How Much Does The Average Motorcycle Weigh

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More than a daredevil, Evel Knievel combined sportsmanship and show business to become one of America’s most famous athletes. The dangers of his sport—making a bike “fly” across a line of traffic—were clearly not for the average rider. Many of his jumps were successful; but in some crazy accidents, Knievel broke 35 to 40 bones. His dramatic, suspenseful performance was perfect for television and made all the more exciting by the fact that he could crash.

How Much Does The Average Motorcycle Weigh

How Much Does The Average Motorcycle Weigh

Knievel shows were a celebration of America’s love of cars. His pre-jumping show consisted of a “wheel” on motorbikes and non-motorized cars, and he almost exclusively jumped over rows of cars, trucks and buses. Performing in stadiums and arenas, Knievel furthered the tradition of exciting performances for local audiences. But his coverage in the national and international media brought him to the ranks of famous entertainers in the world.

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Knievel rode this bike during his spectacular jump. By carefully combining angle, thrust and speed, which reached 90 to 100 kilometers per hour at the start, he stayed in the air for a distance of 165 meters. He chose (and modified) this motorcycle, a 1972 Harley-Davidson XR-750, because it was a simple and reliable racing machine. It is made of steel, aluminum and fiberglass and weighs 300 pounds.

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Grab a drink and read on while I tell you a little bit about why the Zero FXS is possibly the best electric motorcycle on the market right now.

The 2019 Zero FXS starts at $8,495. While that may not sound like “low cost” to some, especially compared to a $2,495 city electric motorcycle, it’s pennies in the world of full-size electric motorcycles. Consider that the new Zero SR/F starts at more than double and Harley-Davidson’s upcoming LiveWire is more than triple the price of the Zero FXS.

Even the top model I reviewed, which offers twice the range of the base model, costs just $10,495. And that’s before the amount of federal tax that lowers the price. Despite its low price, the Zero FXS doesn’t get much attention compared to its faster, sexier big brothers in the Zero lineup.

How Much Does The Average Motorcycle Weigh

So let’s take a look at the details of this great commuting machine that stole my heart with a twist of my arm.

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Watch my video review of the 2019 Zero FXS electric supermoto and read the full review below.

The Zero FXS is the perfect supermoto. Supermotos are motorcycles designed to perform well in almost any category. You wouldn’t take a Harley down the stairs. You wouldn’t ride a dirt bike on the highway. And you wouldn’t take a cruiser bike for a dirty jump. All these bikes are designed to work well in one place. But supermotos are designed to be good at almost everything, even if they can’t beat a dedicated bike in certain areas.

And the supermoto Zero FXS is really good at almost everything. It is capable of driving on the highway with a maximum speed of 137 km/h (85 mph). It’s incredibly light for its sub-300lb weight and has the suspension and mobility to jump or handle stairs with ease – if need be.

Basically all of this makes it a decent passenger car in my book. I can hop on the freeway, go into town, jump a curb like it’s not even there, and be home for dinner—all on one charge.

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Well, almost everything. The “S” in FXS is for road, so this model is optimized for the paved road. If you think you’ll be spending a lot of time on the wall, you might want to go FX. It is almost identical except for a few minor changes including bigger wheels and bumpy tires. This will help a lot on the road, although I lightened up the FXS a bit and it was more than ready for work, even in off-road gear.

When the Zero rep left my FXS and gave me a ride, he showed me the three performance modes: ECO, CUSTOM, and SPORT. “I always keep it in ECO,” he said. I nodded politely and thought”

I knew what he meant as soon as I jumped out and hit the gas. There is nothing eco about ECO. It gives you about half a second of light acceleration to prepare and knocks you into oblivion. Folks, 34kW (46hp) might not sound like a lot, but when it’s a lightweight bike with this insane amount of electric torque to go along with it, you better hold on.

How Much Does The Average Motorcycle Weigh

Well, almost always. Sometimes I turn it to SPORT to get some wheel power. However, the bike is so light and powerful that SPORT mode quickly removes gravity from the front wheel and keeping it down can be a challenge.

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But from day to day, ECO mode is where it belongs. In ECO mode, it never hits me when the light turns green, and yet it gets my adrenaline going at a 7 or 8 out of 10. And that’s about the speed I want on my morning commute!

The bike itself is solid despite its light weight. But there is nothing fancy here. A backlit LCD display is a bland type of screen. It gives you all the information you need and you don’t have to do anything. There are no fancy pictures or swipe views.

The seat is also minimalist, but I found it comfortable. It wasn’t as comfortable for my wife as it was for me, at least in the rear. But he has already gotten used to the pampered gel seat and doesn’t spend much time behind motorcycles. In my opinion, it is very comfortable both for city driving and for highway blasting.

No more button overload. Also, the handles are everything you need and nothing you don’t have. You have buttons for lights, mode, run/stop, turn signals, horn and that’s about it. Speaking of the horn, it’s one of the few things I can complain about in the Zero FXS. It’s just not as loud or intimidating as I’d like. It sounds like a scooter horn. And in my opinion, the horn is more important on an electric motorcycle than a gas-powered one, because it can announce our presence with a series of small, timed blasts. I just want a more aggressive horn. Something like “hey, watch out!” instead of “excuse me sir” was all i got.

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However, if the horn is my biggest complaint, then you know the bike has done a lot of things right.

I wouldn’t necessarily call the quality of the parts an issue, but you should know that you’re not getting the highest quality parts. It’s all more than adequate, but it’s no match for many of the best electric motorcycle offerings that come with top-of-the-line Brembo brakes or top-shelf suspension. Everything about the FXS is well specified, just not premium. But you didn’t expect to find an electric motorcycle that costs only $8-10,000, did you?

The Zero FXS is an electric commuter motorcycle. He is fast and agile as he is invisible. I race down the freeway into town, then innocently park in a garage because most people don’t expect a bike to look like this. A bike can be the center of attention if you want to be noticed, and an afterthought if you don’t.

How Much Does The Average Motorcycle Weigh

As for parking bikes, I’m not sure it’s 100% kosher, but two months later I’m still parking without a ticket and no one has given me a bad look yet. Instead, many people come to me excited and want to know, “What is this

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I can maneuver the smaller bike in places I wouldn’t dream of on a bigger bike, but I still have everything

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