and no money. I can’t buy all the cars. But I managed to save enough money to buy five. I’ll never get the other five.”

The black model is one of the team’s cars, and Kaplan prioritized restoring the car. It has done little damage to the roof and the building where it was stored and is in good enough shape to be worthy of repair. After almost three years, his product is new again. It has the same overall shape and size as the previous one, but the model is a different animal. It has a rear mounted engine and a soft top. Finally, the model was scrapped for a more conventional front engine design with steel stiffeners.

Kaplan didn’t do any major repairs on any of his Playboy cars until about five years ago, when he decided to completely redo his red one, which he called the 102. It was the last of its kind.

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“Red is the only one I know that can still list it as a ’49’… They made a few changes from 1 to 94. That’s the car they’re going to make when it goes into production. I have to fabricate some parts. and I’ve done a lot of work on this car to get it. I know I’ll do it at some point. It’s always been my dream to finish the last car. It’s the only one that’s been completely restored… The rest I have are ‘drivers’ ‘ is all. When I pulled up the car was dented everywhere but no rust thank god. The hood wasn’t attached to the trunk. I actually got two caps with it. It had a hard top, but it wasn’t attached. it’s not good. No decoration, no seats. The steering wheel, engine and transmission are all there…but this car has a lot of differences from others. I can’t just take a part from another car and use it. .”

Lou Horowitz made his mark in the car business as a Packard dealer, but he believed that post-war America needed an affordable small car that could be assembled by mass-market builders and sold for around $900. He teamed up with friends and dream partners Charlie Thomas and Norm Richardson to launch the company in early 1947. 97 cars were produced, and the dealer network and the means of bringing the cars to the public were unprecedented before this company went into chaos. The timing of the IPO in the wake of Tucker’s failure was not good. Without capital, there is not enough money

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